Beacons with Mobile App

Internet of things are introduces us to the world with ease. It is taking over everything. It has opened the ways where every device can connect, communicate and also perform transactions. All these things can be possible by the base of some inventive and imaginative technologies like beacon, iBeacon, BLE (Bluetooth low energy).  

What is a beacon?

Beacons are small, wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. They are the latest developments in location technology and proximity marketing. They connect and transfer information to smart devices making location-based searching and makes interaction easier and also more accurate.

How beacon technology works?

Working of Beacons Technology

Beacon is a part of indoor positioning systems. They use proximity technology to detect human presence nearby and trigger pre-set actions to deliver informational, contextual, and also personalised experiences. When a user passes through an area where indoor positioning system is set up, beacon sends a code with a message to their mobile device. Here come up the app solution. The coded message will show in the form of a notification only with mobile app. 

How it get location using the beacons?

Consider one example- You have set up the beacons in particular areas like at every corner of the floor in a corporate office. Once we have done with all the set up, each beacon will have the exact location details and it will start signal broadcasting. Now, you need an app to capture those signals and get beacon ID while it is in range of a specific mobile device. In case of multiple beacons within an area, the most accurate location is determined by the beacon which has best RSSI level.

The marketing with beacons is done by giving the indoor mapping, venue details and location based notifications to the customers. Customers can receive instant and limited offers as they walk inside the store or pass through a retail shop. This increases the store sales and develop customer loyalty with beacon technology.

Set up with Beacons-

Configure the Beacons-

Here we are able to make changes to vital information for instance, Beacon identifiers (Proximity UUID, Major, Minor, Namespace ID, Instance ID), Advertising interval, Transmission Power, notes, to name a few. We can add a custom configuration to individual beacons or multiple ones at a go.

Manage the beacons-

Using this panel, we are able to associate links, images and text with individual beacons. Further we also created managers , added and shared devices and used the location for grouping devices.

Monitor the Beacons-

This allows to monitor and control the devices, their status, updates, and usage. However, before we started with the monitoring, we had to ensure that the mobile app was permitted to use Location Services. 

Locate the Beacons-

We used this panel to collate and analyze the data we received on a beacon’s location.

What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is Apple’s implementation of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to create a different way of providing location-based information and services to iPhones and also other iOS devices.

Listing iBeacon Apps-

1. BeHere app-

This app was created by a company “Beelieve” based in Brazil. The app turns a teacher’s iPad into an iBeacon that automatically identifies students as they enter the classroom with their iPhone, or iPod touch also running the same BeHere app. Best thing in app is that students can use it to ask for a teacher’s help as the class begins. They have to do is just press the button on their phone. The teacher then sees such requests in a queue and can respond as needed. Students’ profiles can also be connected to Facebook, allowing BeHere to include a profile picture, too. The app reiterates the broad potential for iBeacon technology, outside the retail environment.

2. Proximitask App-

Proximitask is an app which acts as a missing link between reminders on your phone and beacons in the real world. This app allows you to trigger reminders based on location and also proximity based on beacons. This app is mostly used in enterprises works like this: beacons placed around employees’ desks are used to quickly remind the employees about their tasks for the day. Additionally, with iOS8 enabling beacon-triggered lock screen notifications that employees can access their to-do lists with a single swipe off the lock screen – without having to receive repetitive push notifications.

3. Event base:

It is a great event managing tool. Event Base app integrates with iBeacon technology to more readily connect with attendees through instant push notifications. It displays personalized suggestions and content to its user. Most important feature of Event Base is that it provides 24/7 attendee support through an intelligent chatbot.

4. At the ballpark app-

This is extraordinary compared to other applications in the games space with some magnificent features. When a user loads the app on the way to the stadium, it suddenly identifies the stadium he/she is enroute to and starts populating data explicit to that one. As the user reaches near to the entrance, it displays the barcode of his/her ticket and directs him/her to the relevant seat via map. Also it highlights the points of interest. If the tickets were purchased online using Apple Passbook, the app even pulls them up automatically.

The app also gives other benefits such as offering directions to the shortest path, both at the entrance and at the foodcourt line where he/she is trying to purchase food. The stadium uses beacons to send out coupons and also promotions for closeby merchants. It also allows teams to track the visits made by their fans thus enabling them to reward fans with special coupons and discounts for their frequent visits.

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