6 Best Project Management Tools for Small Businesses

What is Project Management?

Project management is the mechanism of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time.

Why Project Management Tools are necessary?

Problems in projects such as complications from unclear objectives, miscommunication and unrealistic project deadlines can result in uncompleted tasks, late project deliveries, uninformed colleagues, and profit decline, which most of the time, lead to project delays or worse, cancellations which results in a big loss of a company. So to overcome these losses and complications here is a solution which is project management tools. The main goal of project management tools is to help managers to plan, execute and control all facets of the project management process. Organizations depends on key tools for managing a project to certify that each task is completed within estimated time and to balance staff workload for best time management. Because project management tools increases resource efficiency and ensure project scope, such tools are more important for project managers having large, complex projects.

There are a lot more project management tools. Any project management task is simpler to achieve when you have the appropriate tools. If you feel threatened by advanced multi-functional software and you don’t have to take special training, the following project management tools will be perfect for you.

1. Asana

  • Asana allows to plan and structure your work in a way that is best for you.
  • It has templates,and you can use it to add new workflows easily, create lists of tasks for yourself and other team members, create projects where tasks can be posted to share boards, divide larger tasks into small subtasks, and also merge small tasks and convert into a project. 
  • Here you can share details,assign tasks, set priorities and deadlines for tasks all at one place. Team members can comment on tasks, also sign up for email updates on the progress that matter to them.
  • Managers can easily check the status of any project without conducting a meeting or contacting team members for project updates.
  • If you need simple task management then Asana will be your best choice.

2. Trello-

  • Trello is a project management tool, which is developed for those people who are not familiar with Gantt charts or project management vocabulary.
  • It is highly visual and perspective, so it is good for non-project managers. 
  • Trello has a card based design hence it is more familiar.
  • Starting with creation of projects called boards. Each board has columns such as Ideas, Doing, Done, Revision, Troubleshooting, etc. You can create cards for each individual task. First of all, each card is moved to an idea column, then this will move from there to Doing when you are doing that task, and then move to Done when task is completed. 
  • In each card you can add a description, links, images, attach files, create task, chat with team members. When a project is created,an email address is assigned to it through which you can  send an email to make changes to any project.
  • Trello is cross platform,and integrates via API. It is free. It also has some premium plans.

3. Basecamp-

  • If you are managing projects through emails and meetings,but your requirements are exceeding then you should go beyond and think to use Basecamp Project Management Tool.
  • Basecamp is a high featured tool to manage your tasks with To-Do Lists and establish a communication through message boards easily. You can set deadlines for tasks, send messages and can organize important documents, files and assets. 
  • Rather than sending email chains to update each other on tasks,  team members simply post to a centralized message board.
  • It is an excellent Project Management tool for beginners. 

4. Wrike-

  • Wrike is a Project Management Tool develop to scale your  growing business and is flexible on managing multiple teams and projects in a single tool.
  • It will allow you to create blocks for each work. Just like a Google Drive app Wrike let you to create and edit documents in real time. It also creates Gantt charts.
  • Here you can create projects , create and assign tasks and deadlines for tasks, track goals of project. In case of a large team Wrike admin controls are very secure and powerful.
  • Wrike supports cloud storage and free 2GB Wrike storage for free users. It uses visual representation for better understanding of progress and It easily tracks contribution of individual and project progress.
  • Main features of Wrike are Gantt Chart, resource management, inbuilt templates, time tracking, budget tracking, email and calendar synchronization, proofing and approval, and personal dashboard, among others.
  • It is a Scalable software that grows with your business. It supports Real-time editing due to which team gets updated with the latest information.

5. Zoho Sprints-

  • Zoho Sprints is a flexible and scalable project management tool beneficial for both small and medium- sized businesses. It is developed to have a simple  and organized interface so that users can focus on product development effectively.
  • Zoho has features like backlogs, progress tracking, logging billable and non- billable hours, analytics and dashboard so you can easily oversee the project. It has Drag-and-drop feature for quickly creating new backlogs and sprints
  • Feeds in Zoho Sprints allows social interaction between teams by posting statuses and comments.
  • Zoho Sprints is free for some limited access and beyond that it has upgrade plans for 50 projects and 10 users.
  • Zoho Sprints is good for small-scale business projects with limited budgets.

6. Quire-

  • Quire is a free Project Management Tool and it has no pricing plan. It is popular among project tools.
  • It has a well-designed interface and is not easy to navigate instead of this it includes all the tools that you need to effectively manage your projects.
  • In Quire, you can create projects, tasks, assign tasks to team members and deadlines for these tasks, and then finally collaborate on these tasks to achieve the objective. Also you can drag-n-drop not only cards but also individual tasks which gives you more flexibility as compared to Trello. You can label tasks to find them easily.
  • It has another feature of live chat where you can send messages and communicate to team members.


The best project management tool for small business is Wrike due to its powerful features and functionalities. It is a highly-scalable system that works appropriate for growing small businesses. It can manage multiple projects and teams from a singular platform. 

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