Node.js vs ASP.NET- Which Stack You Should Choose For Advanced Web Applications?

ASP.NET has built up a solid impact among industry leaders throughout the years but Node.js is rapidly gaining popularity as a feasible option. Many large scale enterprises such as LinkedIn, Uber, netflix are using Node.js for building their solutions. Node.js is adaptable and also scalable. It also poses ready made libraries that offers developers a more flexibility, performance and stability of enterprise application development services. According to the 2018 survey, Node.js emerges as the most popular solution in the Frameworks, Libraries and also Tools category. Intrigued to know how Node.js stacks up against ASP.NET for enterprise solutions? Here are 8 key aspects of big business application development services that show the capability of Node.js in advanced, enterprise level web applications. Here we will see Node.js vs ASP.NET according to different aspects.

Node.js vs ASP.NET- Key aspects

ASP.NET vs Node.js

1. Scalability-

Node.js is a magnificent pick for the microservices architecture approach, that gives incredible scalability and stability since its components are compartmentalized. PM2 is a node.js tool help to distinguish and track errors more easily. And this is the reason for increasing developer’s productivity. Stack Overflow is written in ASP.NET core. This is a great example of ASP.NET’s scalability. The framework enables to analyze huge user data and scaling up process demands some extra machines than you might expect.

2. Language-

ASP.NET uses C# as its primary language and Node.js is based on JavaScript. There is an acceptance that by offering a strict type system and compile time error checks, C# is more powerful than JavaScript, which depends on Facebook’s Flow static sort checker or Microsoft TypeScript. In addition, C# develops progressively effective and expressive with each generation. But nowadays, JavaScript is more popular than C#. In any case, developers who want to be expert in Node.js, need to get a grip on asynchronous programming, which may challenge.

3. Support from the enterprise application development community-

When you look at Stack Overflow, ASP.NET has a big community of developers. But if you check the open source projects listed on GitHub and their activity, you can see that Node.js has more community of developers as compared to ASP.NET. Both frameworks have active communities through which developers can get valuable support. 

4. Tools-

Developers can work ASP.NET with Sublime or Mono Develop tools. Visual studio, ReSharper and also Web Essentials are the standards to work with ASP.NET. ASP.NET center 1 and 2 additionally permit Visual Studio Code or Rider. You can develop in Node.js utilizing every word processor, however picking Webstorm (IDE for Node.js) is a shrewd move that eventually prompts higher productivity as Node.js has strong support from Webstorm.

5. App Performance-

Node.js is great for multitasking and also can work on fastest JavaScript engine(V8). It also empowers applications to deal with a bigger number of requests all the while than different solutions. In addition, Node.js won’t burden your server when sending numerous requests. The latest version of ASP.NET is faster than the previous one. This makes it the best option among mainstream web frameworks.

6. Availability of ready-to-implement solutions-

The reusable libraries within Node.js allow fast development with less code written on your own. These packages differ in quality, yet at the same time contribute to and benefit from the practice of building and sharing of these libraries. ASP.NET core makes a good scalable framework with numerous out-of-the-box solutions that help developers to increase their speed.

7. Hosting-

You can host ASP.NET applications on Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Heroku also. Developers can also take benefit of integration with Docker. There are some choices available for Node.js and developers simply set up Linux web servers.

Advantages of ASP.NET-

  • With the use of ASP.NET framework, developers can get everything they want to create web apps without extra libraries.
  • ASP.NET can be used to create a large variety of web solutions that includes corporate and social networking websites and web-based apps also.
  • It is highly scalable.
  • It features high performance which is increased by native optimization, smart caching technologies, and just-in-time compilation.

Advantages of Node.js-

  • Node.js is easy to learn.
  • There is a big active community who improves the source code and also create excellent modules with additional capabilities.
  • Node.js features high performance due to the non-blocking IO system
  • It makes full-stack JavaScript a reality.
  • Node.js has tools for integration with Visual Studio, an ecosystem for easy integration with .NET and Windows, and can work with Windows Azure.

Node.js vs ASP.NET: What to Choose?

When comparing two technologies, we ought to likewise consider such angles as the ecosystem and the deployment. Node.js is supported by an extremely huge community. This community writes many different modules in its NPM system. When the package is updated,  it may affect the whole system.

The ASP.Net is created by a dedicated Microsoft team and also provides all the tools you need for building fully functional websites. As to deploy & run, Node.js is a great choice, being cross-platform and PaaS compatible. Code can be easily hosted on a variety of platforms:

  • Mac, Windows or Linux server
  • The majority of PaaS cloud providers
  • A Docker container and a lot of other options

ASP.NET is also cross-platform but there are not so many options for deployment: your own Linux or Windows server, a Docker container, Azure, and Heroku (unofficial packs).


When to use ASP.NET?

You can use ASP.NET for creating enterprise-class technologies, web apps, and websites with large code-base.

When to use Node.js?

Node.js is a better option for micro-services and small or medium-sized REST APIs. It is preferred for building real-time apps.

All frameworks have advantages and shortcomings and the final choice is up to the developer and is a matter of preference.

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