7 Best Mobile App Testing Trends In 2020

7 Best Mobile App Testing Trends In 2020

These days mobile apps are an important part of our daily life. Similarly, it has become a major medium for businesses to reach a large number of online customers and drive sales. According to the research, a normal person is stuck to a cell phone for an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes on a daily basis. Hence, it has become business-centric to have a feature rich mobile application. To have a successful mobile application, it is necessary to have an application that is fulfilled with intuitive and vivid user experiences (UX) capable of delivering great performance in any condition.

Changing business sector dynamics and increasing client expectations are continuously evolving the mobile application testing industry. To enable high performance delivered at a faster time-to-market, advanced mobile application testing trends have emerged. For, quality-at-speed, businesses focus through mobile app testing before each release of application. Let us see the modern mobile app testing trends that will drive growth in 2020.

Mobile App Testing Trends In 2020-

1. Use of Open Source Automation Tools-

If you haven’t automated your testing processes yet, then 2020 is the most noteworthy time for you to start. Open source tools are popular due to their flexibility and support to all kinds of mobile applications like hybrid apps, ios and android apps. These tools come loaded with code libraries for multiple languages that can be easily customized for modifications. 

2. Propagation of Agile and DevOps–

The need for Agile has raised in the market since organizations are switching towards rapid changes. Also, the collaboration of DevOps to achieve speed requirements is another factor that will reach the sky in the near future. It is expected that DevOps will implant the standards and practices together to set out operations and development processes on mobile applications. It will be a significant advantage for testing teams with the merger of DevOps and Agile to create effective mobile applications. Quality and speed are the main factors that are exactly evaluated with this productive association.

3. M-Commerce App Testing-

These days, the majority of people make online purchases through their smartphones. So m-commerce has become a need for businesses. Businesses are continuously launching highly customized mobile commerce apps to reach more customers and drive sales. Easy payment through e-wallets and digital channels has raised the growth of m-business. The need for complex functionalities and robust UI has made it crucial to execute detailed testing of m-commerce applications. UX, security, and performance of the application should be foolproof to convey engaging and reliable customer experience.

4. Internet of Things Testing-

As wearables are becoming a crucial aspect of our lives, the mobile testing trends 2020 need to reflect this adoption of IoT. But it brings new challenges to mobile app testing  as many IoT devices and wearables synchronize with smartphones. There are some issues with safety and the testing for dependability and functionality will differ from normal testing processes.

With IoT app testing, you have to face

  • connection issues
  • enhanced data security
  • changes in smartphone power consumption
  • revision of operating procedures, data transfers and protocols
  • additional advanced functionality (AI, VR/AR, etc.)

QA testers should also focus on the test-as-a-user approach. With this, testing on genuine devices instead of using emulators come to the focus. The variety of devices an IoT piece needs to work with is tremendous. This concerns the number of test methods to cover everything from the critical functions to the mobile application UX and connection stability. Also testing in the cloud is becoming more popular- as emulators cannot completely cover the need of modern mobile app testing.

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5. 5G Device Integration-

5G is acquired in various countries like Japan, China and UK; and with this, the high speed technology is ready to turn into a worldwide standard. With the rising 5G ecosystem, more businesses will look to launch applications that are viable with 5G technology.

6. Adoption of AI and ML in Mobile App Testing-

AI and ML are being used in different business apps for accuracy and efficiency. And test automation is also using AI/ML to improve processes and optimize workflows of the test cycle. Predictive analytics of test cases and log analytics are making automation testing more efficient and accurate. Advanced ML algorithms are ready to rule automation testing to allow quality-at-speed.

The expectations of end-users for mobile apps are continuously increasing, so it is necessary to release a customer-friendly application that is secured and delivers optimum performance. A robust mobile application testing strategy is also needed for efficient implementation of continually advancing technologies and more feature-rich hardware entering the market in a shorter time frame.

7. Testing With Real Device Cloud-

In the mid of 2020, near about 1.5 billion smartphones having different screen resolutions, OS versions are operating. Generally, it is difficult to test a specific mobile app on all the available devices. So as a solution, using a real device cloud is an ideal way to improve testing. For the current year, the favorable strategy implied for mobile application testing is focused at the use of real devices with cloud technology. Such a plan will pinpoint evident performance defects. Among the most latest mobile application testing trends, the deployment of real device cloud is efficient since it targets everything, be it network failures, hardware issues, and so forth. As the year passes, it is accepted that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Open Source Tools will surely share a significant role in accelerating the mobile application testing market.

Wrap Up-

As the user expectations continue to soar high for mobile app user interface and performance aspects, organizations must adapt and deliver them effective apps to stay ahead in the competition. So it is necessary to adapt all these mobile app testing trends in 2020. Continuous upgradations in the technologies with a large number of mobile devices, it is necessary to adapt the new testing strategy.

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