7 Best Twilio Alternatives In 2021

7 Best Twilio Alternatives In 2021

During COVID-19, virtual communication became an integral part of our daily life. Also it is a top priority for enterprises and startups. To help this upsurge in unexpected demand, communication APIs turned into a go-to option and today they are the most favored technology for virtual communication. To make it scalable and inexpensive there are various options available. Twilio has been one of the top API providers for communication services since 2008. It is popular due to its ease of use and whole suite of enterprise services that it offers. But, the most popular option is not always the best option. So before choosing the best one, you must analyze several options with their pros and cons. Here we came with 7 best alternatives to twilio. Before digging to the alternatives let us discuss- why is there a need for an alternative to Twilio?

Need Of Alternative To Twilio-

Twilio has been helping businesses with customized communication since the beginning of the API era. But there are some limitations to the Twilio. For instance, European Union has strict laws for data exchange with US. As per GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), data transfer across servers in the US and EU should be safe. GDPR helps to regulate the data transfer. According to the EU court’s latest ruling, it is now illegal to use US-based cloud service provider though it has physical server in Europe. So many European companies are looking towards a Twilio alternative.

Also Twilio has pricing issue, it offers communication API services at high price. Total cost of ownership with Twilio is expensive. At the same time, there are twilio alternatives that offer similar services at low TCO. Let us see the top 7 twilio alternatives.

7 Best Twilio Alternatives In 2021-

1. Plivo-

It has a strong network of more than 1600 global operators and connectivity in 195 countries. It offers conference calls, recording and multi-language support for text-to-speech features for more than 50 countries and messaging in 19 countries. Mainly, Plivo can help financial organizations with browser-based call centre SDK for better communication. In Plivo long message, concatenation is available and allows you to send SMS with more than 160 characters. When the sender exceeds the cap, the phone detects it and splits it to two different SMSs. This feature is more interesting because the receiver receives these broken texts as one message.


  • Get instant user feedback after each call
  • You can send up to 40 group messages
  • Provides support for long message concatenation
  • Offers call routing and there way calling facility
  • Amazon connect and SNS

Plivo can help financial organizations like banks, fintech, and credit lenders to utilize browser-based call center SDK for better communications.

2. Nexmo-

It is a best option for businesses with voice services available across Europe and SMS is available in the UK, Sweden and Germany. Nexmo has more than 7 billion people across 225 countries. You get a suite of communication APIs that helps to integrate SMS, MMS, calls, videos and social chat apps. Nexmo offers adaptive routing feature to route the messages to the optimum path. So enables faster delivery to user devices. Carrier network in Nexmo is directly used and with this it is easy for developers to manipulate the data and understand the architecture.


  • Makes use of the adaptive routing algorithms
  • Use the new web-based console
  • Put to use a combination of high-end video APIs with the tokbox.

3. Vonage-

Vonage has 7 billion users in 225 countries and global web of more than 1600 networks. It combined Nexmo’s communication prowess with video capabilities of TokBox. Thus, you can get a suite of communication APIs that help to integrate SMS, MMS, calls, videos and social chat apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger etc. It offers API calls with 99.99% error-free response rate and short data access turnout. Vonage offers a feature called adaptive routing whose algorithm routes messages to the optimum path, enabling faster delivery to user devices. The use of REST APIs eases the manipulation of data and understand the architecture.


  • Uses adaptive routing algorithm for better messaging
  • Use a new web-based console to integrate administrative functions with management reports.
  • Integrates social chat options such as Wechat, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Line.
  • Receive free inbound SMS and one free shortcode number 

4. Bandwidth-

It provides various services like voice, messaging and call management that allows you to automate phone number ordering, porting and activation. This provides you an access to more than 52 million phone numbers in the US. In this bandwidth’s messaging API support long messages with some extra features like emoji support, pin codes, and push notifications. It also provides 911 APIs with services such as dynamic location, physical addresses and coordinates.


  • It is has an easy to use user interface with innovative APIs for higher customer experience.
  • Supports long messages concatenation, mobile push notifications and emojis with images
  • Can integrate 911 services quickly without contact center
  • Customizes real-time communication for your business

5. Vexbone-

Voxbone is a cloud-native Tier-1 carrier with services spanning regulatory compliance in more than 60 countries. It allows enterprises the creation of collaborative technology for business operations through virtual phone numbers. App transmission to carrier passes through aggregators that connect app with Tier 1 carriers. To maintain such compliance aggregators charge handling fees for app data. Some of the API providers bounce your app to several providers that increases cost and degrades the transmission quality. Voxbone offers data routing through some aggregators to lower the cost and remove communication lags.


  • Contract valid across the globe
  • Integrates various carriers and APIs to single one
  • Enables call and text messages across 30 markets

6. Sinch-

It is an excellent choice toad calling and messaging features. It supports the REST APIs to create easy integrations into android and iOS apps. Simple user interface and quick setup makes it popular developers. Sinch offers A2P(Application to Person) messaging through programmable APIs. 50,000+ developers uses APIs of Sinch and more than 25 billion transactions annually are executed through the platform. SDK solution of Sinch is comprehensive and eliminates the requirements of coding. 


  • It provides Android, iOS and Javascript SDK with support for REST
  • Allows messaging and call verification through API services
  • It offers complete SDK solution for developers with less coding
  • Has great feature like free instant messaging with higher cap of 25,000 user per month

7. Restcomm-

It supports customer interactions with amazing features like click-to-call and SMS with mobile push notifications. Also it offers integrations of chatbots and real-time communication capabilities. You will look over communication solutions like APIs, SDK for voice, video, messaging, two-factor authentications, Call Queueing, Conferencing, and WebRTC.


  • If offers a full-stack APIs service for video, audio and SMS
  • Enables CPaaS providers to offer programmable APIs.
  • It supports tier-1 operators like BT, Verizon, T-Mobile and so on.
  • It directly connects with SIP through Bring Your Own Carrier.

Final Words-

Though Twilio is a market leader in communication space, has some weaknesses too. So here we have listed alternatives that offer free inbound SMS, direct carrier connection and live customer support. All these options are cheaper than Twilio in terms of customer support and services. So if you are thinking to use a Twilio for your business or project, you must know its alternatives as listed above. As there are lots of alternatives, consult with Solace experts before choosing the best one. We are here to help you through consultation and development. Feel free to reach us for integrating communication services through API to your business that make better customer journeys. We will be happy to help you. 

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