Why one should develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first? [2019]

Don’t we need all features at once…

Nowadays, many creative people come to Solace Infotech with unique ideas and startups for different products. Some of them want all multiple features to be implemented at once in the product. In the technology world, it’s a completely false way to develop the product. The product or idea turns into disastrous with endless development time. Choosing this way, you’ll lose confidence about your idea or product. Procrastination is not your way to go. Here we are going to confer the way of a minimum viable product – the inception that your unique app is going to develop from.

What is MVP?


Minimum Viable Product is a process of developing a product with the core functionalities to test how the target audience would respond. With these core functionalities of Web or mobile app, the audience gives there feedback and we create an actual product, with a full set of functionality.

As per previous experience at Solace Infotech, it is important to understand the build process of a Minimum Viable Product. Minimum Viable Product helps us to solves every primary aspect which we supposed to solve at an initial stage. Also, the Minimum Viable Product development is a great way to answers to initial FAQs like “what task will be time-consuming?” and “What will be core functionality of this app?” Creating a minimum viable product with Solace Infotech can save your time and money.

To develop Minimum Viable Product

First, you need clear thoughts about what you want to create. Besides, you need to have clear with your target audience that what they will actually use. Please don’t force or consideration those features you would use yourself, but analyze what features your target audience needs or they looking for.

Solace Infotech thinks without any market research or homework to start development of the product is another huge mistake made by investor or startups, which will close down in the long run. You have to do homework well and market research about the target audience.

Once you ready with an initial app idea, list down all the functionalities and features which going to make the idea works. Now, sort it out from this list important features up to 8-10. You have to sort features list like 5 times to 10 times. If you want then Solace Infotech will help you in that.

Choose wisely, so that in the end you have a list of the most important features you are sure the audience will like to adopt.


Technical Side

The minimum viable product, where the Solace team is going to develop the prompt database of your product, as well as its UI wireframes. This stage provides the proper base to the idea. At the same time, the project manager will provide you with proper user-story that how this product will develop and how it will look like!!

A software outsourcing company with a sharp technical background, which means you will get a perfect product architecture and the creative UI for your Minimum Viable Product.

Start Marketing

The minimum viable product is not only an application but also you need to have at least a landing page to market your application properly. The landing page for the product should express everything like, “What is an idea?” “Story about an idea from beginning to developed product” and “How it will going to help audience?”

If your homework and research have been done well if you know your users very well then landing page will be something you create with absolute mastery and inspiration.

Benefits of MVP

  • Analyze User Expectation: Of course, MVP will be launched with an integrated mobile app analytics tool. This will help you evaluate how users are using your app, what options or features they use, what their behavior is with the app, what are they looking for in the app using the Search tab? Once all these factors are analyzed, your idea will definitely be encouraged.
  • Deal with Security Issues Better: If there are some security errors in the app, you can identify and correct them without loss of mass. The problem fixed at the lower level is a reputation redemption, increasing retention rate, and ultimately leads to happy customers.
  • Creating an Improved Version of the App: Launching MVP of an app means you are connecting your idea with the users. The feedback thus received gives confidence in the idea, analyze user requirements, and build a product that is a sure hit in the market.
  • Takes less time to develop your app:Less development time means lower app development costs. The faster your mobile app is launched to users, the faster you will receive feedback. This means you can work on the improvement of your app, and release the updated version quickly.

Wrap up-

Need to develop a software that will represent your business? Experts at solace are there to help you to develop and manage the web development with development of Minimum Viable products. You can hire PHP developers and android developers of Solace team for effective web and app development. Contact us for web development that helps your business to stand out in this wide market.

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