JavaScript vs TypeScript: A Comparison

As we all know that JavaScript is lightweight, interpreted programming language while TypeScript is strongly typed object oriented compile language. When JavaScript was growing, it’s speed became complex and overwhelmed. Due to this JavaScript was even not able to fulfill the requirement of Object- oriented programming language. Hence JavaScript is lagging at enterprise level as a server- side technology. Development team developed a TypeScript to overcome this lagging problem. Lets proceed with JavaScript vs TypeScript.

TypeScript vs JavaScript
TypeScript vs JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language. For the creation of interactive web pages uses JavaScript. It is a lightweight language. The purpose of designing JavaScript is a large application’s development and also trans compile to JavaScript. JavaScript is both client-side and server-side scripting language.

Features of JavaScript-

  • It is a cross-platform language.
  • For client-side and server-side, JavaScript can be used.
  • It is a flexible and also powerful language.
  • Framework Unsupported.
  • A developer will have a ‘the great freedom’ to do whatever he wants with any object.
  • It has a strong Testing workflow.
  • JavaScript Added Dependencies.

What is TypeScript?

Microsoft developed and maintains a TypeScript. It is open-source programming language. It is strongly typed object-oriented programming language. TypeScript code can be run on any browser, devices or also in any operating system. TypeScript code could not be understood by browsers. Therefore this code needs to convert in JavaScript. Now browser can understand this code. This process is called Trans-piled.

Feature of TypeScript-

  • TypeScript offers great productivity for developers also.
  • It supports ES6.
  • TypeScript supports interfaces, subinterfaces, classes, and subclasses.
  • It has a rich IDE with autocomplete and also has code navigation features.
  • Code navigation and bug prevention is possible with TypeScript.
  • Scalable HTML5 client – side development.
  • It has class-based object-oriented with the inheritance of private members and interfaces.

JavaScript vs TypeScript-

  1. One of the main advantages of JavaScript over TypeScript is that JavaScript doesn’t require costly development tools. Developer can start with a text editor such as notepad. As JavaScript is interpreted language within a web browser, so no need to buy a compiler. While TypeScript includes programming language support expensive IDE’s.
  2. JavaScript doesn’t have important features, for eg., client-side javascript doesn’t allow the read-write of files. Strongly typed object-oriented compile language is TypeScript. It has set of tools available.
  3. You can not use JavaScript for network application because it lacks the support and it doesn’t support multi-threading or multiprocessing.
  4. TypeScript allows developers to exploit the static typing process effectively. It helps developers to find which objects are working and which are not working. Tools allow developers to locate errors and fix them properly before running the application.
  5. Large applications can not develop with JavaScript. TypeScript came with a big app options to run millions of code lines.
  6. Refactoring in TypeScript is safer whereas it is not possible in JavaScript.
  7. Changing the browser and reloading is also faster in TypeScript as compared to JavaScript due to the use of tools.


If you’re unfamiliar with TypeScript / ES6 / ES7 and just have a small web page to build, you can choose plain old JavaScript. If you’re working in a team and want to build something that has to scale and has to be maintained for a long time, you should choose TypeScript over the JavaScript.

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