7 Best Test Management Tools For 2022

7 Best Test Management Tools For 2022

Test management refers to everything you do as testers, and there are test management tools to do this work. Activities and tasks are part of the test management process. This procedure will be detail-oriented and important to ensure the success of a complete testing task. So as to help you in the testing process there are lots of test management tools. Let’s have a look at some of those. But before digging into it,let’s have a look at what is test management and considerations to choose test management tool.

What Is Test Management?

It is a process of taking project’s requirements, building a test plan, writing test, planning test activities and capturing results. Software projects get more and more complex with a variety of platforms and devices that need to get tested. There is a need to have a robust process to manage all the testing activities and ensure that limited testing resources are being focused on some risky areas. Test management tools helps to manage the process and for this you need to integrate into your product development infrastructure and support your chosen software development methodology.

Here are some of the considerations to consider while choosing test 

  • Which testing pattern do you follow- Traditional manual testing or combination of manual and automated testing?
  • Are you looking for a cloud-based SaaS solution or the one that can be deployed on-premise?
  • Do you have a number of users working in the same timezone and geography or do you need that can handle various languages and timezones?

7 Best Test Management Tools-

1. PractiTest-

PractiTest logo

It is an end-to-end test management tool that enables complete visibility into the testing process and a deeper understanding of testing results. This tool is completely customizable and flexible for the continuously changing QA teams needs, allowing them to customize fields, permissions, views, issue workflows and so on. PractiTest allows developers to reuse tests and correlate results across various releases and products, also avoid duplicate work with anti-bug duplicates, step parameters, permutations and the call to test feature. One more great feature is unique hierarchical filter trees, that are great to organize all things and find anything immediately. QA team members can visualize data with modern dashboards and reports. It allows a variety of array of third-party integrations with common bug trackers like Pivotal tracker, Jira and so on. Also, it offers a robust API for integrations. 

Advantages Of Using PractiTest-

  • Integration
  • Test Case Management
  • Filters and customization
  • Issue Management

2. Zephyr Scale-

Zephyr scale logo

This is the world’s leading QA and testing application for Jira. It is used for both agile and waterfall approaches to design, manage and monitor mobile app development lifecycle in Jira. Zephyr scale is a fully functioned, completely integrated test management solution for Jira user interface. Test activities like writing, planning, execution, tracking and reporting are coordinated from a central place. Also, it supports the integration of REST API with test automation tool as used with Selenium automation testing tool. Some of the great features of Zephyr Scale are –

  • 360 -degree traceability
  • Native integration with Jira 
  • Hierarchical folders
  • Cross-project reports & gadgets
  • Versioning, test data & parameters

Advantages Of Using Zephyr Scale-

  • Results are represented graphically
  • Can export test cases to word and excel
  • Agile board allows for the evolution of test cases
  • It is possible to construct custom filters
  • Improved traceability through the story linking, test cases and problems in test cycles.

3. Testpad-

This is an online test management tool for both small and large projects. It makes use of a natural and easy-to-learn checklist-style approach, allowing quicker writing and running of tests. Time for documentation is reduced so time for testing is maximized. Users get a plan view, progress and testing goal. This tool also allows importing from other apps, automatic saving changes, running of tests with custom data and other requirements and bug detection. Here are some of the great features of Testpad tool-

used for manual testing, natural method of testing, ideal for exploratory testing, email invitations for guest testers

Advantages Of Using Testpad-

  • Saves money and time
  • One can test software on various settings
  • Tester can run many tests at the same time

4. Kualitee-

Kualitee logo

If you are managing testing in Excel or use a software lifecycle management tool, have a look at Kualitee features. Kualitee makes team collaboration effortless. You can assign tasks to the team and always stay on top of live progress through great dashboard and reports, integrate tools that you want, customize roles, filters and reports. Some of the great features of Kualitee tool are- defect management, project management, test cases management, case performance test

Advantages Of Using Kualitee-

  • High quality product delivery
  • Requirement & test cases can be followed
  • Improved ROI lowers iOS & Android app development costs

5. TestRail-

Test Rail tool logo

This is your source for customizable, scalable and web-based test case management. It offer a cloud-based/SaaS solution or one can install TestRail on your own server. TestRail allows users to document test cases with expected results and screenshots. One can use flexible built-in templates or create own custom templates. This tool also includes features like personal to-do lists, email notifications and milestones to improve efficiency. It is possible to use TestRail tools in your CI/CD DevOps pipeline including JIRA, TFS, Jenkins, Bugzilla and so on. Also, it offers support for Docker containers. Some of the great features of TestRail are- manage & track execution, centralize and organize, Power search etc. 

Advantages Of TestRail-

  • Improves test productivity
  • Manage test cases, test runs
  • Insights into your testing progress in real-time

6. XRay-

XRay tool logo

It is a popular manual and automated test management app for quality assurance. This is a full-featured tool that comes inside Jira and works seamlessly with it. One of the main goal of XRay tool is to help businesses in improving product quality through efficient and effective testing. XRay is used by more than 4.5 million testers and programmers to handle 100 million test cases per month. This tool is used by popular companies such as Samsung, BMW and Airbus. Here are some of the great features of XRay tool-

  • Progress tracking with test plans
  • Set reusable requirements and connect it with tests
  • Can follow requirements,execution path, tests, defects 
  • Built-in REST API
  • Test must be organized into folders and test sets

Advantage Of Using XRay Tool-

  • Progress tracking with test plans
  • Linking reusable conditions to testing
  • Supports selenium, NUnit, Robot, JUnit and other test automation frameworks
  • Built-in REST APIs

7. QMetry Test Management-

QMetry Logo

This test management tool is for companies that support digital organizations to achieve high-quality software rapidly. Test management capabilities of QMetry allows manual and DevOps scaling. Fire tool of QMetry includes tools such as LDAP, CI/CD, Jira, SAML etc. Here are some of the great features of QMetry tool- customized reporting engine, real time dashboard, plug and play approach, test management, version control to generate and conserve test asset versions.

Advantages Of Using QMetry- 

  • Saves money and time
  • Version control
  • Smooth integrations
  • Jira trial management

Wrap Up-

The development of basic and complex software can be simply managed by the test management tools. There are lots of test management tools in the market and above mentioned tools are just a few of those. If you want to make your development process even more efficient, you must use test management tools. You can also consult with Solace experts for effective web solution development and testing. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for software development. We will be happy to help you. 

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