Effective Tips To Consider While Selecting Technology For Your Product

Effective Tips To Consider While Selecting The Technology For Your Product

You can be an expert of one technology but the same technology can not be used for every product development. Also the technical skills of your team are also important to consider while choosing a technology for development. It has been seen that- How to select the right technology for product development? is a global question for many tech experts too. Development of a new software product is an exciting feeling for founders and developers also. While you are an expert at using technology, choosing the appropriate tech framework for your business has never been an easy task. 

Everyday new technology comes to the tech pool and increases the complexity of selection. Selecting the appropriate one will lead you to success whereas if you choose the technology which is not suitable will lead you to failure. There are different database architectures and software solutions, and you are not too aware of the differences in between them, and you don’t generally realize which hosting solution you should opt for.

These questions and the task of choosing one out of many has slowed down your operations, and has taken your mind away from running the core business. What will you do now? How will you be able to solve this riddle that takes away much of your time? To start with, we will help you to select the correct tech stack for your product. Let’s move towards the tips that will surely work for you. Before that Go through what is Technology stack?

What is a Technology Stack?

A technology stack is a set of different technologies, software products, and programming languages used to develop web or mobile applications that are efficient. You can select the most appropriate one with a proper analysis for the next software product development. Here we came up with some points to consider while choosing the perfect tech stack.

Effective Tips To Consider While Selecting Technology For Your Product-

Effective Tips To Consider While Selecting Technology For Your Product

1. Analysis of project requirements-

Project requirements are the first essential part of development. A project having less requirements can be delivered within less time whereas a project having more requirements needs accordingly more time to deliver a project. For rapid development, you can use simple and user-friendly technologies, for example, WordPress or another CMS. This technology works when you have to deliver a working prototype as soon as possible.

For mid-level project requirements, you must use a combination of programming languages having multiple features and functionality in the software solution. The technology should be flawlessly integrated into the various platforms. These technologies are Java or C#. Finally, for the complex projects, you should choose a combination of a few programming languages and web technologies. 

2. Think beyond project requirement-

As we stated earlier, knowing the project requirements are essential to select the right technology stack for product development. But besides all these, there are some requirements that you must consider. There are as follows- knowing the users, speed, migration, security etc. Let us see in detail.

  • Users:

Products are built for users and hence knowing the targeted users and user’s experience of your product plays a vital role in choosing tech stack. You must ask some questions like- Who is going to use the system? How will they access it- tablets or mobile devices or laptops? How many concurrent users are you looking at?

  • Speed and Execution-

Apart from the requirement of the project, there are different factors to think about, for example, the speed and performance of the project. Software development companies in the USA need to consider loading times as it’s a noteworthy issue faced when developing a system. You should work on optimizing the performance of your project so that your software project, as well as technology stack, will be agile.

  • Migration

This is another important factor to consider while choosing technology stack. It is necessary to consider- Whether your system or database needs to be migrated? Do you have any legacy systems that need to be integrated or transferred to new system? 

  • Security –

Security is an important concern in any development. Also you can’t ignore it while choosing the technology stack. You must choose a tech solution that is secure and can give security in the long run. 

3. Cost of Development-

This cost plays a role when you’re selecting the right technology stack. Open source development is free and there may be authorized advances that you should pay for before utilizing. Developers of some complicated technology expect more salary than usual and hence it directly increases the development cost. It’s necessary that you have an idea of what you’re dealing with when building up a software project, as well as the costs you’re ready to spend. You’ll have to consider the development costs just as the technology stack functions and usability. The salary of the developer should be thought of so that you can make the right decisions.

4. Expertise and knowledge of your team-

The developers will play an important role in implementing the code as well as in getting the system out in the market at the earliest. It is significant for you to choose a technology stack that your resources are comfortable with and know how to use it. You should consider your team’s opinion with the different technology stacks available because once the application has been launched, the developer team is responsible for maintaining the system. It is also important to consider the technology having a good community support. Github is a superb place to know which tech-stack has a good community support.

You must select technologies that can be tested easily, and are appropriate for the test-driven development environments. The team should be able and a specialist in dealing with the TDD environment. Again, the vendor support is something you have to investigate while choosing the tech stack. Which companies are involved in the development of the technology? For example, you can depend on Angular, as Google is involved in its development. Check the primary technology webpage to perceive how the updates are handled and how the updating or migration process occurs?

5. Agile development-

It is always better to test the product before launching it in a market. If you use a proper tech stack but not having the quality product, it may turn your success to failure. You must ensure that your product is good enough and has a market. It will give you the rough idea of whether you need to shift to another technology or not. So, go with simple. When validated, start with the basic feature. Introduce features, one at a time, for the best results. As development is agile, you might be able to change the direction of the project according to the need and the feedback received. You have to limit the risks, which implies you will need to consider the features that are important to realize the product and ensure it turns into a success.

6. Flexibility and Scalability-

Scalability, and flexibility of your system, should also be considered for selecting the tech stack. Also developers must ensure that the system scales vertically or horizontally. The popularity of programming languages changes each 5-7 years; frameworks every 2-3 years and CMS each 1-2 years. This change in demand means you have to choose a technology stack that will be well supported in the future or you risk needing to modify the entirety of your software project in future.

Wrap up-

It is significant that you know how much and what sort of resources it takes to maintain a new system. This will help in reducing the recruiting costs, the expertise needed, and whether the technology will suit your needs. As a stakeholder, you must be a part of the important decision.

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