Modern Trends & Best Practices in 2019 for Digital Product Developments-

In this 21st century, digital products are developing at a tremendous speed with upgrading it every year. 2019 is the same with a lot of new technologies that are made foundation for next generation tech ecosystems. Let’s know more about the modern trends and best practices for digital product development.

Modern Trends for Digital Product Development-

1. Artificial Intelligence-

Sophia, the humanoid Robot is the best example of Artificial Intelligence. Sophia is now proposing for the human rights and runs on an AI system that is only developing by the day. Such applications of AI are rising in the world day by day. Artificial Intelligence will provide companies with advanced decision making skills, modernize processes and also business models that increase the experience of customers. According to survey, 59% of the organizations are collecting information and setting up the strategies to effectively deploy AI. Whereas others are already in the process of adopting AI. Artificial Intelligence is used for the learning solutions, reasoning, perception, decision making, problem solving. 

2. Data to Analytics to Machine learning to AI-

Data is a key to companies that are responsible to make good decisions related to products, services, employees, strategy and even more. As recent data has indicated, we have made 90% of the world’s information in the previous year, and we are utilizing just 1% of the data adequately. With a plenty of companies like Microsoft, SAP, SAS and Salesforce showing market leadership in promoting a data that made into meaningful business analytics. There are many opportunities to be done by the data driven organizations to realize the power of data on hand and the data that they are collecting. Improved processing power increases the machine learning. And therefore we are going to see digital leaders investing in making more of all of their data. This will be done with Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. There will be tremendous data utilization. know the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning at- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: A Comparison.

3. Augmented reality(Yes), Virtual Reality (No)-

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is good but is not feasible beyond gaming and highly specialized applications  for today. Instead of this, augmented reality continues to be the name of the game in 2019 digital transformation trends. AR has found many use cases in the enterprise training. This means that it is not just good but is helpful. Development of AR is increasing in 2019.

4. Hybrid Clouds- 

Many companies realized that having all their data in a public cloud, private cloud or data centre is not the best option. Instead of this, they need to mix all of them.

Hybrid clouds combine dedicated private cloud infrastructure with public cloud services(Often maintained on-premises within an organization’s own data centre). Taking into account this trend, leading cloud providers will fasten their efforts in 2019 to target new hybrid cloud opportunities. Competition between Microsoft and Amazon cloud service providers globally, is expected to extreme.

5. Edge to Core and IoT Much More-

The technologies, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Edge are interrelated. IoT is growing very rapidly. In the same way number of connected gadgets also increases. This realises the need of more space and closer space to process the data for working. The concept of smart cities and Autonomous vehicles could not be done with the cloud for data processing. This means that we are leading more towards edge computing in 2019 digital transformation trends.

Analytics and data will not be only for processing but also for the processing in real time. This emerges the necessity of edge. It is important to understand that edge and cloud both are mutually exclusive. Cisco refers to the interdependence of edge and cloud as “The Fog”. Because, they recognize the critical data interactions that take place between the edge and the cloud to maximize data utilization. While their vernacular may or may not become global with the certain connection between edge and core. You can be sure that the two will cooperate vigorously to accomplish the potential outcomes being offered to us with AI, IoT and Machine Learning.

6. Digital Twins-

A digital twin indicates a digital representation of a real-world product or a system. Working something similar to an independent systems, digital twins are highly used in manufacturing industry. For eg., to determine how a car will perform if different materials are used or how a same factory can best be organised to optimise production lines for customised goods before they start being made. The necessity of digital twins has been driven by the increase in consumer demand for customized or personalized goods at large scale, mass production specialists such as Nike permitting individual sneakerheads to design their own shoes online for a delivery within weeks. Enterprises are also implementing digital twins of their organizations.

With a DTO, each advantage that falls inside the setting of an association( including processes, technology, infrastructure, architecture and customer interactions) can be connected, reported and visualised. This helps business leaders to survey the effect of progress in a controlled domain before focusing on something with broad and unintended results.

7. Blockchain-

Know the basics of Blockchain at our blog- Blockchain – The Basics you should know. Blockchain technology is entering in many fields such as bitcoin, healthcare etc. It is vast and globally distributed and centralized database or record that is available to anyone. Millions of devices at a time can access it. Despite the fact that it is as of now finding tremendous implications in Finance, we should now be set up for significantly more prominent infiltration of the innovation. Anything that is important , including titles, identities and votes can be moved onto the blockchain for secure management. In 2019, we expect more advances in blockchain, especially in supply chain management where it assures stronger transparency and efficiency and as case studies move slowly from the academic world to practical, broad applications.


Digital Product Development is increasing day by day. This list is not sufficient. It just gives you an idea of how far we have come and how long we have to go on. Apart from these technologies, Democratisation of AI, rise of virtual agent, Intelligence assistance in the workplace , 5G also emerging.

Are you looking to implement modern trends of digital product for your business? Then you might need some help getting started. We are happy to help you for development in digital products. We have an expert’s team that will give you the best development regarding digital product. Feel free to contact us for any digital product development.

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