10 Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for 2019

PHP is one of the oldest and also popular scripting language. There are many PHP frameworks are available such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2,  Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend, Slim etc. Choosing the best one among them to develop a web app is not an easy task. To get more visitors to a website, it should fulfill some important aspects such as features, design and ease of use. Laravel is at the peak point of selection among all PHP frameworks due to easy and effective agile web development. Developers and website owners needs the clean development, simple and reusable coding. And Laravel is exactly suited for these requirements. Also readability and flexibility are the most important features of Laravel.

Let us see why laravel is trending in market even right now?

1. Object Oriented Libraries –

One of the strongest reasons of laravel to stand out among other PHP frameworks is its pre – installed object oriented libraries, which are not available in other frameworks. Also it has many advanced features such as, resetting the password, monitoring active users, Cross Site Request Forgery Protection, encryption, Bcrypt hashing etc.

2. MVC-

Another strongest feature of laravel is that it works on MVC architecture. It has multiple in- built functionalities. MVC helps to improve the performance and also better documentation.

3. Packaging System-

Packages are the most ideal approaches to speed up the development process. A packaging system manages not only libraries but also multiple support software that assist the web applications to automate the task. Laravel has a new feature which is Automatic Package Discovery. It automatically detects the packages that users want to install.

4. Authentication and authorization-

It becomes easy and simple to implement authorizing technique in Laravel. Controlling the access to resources is not difficult in Laravel. Using very few artisan commands application will be configured with secure authentication and authorization.

5. Artisan-

Artisan is a command line interface of laravel. As a result, this helps PHP developer to get free from creation of proper code skeleton. You can extend not only the functionality but also the capability of Artisan by using new custom commands. Some common uses of Artisan are seeding boilerplate code for migrations, models and new controls, managing database migrations, package assets etc.

6. Task Scheduling-

Task scheduling is important in every project. Scheduler in Laravel does the programmatic scheduling of periodically executed tasks. This scheduler is called by Corn frequently and Laravel calculates scheduled tasks and executes all the pending tasks. And in that manner, Laravel does managing and scheduling of tasks very easily.

7. Template Engine-

Template engine of laravel is Blade. It permits the developers to write their plain PHP code. Blade, combines one or more templates with a data model to produce the resulting views. Blade helps to write a multi- language application. It is very fast and it caches the compiled perspectives. It helps to build effective designs and include partials to beat redundancy in multiple documents.

8. Testing and security-

It allows unit testing so that user can conveniently test the application. It allows to run hundreds of tests so that to verify new changes done by developers are not breaking anything in web application. This feature also allows developers to write unit- tests for their own code.

Laravel uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm for creating an encrypted password. Laravel includes some security features such as Encryption, authentication users, protecting routes, HTTP Basic Authentications, configuration, storing passwords, password reminders and reset. Here, password will not save as a simple text in DB. Every time when new user log-in, a token is generated so that hackers could not get access to unauthorized web page.

9. Laracasts Tutorials-

Laravel offers Laracasts, which has many free as well as paid tutorial videos in order to help developers to learn. Expert and experienced instructors made these videos. So programmers will effectively learn and develop in progressive way.

10. Pagination-

It paginates all data from database. As a result it gives the best development- friendly environment. Pagination gives benefit to apply different styles and also to change URL parameter. It is combined with Eloquent ORM hence it provides a flexibility for the use of big databases.  

Final Words-

These are some important features that makes Laravel the best PHP framework. Also it has a strong community support. Laravel is scalable. And it also helps in fast and cost- effective software delivery.

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