Why Are Great Quality JavaScript Developers Hard To Find?

In the 20 years of commencement of JavaScript, it has become the world’s one of the most popular languages. Actually it is the number 1 employers demand worldwide, but still it is a rare skill among the developers. It is becoming more and more hard to find the right JavaScript developers in the market due to the increasing skill gap. As Artificial intelligence driven market is growing rapidly, we see many innovations in technology such as ML, IoT and other disruptive platforms. Many businesses and organizations are expanding their areas to find the best methodology for growth, development and innovation. This has prompted hyper convergence around specific skills, while the generalist are being left out.

Why Are Great Quality JavaScript Developers Hard To Find?

1. New trends in software-

This related to evolving trends, adds to the greatest software challenge that we all will see in the next few years. Addition to this, there are new emerging technologies that are becoming more popular than JavaScript. Shortly, this prevents developers to adopt the JavaScript field. But in future, JavaScript developers are going to be high in demand. Many popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and React have powerful impact in the development area. Companies are stepping forward towards integrated coding environments. Here developers can communicate with various stages of development teams. Since one data point can encourage into another coding condition, it is necessary for the developers to be in a state of harmony. Also, developers should understand the core requirement of the project. If the specifications mark for a particular feature, the JavaScript code must remain same with the same goal.

For the coding schemes that are based on multi-iterations, it can minimize the impact of JavaScript as a language. Developers should understand the basic requirement for the project and perform with the evolving business needs. And hence the companies go with the third-party vendor as they can apply solutions that go beyond the project scope. They include incremental value and keep up with changing trends in the software scale. This gives high efficiencies to goal of an organization.  

2. Lack of proper Training-

Nowadays, developer learns from information available from many resources with the use of internet. Learning from such online resources gives many tricks and hacks that developers can easily adapt to learn the skill. Sometimes, a detailed test is required to analyze the value. Hence, the coding teams are focusing on in-field tests instead of establishing a resume based approach. Developers having proficiency in Js need to show their strengths by completing challenges and helping others excel. This makes them useful in development field. 

The free website has enabled developers to clear their skillset. This means that all developers are competing with each other at the same level. Since free outlets exist, JS developers are alluded to overestimate their actual skillset.

Companies are opting for a leaner approach now, by working directly with third-party developers.

Companies are not focusing on training their existing employee-base because of the business needs. They’re working with various teams to get the solutions that can be defined across business requirements.

3. Thinking big picture rather than execution-

In any field it is necessary to keep an eye on big-picture and also analyze the minute details. Likewise, it is necessary to have a detailed approach to coding and custom application development. There are many developers those are good in a single area. They are not ready to step forward and see the bigger picture.

Hence the development communities need developers that can think outside the limited scope. They can create unique solutions to problems that already have and analyze the bigger picture in hand. They are able to code that can solve multiple problems at once.

4. Need for project management and full stack-

Many JavaScript developers have an idea of the word full-stack. There is a need for skill of client-facing and can interact with teams independently. That is when you have a genuinely innovative dev-environment, where information is being presented across all corners. There are some additional advantages of having a more code-centric environment, because there are better solutions found in doing so. In full-stack, you can find real value. Here developers can find effective solutions. Also developers can think about better design.

Also when developers have a full-stack mindset, they can have corresponding and compliant code that can fit into any software package. This means that, systems can customized and adapted into an existing model.

5. Moving towards outsourcing and efficiencies-

With new emerging business needs, dependency on third-parties that understand the project increases. They can pay attention to what is required and the offer is a convenient package. They have the ability to create more value for the project. This beneficial for everyone from client to project management. More developers can be brought for only the need basis. There is a strong requirement from clients to create innovative and flexible solutions from existing projects. That is also why working with a third-party vendor works well. Research by computer economy suggests that larger organizations increased IT outsourcing to 8.7% from 6.3% also, mid size companies have shifted to 6.5% from 4.75%


Quality JavaScript developers need to adapt change with time. A full-stack development team can take care of much of the development challenges facing your organization. That’s why many companies are opting to go with these development teams for their projects.

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