10 JavaScript Data Table Libraries That You Should Know In 2021

10 Javascript data table libraries that you should know in 2021

Javascript is a deciphered dynamic and untyped programming language, which establishes an interactive and phenomenal environment inside internet browsers on the internet. These days, Javascript components have become an intuitive string between customer and end user. These javascript data tables contain massive measures of information that you can handle with the help of libraries to allow additional assistance.

Data table library empowers the manipulation of HTML tables with big data set and also provides extended features like custom sorts, complex conditional styles, advanced searches, pagination, custom filters and line editing for your table. For web app development, it becomes easy for web app development to be an important and easy pursuit for the Javascript UI library and framework. It is beneficial for web developers to use these libraries and frameworks for easily building a clean, easy, consistent and attractive user interface.

Here we will discuss some of the most used JS data table libraries/grid and resource that developers may find useful and they could easily add grid functionality to tables, various functions like custom sorting, paging and advanced filtering on a huge data set.  

10 Best JavaScript Data table libraries of 2021-

There are various factors that should be considered while choosing the most ideal Javascript Data table library. Some of these are as follows- 

  • Creating components inventory
  • Shortlisting comprehensive and relevant components
  • Looking for ready-made components according to business needs
  • Looking for similar functionality and thereafter choosing the one out of them.

1. Fancygrid-

It is a javascript table library loaded with chart integration and server communication. This library works well with Angular 1 and 2, jQuery, VueJs and Web Components.ule. Fancygrid includes more than 25 features like sorting, paging, filtering, validation, touch support, REStful and so on. It is a plugin-free table library without any dependency and includes ample elegant API, samples, professional support, detailed documentation for convenience. One of the major drawbacks of this library is- it does not have mobile support.

2. Datatables-

Datatables is a plugin used to provide extra functionality for your tables like filtering, sorting, pagination and custom theming. It offers detailed documentation so you can handle look, feel, and work of your table. Wide range of features and customization makes it lovable among developers community. Another aspect of Datatable is that it offers a premium support via their forum that you get access to by purchasing one of their licenses. It offers some notable features like- column sorting, searching a string, individual column filtering, AJAX, export buttons, custom filtering, pagination, server-side processing, column reorder, and responsive extension.

3. Anygrids-

You can quickly create interactive tables from Javascript arrays, JSON formatted data, AJAX data sources with this vanilla library. One can include library in your project and just keep working on, without any adjustments. It allows you to filter, sort and group your data, use expanding table rows with custom data render, custom sparklines, use packaged themes, column calculation and pagination. New features are released consistently each month to make the customization process easier.

4. Ngx Table-

It is an angular component to present large and complex data. It was built for modern browsers using TypeScript, CSS3, and HTML5 and Angular 8.0.0. This is a sister project of angular-data-table designed for Angular 1.x. Ngx table handles large data sets. It has some notable features like- column reordering & resizing, horizontal & vertical scrolling, expressive header and cell templates, client/server-side pagination & sorting, material theme, and no external dependencies, row detail view.

5. Ag-grid-

It is designed to integrate seamlessly with Angular 2+, but it also works with all major JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.js. “Ag” stands for agnostic, means it is available for various JS frameworks. Main purpose of Ag-grid is to provide a data grid that enterprise software can use for building applications like reporting and data analytics, business workflow and data entry. If you are searching for a table builder for complex project, this library is a perfect fit. It has been optimized for performance, if you have to handle big data sets. 

Ag-grid supports real-time updates and can handle hundreds of updates per second. It comes with two versions: Enterprise version and community version. Community version is covered by MIT license and includes basic features. Enterprise license with all available features ahs three options- Single application developer, multiple application developer and deployment license. Basic version comes with features like cell editing, aligned grids, CSV export, pagination, internationalization, real time updating data, column pinning, column moving, column groups, column resizing etc.

6. Handsontable-

It is one of the best JavaScript data table that gives an impression of spreadsheet, provides easy data validation, data binding, data validation, sorting, filtering and CRUD operations also. Handsonable library is easy to work with and customized as required. It includes a Typescript definition file and also works well with most popular frameworks of industry like Angular, vue and react.  Product can be extended and edited with custom plugins and adjusted with source code. There are lots of comprehensive API, useful tutorials and community support. 

7. Bootstrap Table-

It is a feature-rich and lightweight table plugin that provides all the features needed to perform minimal development time. This plugin is maintained by thousands of contributors. Because of the large community and active contributors it provides great support for its users. It has amazing features like- responsive web design, scrollable table with fixed headers, powerful pagination and localization, simple column sorting with a click, get data in JSON format using AJAX etc.

8. Backgrid.js-

It is a free javascript tables that helps to build semantic and also easily styleable datatable. It offers simple and easy way that makes things easy and convenient. As it is lightweight, it can easily be fully reactive and modular. The core elements helps to edit and display data. Also, you can create a customized API with Backgrid.js library if basic functionality is not enough.

9. Vuetable-

Vuetable is a Vue.js component that will automatically request (JSON) data from the server and display it in an HTML table with swappable/extensible pagination sub-component. One can add buttons to each row and hook an event to it. It can work with data from API endpoint or existing data array/object. Some of the notable features of vuetable are – define fields to map JSON data structure for display, customize field data display with formatter if required, optional detail row to display additional data for each row, advanced field customization can be done via scoped slot and also field component. 

10. React Virtualized-

It is heavily optimized for performance when the dataset is huge. React-virtualized is not exactly a table library, it is react component to efficiently render large lists and tabular data. You can go with it when you want to manage a large set of data. It has a great support with detailed documentation and great active community. 

Final Words-

These javascript table libraries can help the development. There can be some upcoming advances in the next year. If you’re thinking to use javascript libraries in your web development, this library list will surely help you to choose the best one. In case of any confusion regarding library selection, consult with Solace experts. We are here to help you through consultation development. You can also hire javascript developers of Solace team for an effective javascript development. Connect with solace and get a free quote for an effective and efficient javascript development.  We will be happy to help you.

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