When should I use Magento for my website?

e-Commerce is widely popular this day as it has made a flexibility and reliable choice in digital business. Many small and large business owners are taking their business to the online platform by building up a commercial e-commerce website or online stores by customizing WordPress theme. When it comes to e-commerce websites there are many factors in business needs to be considered while developing an online e-commerce store.


Magento isn’t a confusing name, till now everyone heard about e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, BigCommece, Woocommerece, Wix, etc for developing an e-commerce business website. And yes, at some stage in your business you decide to switch the website to a new platform because one face a variety of issues to handle the CMS data of the business. WHILE other issues like not an SEO friendly nature website, no extensions, error in user experience, no choice for big themes which leads to lack of performance in the website.

Why Magento?


Magento has drawn its attention due to main two primary reasons; firstly Magento is an open source platform and secondly, Magento is a widely supportive in CMS case. As it is e-commerce platform, so there is much more availability in the Magneto box. Magneto box for e-commerce platform is something you can build upon, develop, change, and make into whatever you need it to be, a whole control is in your program. Today, eBay is one among the large e-commerce business website in the globe who owns the Magento, isn’t it surprising?


Interestingly, more than 320,000 merchants use Magento for their online business and have a successful ratio in the digital world.

Exploring advantages of Magneto e-commerce platforms:

1. Magento is open source community with a free version so one can install, alter, customize, or use the version of Magneto in the manner you like. So one can supercharge its programming knowledge to build any functionality, alter any theme, as they want on their e-commerce website. Availability of high extensions and a big choice of user themes is a plus point.

2. Magento has shown a tremendous performance in SEO friendly nature just like WordPress. Content Management is greatly handled and optimized in magneto which is key to the search engine. Magento is precluded with amazing search engine optimization functionalities with SEO friendly URLs, meta tags, meta descriptions, back-links, and navigation’s tags.

3. Magento shows easy and flexible medium for payment gateway integrations and database integrations. A wide range of payment method is available like credit cards, PayPal, Amazon, Google etc.


4. Magento shows Rich-features and responsive nature of the website. As it provides a high response to content management system like; Currently viewed merchandise, product comparison, product assessment and rating and plenty extra. Any of these functions may be used on all devices as Magento is primarily based on a code framework, that’s greater responsive than ever.

5. Magento community is widely spread in the international market due to its open source solution. Therefore, development zones are available in a massive amount around the globe. So if there is any problem in the e-commerce portal, magneto community and the availability of developers provide instant and quick support. Magento supports multiple currencies and tax rates, localization.

6. Another advantage of Magento due to its open source solutions, Modular Architecture system can be customized for both front end and back end application. Web Service API has tremendous influence because Magento supports for SOAP as well as REST API also.

7. Magento gives high priority to security, it’s enterprise edition provides secure payment bridge which follows security standards for PCI data.

8. While there are many other merit enhancements in Magento such as User-friendly interface, Flexible customization, High conversions, Easy to use admin panel, External services integration, etc,

Ensure your trust and take a step towards successful e-commerce business through Magneto- The open source e-commerce platform. To know the comparison between Shopify, Magento and Opencart kindly visit to our blog- Shopify Vs Magento Vs Opencart : Which One to Choose?

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