Python vs Go: Which one to choose?

Preceding starting any project, it is necessary to choose the best language for its development. Most of the time, this selection come at a point to choose between Python and Golang. Here we will help you to choose the best language between Python and GoLang on the basis of comparison of different parameters. This will surely help you decide the best language suited for you. The parameters for comparison are- Scalability, performance, applications, execution, libraries and readability of code. Before start to the comparison, let us see some points about Golang.

What Is Python?

Python is a general purpose programming language, which means that it can be used for anything. The most significant part of Python is that it is an interpreted language, which implies that the composed code isn’t actually translated to a computer readable format at runtime. Many programming languages do this conversion when the program is being compiled. Mostly Python is used for web development. It is easy to learn Python because its syntax is easy and is the greatest advantage. You can also know the best python web frameworks at- Top 11 Best Free Python Web Framework Software To Use In 2019.

What is GoLang?

GoLang is also known as Go. This language is developed by Google. Go supports multi-paradigm like functional, procedural and concurrent. Go syntax after arriving from modification with C is to keep the code readable and compact. It includes strict linguistic structure which permits simpler cycle over gathering information structure like strings, maps and so forth. Go imparts many features of modern languages, such as method and operator overloading, pointer arithmetic and type inheritance. The most of the features of Go and its tools pursue the UNIX pattern, having in view of utility, so instead of merging into the language structure, a developer would now be able to concentrate more on the development logic. Know the comparison of Python vs Ruby vs Golang at- A Battle of Trios: Python vs Ruby vs Golang. Let us see the comparison between Python and Go on the basis of some important parameters-

Python vs Go

1. Scalability-

Development of a scalable application is a crucial work. If the things don’t scale it’s only negative to the reason for business. Golang was developed by keeping this thing in mind. It’s main purpose is to help developers at Google to solve issues which are at the scale of google, that involves many programmers working on large server software hosted on thousands of clusters. Hence Golang has inbuilt support for concurrent process channeling. 

Whereas, Python has some issues with concurrency but it can implement parallelism through threads.

2. Performance-

Go is extremely fast. It’s performance is similar to that of Java or C++. In short, Go is 40 times faster than Python. 

3. Applications-

Every programming language has a certain purpose hence at this point none of the language is a winner. Python is mostly used in the field of Data analytics, artificial intelligence, deep learning and web development. This can be generally credited to the libraries that are accessible in Python that make life in the said fields a ton simpler. 

On the other hand, GoLang is mostly used for system programming. It has also analyzed a generous amount of use and acceptance in the cloud computing because its support for concurrency. Golang has likewise observed a great deal of gratefulness and use in web development because of its incredible and easy to use libraries, which enable you to set up a web server in merely seconds.

4. Execution-

Python is dynamically typed language whereas Golang is statically typed language. Python uses an interpreter and Go lang uses compiler.

In Python, type interference is implemented by an interpreter. Hence some bugs may remain because interpreter interpreting something incorrectly. Hence Python limits the programmer when he needs to build a big programme.

In GoLang, variables are declared explicitly for the compiler so even trivial bugs are caught easily. Go can handle big programmes with finesse.

5. Libraries-

Libraries are the great benefit for programming languages. Python poses great libraries. There packages will help you with array handling and complex matrix functions, Tensorflow and Scikit Learn for Deep Learning, OpenCV for image processing, Pandas for Data Analysis, matplotlib for visualization etc.

Go posses some inbuilt libraries for web development, database handling, concurrent programming and encryption.

6. Readability-

Readability of a project is an important thing. Because a development team has many developers and each of these should understand the code. Python has easy to read and learn syntax. Also there are many different ways to do the same thing and this leads to confusion when a code is big or the developers working on it are in large numbers. Whereas, Go has strict rules for programming. It does not allow unnecessary libraries to import and unnecessary variables to be created. This implies there is a distinct method to play out a task which prompts a superior comprehension of code among huge groups.

Some of you may state that the adaptability of code endures a hit, however who truly thinks about flexibility particularly with regards to core programming? Syntax of GoLang is less friendly for beginners however it’s not as unforgiving as something prefer C or C++. So for readability of code we will go with GoLang. So as you all observe, GoLang unquestionably has the high ground much of the time and trumps Python as a programming language as we would like to think. It might not have the popularity that Python has but Go is catching up in that aspect  too.

Key Differences Between Python vs Go-

1. Python is a scripted language and has to be interpreted. While Go is faster most of the time since it does not have to consider anything at runtime.

2. Python does not provide built-in concurrency mechanism whereas Go has built-in concurrency mechanism.

3. Python has easy syntax and hence more readable, flexible. Go is likewise in the prime group with regards to clear syntax which holds zero zero unnecessary components.

4. About safety, Python is strongly typed language which is compiled and hence provides security, while Go is decent since every variable must have a type associated with it.

5. Python has more libraries as compared to Go.

6. Python is more user friendly than Go.

7. Python is as yet a most loved language with regards to data science problems while Go is progressively good for framework programming.

8. Python is dynamically typed language and Go is statically typed language.

9. Python is good for basic programming, using it can build up complex frameworks though, with Go a  similar tasks can be accomplished rapidly without going into nuances of programming language.

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