Top 10 Blockchain Programming Languages for 2019

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain, as the name implies, is a chain of blocks; connected sequentially using complex cryptographic logic. This technology was first used in the implementation of the popular BitCoin cryptocurrency. Because of the high level security it gives in business exchanges, the blockchain innovation is used intensely in the business. From corporate firms to industrial banks, blockchain developers are sought everywhere equally. To help you learn more about the best programming language for blockchain, our experts, at Solace, curated this blog. Let us see which programming languages you should use for blockchain development and why?

Top 10 Blockchain Programming languages-

1. Vyper-

It is a new blockchain programming language. Vyper aims at making writing smart contracts a breeze. Just like solidity, it is usually used for the EVM. It differ considerably from Solidity with respect to control structures and handling security issues. Vyper removes many of the object-oriented functionalities present in Solidity, such as modifiers, recursive calling, and infinite loops. Vyper does so to avoid security issues that arise with their use. If you’re looking for a simple blockchain coding language for writing smart contracts, Vyper is worth a look.

2. Scilla-

Scilla is another newly-emerged blockchain programming language. It is maintained by Zilliqa and aims at reducing safety risks and providing a formal verification for smart contracts. These formal verifications offer static guarantees of smart contracts before their commission to a blockchain.

This language reduces occurrence of error-prone codes substantially and also decreases the need for extensive audibility. The intermediate level blockchain coding language is compiled into bytecodes and so it is highly portable.

3. C++- 

The language behind each significant innovation utilized in the business, C++ holds its predominance even in the blockchain innovation. Bitcoin is the first ever implementation of blockchain was written initially in this ultra-precise and powerful language. C++ is the best programming language blockchain development due to many reasons such as primitive control over memory, advanced multithreading capabilities, move semantics and core object-oriented features like runtime polymorphism and function overloading. Due to the object oriented feature of this language it gives developers the ability to bind the data and methods intended to execute them together.

4. Java-

Syntax of Java is similar to the syntax of C++. Java is an interpreted language: an internal representation (bytecode) and an interpreter of this representation are defined for it, which is already available on most platforms.

The interpreter simplifies debugging for programs written in Java, and guarantees their portability to new platforms and adaptability to new environments. It dispenses with the impact of Java programs on different projects and files accessible on the new platform, and subsequently guarantees security when executing.These properties of Java make it conceivable to use as the fundamental programming language for projects dispersed over networks. This is the reason why Java can be used as a blockchain coding language.

5. Ruby-

Although quite old and tested by the industry, Ruby gained popularity as a blockchain programming language in the last couple of years or so. Ruby is an interpreted high-level language with object-oriented features. It is used for the blockchain programming because of many reasons. It offers the ability to prototype their vision rapidly using open source third-party APIs and plugins. The Ruby ecosystem is thriving with loyal contributors since its inception as the de-facto web language starting from the first half of this millennium. It’s especially prevalent within the Asian developers, the most substantial fraction of open source blockchain developers.

6. Python-

Python is one of the most easy-to-use programming languages. It tends to be effectively utilized as a blockchain programming language. Python can accept large data sets, clean, process, analyze, and visualize them. These benefits are very well suited for industries that deal with big data processing, such as finance and IoT. This is also the reason why Python is one of the programming languages used for aerospace project creation.

7. Go-

Go is the best blockchain programming language for building hyper ledger fabric. The statically-typed yet compiled language is on par the performance level required by a blockchain coding language. Go comes with every modern features such as classes and inheritance, generics, annotations, constructors, and exceptions that you need when building your first blockchain. Go offers top-notch concurrency support in blockchain applications, because of its smart implementation of channels and interfaces. So, it’s one of the best programming languages for blockchain when it comes to developing a system that is not only efficient but also lightning fast.

8. Solidity-

Solidity is a JavaScript-like object-oriented language for developing smart contracts. Contracts are used in Ethereum blockchain coding and they have a very important feature: each line of code, each team and even simply storing data has its own specific value (ETH).

9. Rust-

Rust targets at providing open source devs the capability to build fast and efficient blockchain systems. It is found to be best when it comes to CPU bound tasks. You can adopt either a useful strategy or a basic one with Rust for building up your blockchain. It’s one of the best programming languages for blockchain because of its highly-capable mechanism of handling mutable states. The quick, memory safe, and only simultaneous nature of this blockchain coding language makes it most suitable for developing real-world blockchains.

10. PHP-  

It is used to build simple to complex blockchain systems, because of its object-oriented features and a vast active open source community. If you’re a new programmer looking for getting your hands dirty at blockchain coding, PHP might turn out to be the best option for you. A large number of PHP developers will guarantee a ready workforce in case you develop something highly capable and intend on going corporate. For more information you can read our blog- Use PHP for blockchain development.

You can also hire dedicated PHP developers from Solace for effective blockchain development.


It is fairly simple to foresee that the blockchain innovation will keep on changing the manner in which information and resources are moved in modern businesses. It will have a big impact on industries like the banking industry and big pharma corporations shortly, just like it does currently on cryptocurrencies. So more opportunities will be created for you with high-level skills of a blockchain programming language.

Are you looking to use blockchain technology for your business? Then Solace is the right place to start. Developers at Solace are well trained at blockchain development to give you the best solution. Contact us for blockchain development to modernize your business.

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