7 Signs That Indicate Your Mobile App Needs A Major Update

7 Signs That Indicate Your Mobile App Needs A Major Update

Most of the mobile apps are updated regularly, but the updates brought by developers are minor ones. They focus on smaller changes, minor additions, bug fixes, some polishing to a great extent or including a new small feature. Thus, a major update isn’t as frequent as users would need, and it often implies a new version of the OS, a new UX design or new features. However, as an application developer, how would you know when your mobile app needs a significant update? There are a few indications that may assist you with this.

Signs That Show Your Mobile App Needs An Update-

1. New app feature-

If you need to include a feature that changes the whole user experience, then it’s an ideal opportunity to release a major update. For instance, you need to include a social or collaborative element, to integrate a third-party service like payment gateway, to implement authentication and/or syncing across multiple devices, to change the revenue model of the app etc. You can also pair a couple of related features and thus make a major update.

2. New design-

If you are thinking of changing the entire design of the application, regardless of whether you are considering the UX or the visuals, you probably have to release a major update. It is normal for you to need to change two or three things, if not everything, from time to time, and users sometimes do eager for a change.

3. Performance-

One basic concern of developers, entrepreneurs and designers is how to increase the application engagement. Considering a few data analysis, you can discover what you need to improve about the application, and if the improvement is a significant one, it requires a particular update. Approaching for feedback from your users is not a bad idea either! 

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4. User feedback-

The in-application feedback is one of the most significant things you need to consider because you’re continually searching for user satisfaction. Check the app store reviews, the requests for support or the comparable items available on the market and this way can learn about what significant defects your application has and how to improve them. Probably the frequently experienced issues consist in difficulties finding a specific feature, a specific button or requiring a specific function which doesn’t exist.

5. Old codebase-

Nowadays technology progresses so rapidly. Even a codebase made two years prior is old and out of date now. In this case, if everything functions admirably as a rule, you should change the codebase. Remember that a significant update may imply a complete rewrite of your code, so get ready for this if you plan to do it soon. The more individuals work on a codebase, the more time it may take and the more complicated it may end up being, regardless of whether they do adhere to the guidelines.

6. Extending to various platforms or devices-

There are a huge number of the devices and platforms available these days, you must be flexible if you need to consider a few kinds of users and reach a large number of users. Obviously, expanding the application implies that you need to modify the application code completely, since you need to adjust to different design sizes and to focus on a coherent experience.

7. Latest design trends-

Since technology is developing rapidly, so are the aesthetic trends. An obsolete appearance is certainly a no-no for any business person, so you should be updated with the most recent trends with regards to designs.


Trends are changing rapidly than you may predict, so it’s necessary to keep yourself updated, about what your different rivals are doing and what are the weak points in your own application. You have to consider the user feedback, the codebase age, the current trends and technologies, the expansion and new app features when considering implementing a major update. 

These are some vital points to know that your app needs an update. There can be few others too. If you are still confused to decide whether your app needs an update or not, consult with Solace experts. We have dedicated mobile app developers to help you. You can hire app developers of the Solace team for effective app development. Also, get a free quote for developing and maintaining mobile apps. We will be happy to help you.

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