7 Effective Steps To Enhance Enterprise Mobile Apps Security

Enterprise applications have become a need for the business enterprises. Survey reveals that 70% of the enterprises have already implemented the enterprise apps and are using customized apps. Know the need of enterprise mobile apps at- Why You Should Build An Enterprise Mobile Application?

One of the main reasons why the enterprise mobile apps are become more effective is- it has brought significant improvement in the efficiency of the employees of an organization, increases the mobility of the work and upgrading the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. hence, it climbs the general productivity of the business.

Considering the fact that website are easily getting attacked by hackers, enterprise mobile apps security becomes more important. The security of enterprise applications is even more basic because the employees share the details using common database. If you ensure a few vital steps to fix the issues on the security factor, at that point you can save your applications from getting unsafe.

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7 steps to enhance Enterprise Mobile Apps security

Enterprise Mobile Apps security

1. Optimize devices-

If you need to battle external threats, at that point first make your underlying foundations solid. We have to enhance our devices to maintain a high level of security. Devices and their operating systems, regardless of whether iOS or Android, play a dominant role  in mobile security.

  • iOS Devices-

Apple follows strict guidelines for allowing users to install particular kinds of applications while preventing others on iPads and iPhones. It is very significant for developers to maintain high reliability with Apple’s policy enforcement rules.

For companies dealing in enterprise solutions, many issues came when Apple decided to not approve a specific iOS class. The reason was that it is costly to update these applications.

Enterprise vendors manage their iOS devices by using Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM). MDM furnishes the IT industry with control over the security aspects of password strength standards, device encryption, auditing, and so on.

  • Android Devices-

Globally, Android devices occupy a larger part of the overall market share when compared to iOS devices. Many mobile application development companies use A4W (Android for Work) to encode Android devices and maintain device security. A4W also recognizes and oversees various profiles for professional and personal applications.

2. Login Verification Process-

The application log-in verification process is a significant step that should be ensured if the application developer needs to support the security arrangements. You are already mindful about the malpractices of the unauthorized people attempting to trespass your region without permission. Now this security tool for the enterprise application is intended to battle such instances from accessing the private data.

As a developer you will come across various verification logins but you can depend upon SSO (Single Sign on). Additionally, it is budget friendly also and simultaneously is viewed as totally secure. It also allows you to login into different platforms by simply using a single password. As per this, you can maintain one strong password for various platforms that can remain private. If there will be a case of the retirement or resignation of the employee, his account will be removed.

3. Application Wrapping-

This is the fast and simple approach to secure your application from the remaining devices. Application wrapping helps to encapsulate the application into a small, confined, managed environment. The most of MDM supports application wrapping, and users can easily integrate this into their application. Application wrapping is best for organizations, where it is utilized for a few specific applications, as application wrapping requires sharing information. Hence, isn’t recommended to use for all your private applications.

4. Development-level security-

In this level of security, you should use to harden mobility targets the OS, and here you have lots of alternatives. Apple has worked superbly implementing security in iOS. Throughout the years with iPads, WatchOS, and tvOS (we use all of them at Kimberly-Clark), the foundation for strong enterprise applications is Apple’s iOS. The data in an application can be completely encapsulated in its space inside the OS.

Tools that we can use for iOS security:

  • Quarterly reviews of Apple’s security guide
  • Regular reviews of the latest code samples at Apple’s developer site
  • Static code analysis using a commercial tool

For iOS, inspecting security rules with your security team is significant. Luckily, Apple has become more friendly toward the enterprise with regards to security needs.

Google is a late player in the enterprise space. The motivation to use Google’s tools, including Android and its APIs, is that they are easy to follow and cheap to use. For APIs such as Google Maps, Google has developed security models, and Android for Work encrypts the side of the Android phone used by the enterprise and leaves the personal side alone. That is a tremendous success for the enterprise.

5. Categorizing the Risk Factors-

As a website suffers with various risk issues during the development or even during its browsing, a similar story can be repeated for the enterprise mobile applications. It must be remembered that not all security related threats fall inside a similar category; some are less nasty than the others. Hence, it is good to characterize them in various groups with the goal that you can realize which are more risky and how you can solve the issue.

So as to understand the threats more precisely, it is better to be familiar with source code, the version of the application, the data and its kind and what impact the application would have in case of business failure. This will help you with giving preference to the more critical risks related with your business. You have to understand that enterprise applications are always different from the normal applications thus their security mustn’t be put in danger anyway.

6. Transition of Data and API Security-

Application Programming Interface (API) is important and hence don’t the security factor. The application development company should concentrate on dealing with the data and business logic so that it can be used for web and also for other platforms of the mobile application (Android, iOS and Windows). It is a direct result of the APIs that data both in transit and those standstill remain should be secured. Moving data is simpler to deal with in contrast with those at rest. The endpoints should be protected. The API should be secured by limiting the sensitive data to memory which in turn should be erased.

7. App Security-

So as to access the security of the application, the developer needs to conduct a security test of the application. There are two different ways of doing it: – Static Application Security Test (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Test (DAST). A test is necessary to recognize what type of issues may generate related to risk elements. Moreover, it will inform on what components of the applications are dependent on and so on.


All things considered, only the development of the enterprise applications won’t end the task for the application developers yet they need to give equal significance to the security of these all vital application. That is the point at which they can believe that they have developed an effective application. The security of the applications relies upon various factors and working on these will prompt an appropriate way forward.

These are some points through which you can enhance the enterprise mobile apps security. There can be few others also. If you are facing difficulty with your app security, consult with solace experts. Hire dedicated developers team who are well trained in new trends and technologies to give you the best solution. Develop an effective enterprise app with solace for better results. We will be happy to help you. 

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