10 Best Angular Alternatives That You Must Know

10 Best Angular Alternatives That You Must Know

AngularJS is an open source web framework backed by Google. It is the first front end framework based on MVC design pattern. This allows two-way binding that enables to reflect changes continuously on a page. AngularJS framework provides features like dependency injection, ready to use templates, testing etc. It also allows development of single page applications with neat and clean code. And so AngularJS is unique. Apart from these advantages and uniqueness, AngularJS has some disadvantages too. These advantages can affect application and degrade the user experience. Let us see which are those disadvantages-

  • Its performance is slow due to its dirty checking method.
  • CLI documentation doesn’t provide good information. 
  • Angular has limited SEO options and poor accessibility for search engines.
  • It’s monolithic

Because of these disadvantages, many developers are searching for its alternatives. So here we came with alternatives for Angular.

10 Best Angular Alternatives-

1. Vue.js-

Vue.js is an open source and much simple, flexible framework as compared to Angular. Some of the prominent features of Vue.js are its components, templates, reactivity, routing, transitions etc. It is powerful enough to build single page applications. Vue has some similar concepts from React and AngularJS. It works in the view layer of application and has a virtual DOM feature and supports additional libraries that are similar to React. Vue is similar to Angular in terms of template style, but more powerful in terms of performance. It offers features like Reactive interfaces, CSS transitions & animations, custom filters and very simple code.

Vue.js is gaining popularity because of its easy integration with third party libraries. Companies like Netflix, Facebook, Xiomi are using Vue.js

2. Aurelia-

It is a next-gen modern open source UI framework for developing mobile apps and web apps. This framework allows designing of complex apps by using pure JavaScript or TypeScript. Aurelia is clean framework with nice API. Also it is simple, concise and at the same time, it is powerful and flexible. It has a collection of libraries that can be used separately and when combined, they form a robust and powerful framework.

This framework adopts modern, reactive based approach and also offers features like forward thinking, two-way data binding, custom HTML elements, testing etc. Developers who are interested to work on cutting edge JavaScript applications, Aurelia is a best angular alternative.

3. React-

React is an open-source, component-based frontend library maintained by Facebook. These days, it is one of the most popular Javascript libraries among the developer community. It is mostly used to create single page applications. It has amazing features like virtual DOM that can be rendered at client-side or server-side. Client side DOM plays an important role in complex data manipulation. Apart from virtual DOM, it has great features like class-based components, lifecycle methods, JSX and so on. React is flexible and declarative to build web user interfaces. It works on MVC pattern and plays as V in it. Popular companies like Facebook, Netflix, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, dropbox uses React. 

4. Backbone.js-

It is a lightweight Javascript library designed for developing single page applications. Backbone.js is based on Model-View-Presenter design pattern that abstracts data into models, DOM into views and binds these two using events. It provides great features like RESTful JSON interface, Syncing with back-end, event driven communication and allows building web applications and mobile applications in an organized and well-structured format.

5. Meteor.js-

It is a full-stack platform to build web and mobile applications completely in JavaScript. This framework helps to rapidly develop apps. It comes with all the features one needs for frontend development, backend development, database management and business logic. Community of Meteor.js is continuously growing and if you want to learn powerful framework there are lot of resources freely available on websites and youtube. One of the biggest advantage of Meteor.js is, it is pure JavaScript, you don’t have to learn any other framework. You don’t need to worry about server-side packages that run on node.js because you only need Meteor.js packages to access the database. With real-time database, changes are reflected effortlessly in the UI and any change in UI is reflected back in real-time database within seconds. Shelf, Digital services, Esri, PolicyBazar.com, Accenture are some of the popular companies that using Meteor.js.

6. Ember-

It is an open-source Javascript framework that allows developers to build scalable single page applications. Ember framework is based on Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) pattern. It is used by popular websites like Vine, Linkedin, Nordstrom and so on. Also, it is possible to build desktop and mobile applications with ember framework, Apple music is an example of this.  Ember offers great features like ember templates, ember CLI, ember inspector tool that is used for debugging. It offers friendly API that is easy to understand and work with.

7. Mithril-

This is an open-source client-side JavaScript framework. It is faster than other angular alternatives and is used to build single-page applications. You can develop mobile apps and web apps using Mithril. This framework is good to use, if you want to work with pure JavaScript. Tasks are performed efficiently with this framework. Mithril makes use of virtual DOM, lifecycle methods, key-based reconciliation and organizes views through components. It has optimized and less code that results in higher performance. Also, it has a well detailed documentation which is easy to understand and relate real world applications. Popular companies like Nike, Vimeo, Liches and so on uses Mithril framework.

8. Polymer-

It is an open-source JS library created to build web applications using components. It is developed by Google developers and contributors from GitHub. Popularity of Polymer can be understand from the fact that companies like Netflix, Electronic Arts (EA), Coca-Cola, IBM and McDonald’s employ Polymer with google services like Google Play Music, Youtube and its part YouTube Gaming and new Google Earth. Polymer offers great features like lightweight system, flexible layout components and an easily approachable ecosystem.

9. Knockout-

Knockout is released in 2017, and since then, it has been gaining ground in the developers community as a standalone JavaScript implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel pattern with templates. It is popular among beginners because it is easy to learn and has a low entry barrier. Important features of Knockout are deep browser support, built-in exercises for easy learning, easy data binding, built-in templating support and dynamic models.

10. Sencha Ext JS-

It is an application framework used to build interactive web apps for multiple platforms. Sencha Ext JS is a full framework to build single-page applications, and also used as a minimal component framework for creating dynamic grids on static pages. Though it was built as an add-on library extension in 2007, new versions reduce dependencies on external libraries and make their use non-compulsory. New updates enables the framework to be used both as a single script and as a supplement for app building with Sencha Cmd.

Wrap up-

Each framework has its own set of pros and cons. So choosing the best framework for development might be difficult task for most of you. You should focus on the project and decide according to the need of project which framework to go with. There are many alternatives available that have been gaining popularity. Learning the core concepts will help you to easily adopt any framework.

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