7 Advantages of ReactJS for Building Interactive User Interfaces

Creating a user interactive website is a challenging task because it directly affects the success of your project. There are many more frameworks are available that gives opportunity to create customized applications and websites. So selecting a proper platform among these, that gives perfect user interface is a crucial role. Each framework has its own pros and cons, so it is completely depend on the user requirements. Here we will see advantages of ReactJS for building interactive user interfaces. React JS is a JavaScript library built by Facebook and managed by collaboration with Instagram. ReactJS has large community of developers.

What is ReactJS?

React Native

ReactJS is an open – source JavaScript library. Using ReactJS, you can build user interfaces for single page applications. Also used for handling view layer for web apps and mobile apps. It allows us to create reusable UI components. It provides quality assured  ReactJS applications with apt interfaces. ReactJS is considered for the development of user – friendly and highly constraining websites and also for the applications that allows developers to make a website more creative.

Advantages of ReactJS for building Interactive User Interfaces-

1. Ease of use-

Learning ReactJS doesn’t take much time. It is possible with the help of React JS Guide and React JS Tutorial. learning and understanding the ReactJS is easier than other libraries. Thus it becomes developers first choice. Developers use this framework to develop feature – rich applications in minimum time, as a result it saves their productive hours.

2. Component Support-

ReactJS is a combination of JavaScript and HTML tags. This makes easy to developers to understand. The use of HTML tags and JS codes, makes it easy to deal with a complicated data having document object model. In this process, ReactJS acts as a mediator that represents DOM and helps to decide which components need to change for the exact output.

3. JavaScript Library-

Application development with ReactJS requires a proper combination of JavaScript and HTML syntax which simplifies the complete process of code writing for proposed project. ReactJS library has specific function that converts HTML components into functions, and makes the project easier to understand. It has some parameters in JavaScript library.

4. Data Binding-

ReactJS follows one- way data binding hence tracking of all changes in any segment of data can possible. This is its simplicity.

5. SEO Friendly-

It has been observed that many of the projects developed in JS are not SEO friendly. After investing so much time and effort, Facebook succeeded in developing a ReactJS that is SEO friendly. It emerges from the group and enables designers to create UIs that are ideal to peruse on various search engines.

6. DOM Implementation-

It is one of the greatest accomplishments in the web development world. ReactJS perfectly use DOM because it is very simple. It does not use browser but allows developers to use existing DOM version available in memory and hence application’s performance increases.

7. Consistency-

ReactJS has various pre-built components so that these can be reformed to fulfill project requirements and complete specific needs. ReactJS allows developers to create their own components library for use and reuse. These components can be reused in projects with similar functionality. Therefore his saves development time.

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