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Mysql Development

What is Mysql Development ?

  • What is a Database?   A database is a separate application that stores a collection of data. Each database has one or more distinct APIs for creating, accessing, managing, searching and replicating the data it holds.

  • It is a fast, easy to use relational database. It is currently the most popular open-source database. It is very commonly used in conjunction with PHP scripts to create powerful and dynamic server-side applications.

  • It is a very powerful program in its own right. It handles a large subset of the functionality of the most expensive and powerful database packages.

  • It uses a standard form of the well-known SQL data language and works on many operating systems and with many languages including PHP, PERL, C, C++, JAVA, etc.

  • MySQL supports large databases, up to 50 million rows or more in a table. The default file size limit for a table is 4GB, but you can increase this (if your operating system can handle it) to a theoretical limit of 8 million terabytes (TB).

  • Benefits & features of Mysql Development

  • High Performance: It support optimum speed, full-text indexes and unique memory caches for enhanced performance.

  • Data Security :It support for transactional processing and specially benefit to business that involves frequent money transfers.

  • Several development interfaces: Interfaces like JDBC, ODBC and scripting and run across major platforms, including Linux, UNIX and Windows.

  • Comprehensive Transaction: It Support multi-version transaction and unrestricted row-level locking and go-to solution for full data integrity.

Why Solace ?

  • Easy data base management.

  • Provide you with a small footprint with exceptional performance.

  • A complete open source platform.

  • Support data warehousing, business intelligence and "Big Data".


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