Some cool Vue UI Component Libraries that will rule In 2020

Vue.js, is a popular JavaScript library that you can use to make dynamic applications on the front end. Since its modest beginnings in 2014, it has gained a leap in the recent two years. Vue has risen as the strong competitor to Angular and also React. Know the comparison of Angular vs React vs Vue at- Angular vs React vs Vue: A 2019 Comparison (Updated). One reason for Vue’s popularity is the wide use of components, which make development a lot simpler to grasp. A component in Vue, actually, refers to a single entity within the application.

Every component might be a graphical part of the application, with its unique view and behavior. Components allow the logical separation of each aspect of a Vue application. This helps with code reusability. Vue components also help in sharing over projects and teams, making the process of development more effective. Here we will go through most interesting Vue UI component libraries. Let us see one by one.

Vue UI Component Libraries for 2020-

1. Vuetify-

Vuetify is a framework over Vue. It allows you to create clean, semantic, reusable UI components. It works with Vue’s Server Side Rendering (SSR). Vuetify has a consistent update cycle, which allows you to fix bugs and enhancements more often. The development team is committed to provide you the best experience you desire. What makes Vuetify a fascinating choice among the best Vue UI component libraries is the accessibility of ready-made framework for code – as pre-made vue-cli templates. This helps you to start rapidly. Vuetify also has a good community and regular updates.

2. Vue Material Kit-

Vue Material Kit is a beautiful resource built over Vue Material and Vuejs. It is an alternate way that you can use to accelerate your design/development process when building new sites or web applications. Basic knowledge of JavaScript, Vuejs and Vue Router is required, but other than that, the package is really simple to grasp. There are 60 high quality components as a part of the kit, two customized plugins, and also three model pages.

3. Vux

Vux is a framework based on WeChat’s WeUI and webpack. It’s documentation’s most part is in Chinese, with a little bit English translation. Vux supports rapid development of mobile components for your application.

4. Buefy-

Buefy is a lightweight UI component library. It is based on Vue and Bulma, a CSS framework. This framework is packaged with Bulma and is under 100 KB. If you are convenient with SASS, you will feel comfortable with Buefy’s similarities with SASS. That being stated, while Buefy gives a readymade components to use for a beginner application, you may think that it’s not sufficient if dealing with a large project.

5. Keen-UI-

Keen UI, is a Vue UI component libraries having focus on interactivity through JavaScript instead of visual components. This component library is inspired by Google’s Material Design, and also accompanies a simple to use API. Keen UI doesn’t repeat the need to be used over your application. It has some helpful components that can be deliberately placed when required. Hence, Keen UI is a best decision while adding iterative features to existing application.

6. Element

This is a UI component library for the web that has versions for React and Angular, in addition to Vue. This component library has focus on desktop applications, as its components are not responsive. Element also has important documentation in Chinese, English and Spanish. 

7. VuePress-

VuePress is a static site generator. This framework uses webpack for creation of pre-rendered static HTML pages, which makes the processing extensively faster. The use of VuePress offers many possibilities for your project such as automating your documentation process. It is easy to incorporate into your existing application. A significant disadvantage is that SEO support is still new, and the documentation doesn’t concentrate on this point yet.

8. Mint-UI-

This is a lightweight Vue UI component library based on the Babel JavaScript compiler. The small size of this package makes it appropriate for use in mobile apps. This library has 13K stars on GitHub. Development with framework is still going on. 

9. Bootstrap-Vue-

Bootstrap-Vue brings the strength of Bootstrap. It is a widely used CSS library of Vue. It gives you readily available UI components and a grid system. Also everything is mobile first and responsive. Components of this library are compatible with the WAI- ARIA guidelines for web accessibility. It has strong community support. Documentation is also available for this library. Hence it is easy to use for beginners.

Which Vue UI component library you should choose?

These are some Vue UI component libraries that perform different functions. But which one is best? Again the answer is “it depends”. If you are looking for a plug- and- play solution for your projects, you can choose Vuetify or Keen-UI.

Are you confused to choose the best library? You can consult with Solace experts and get back with the appropriate solution according to the project requirement. Experts team is well proficient in new trends and technologies to give you the best solution. We will be happy to help you.

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