8 Cool Benefits Of Remote Work

8 Cool benefits of remote work

These days, most of the organizations allow remote working for their employees. While some employers think that allowing work from home is not that beneficial because there was no one to keep an eye on employees throughout the time. When most people think about the advantages of remote work, they tend to equate them with the employees, not the employers. And while there are numerous advantages of working from home for your employees, it turns out, having a remote workforce will greatly benefit you as the employer too. Here are just 8 of the many interesting benefits of working remotely:

8 Cool benefits of remote work-

Benefits of remote work

1. It’s More Eco-Friendly-

If you calculate the entire electricity being consumed to run the office, along with the energy-consuming office equipment, and money spent on office supplies like paper and ink cartridges, it is hazardous for environment. Employee commuting is one of the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, as stated by the EPA. Due to remote working, travelling of employees can be avoided which will decrease the pollution caused by transport vehicles. Also, an analysis found that almost 3.9 million remote workers saved 3 million tons of greenhouse gases from entering the environment. Remember that running an office adds to contamination, as well. Near about 11.6% of greenhouse emissions originate from office spaces. After all, you must keep the lights on, the PCs running, and the coffee flowing. All of that requires electricity, and most companies can’t buy their energy from a green supplier.

2. Better health-

Working remotely can be beneficial according to the health of employees. They can spend more time to do physical exercise than office workers. And, similarly a healthy workforce implies higher productivity, with fewer personal days taken leaves to go to doctors’ appointments, or more terrible, an employee who may need to take medical leave or even quit because he can’t make it into the office anymore. Regardless of whether your staff aren’t the exercising type, there are different ways your staff will remain healthy. Without travelling, employees will improve their health easily. For instance, when someone drives in more than 10 miles one way, they’re probably going to have higher cholesterol levels, more likely to be depressed, and they increase their risk of a heart attack! 90% Employees eat junk food when they are at office. Having remote work can avoid it by eating healthy fresh snacks at remote place.

When you allow remote work, sick people won’t come into the office since “this needs to complete,” or “it isn’t that bad”. Allowing people to work at home when they are sick however ready to work implies productivity doesn’t drop, because employees get work done without infecting the rest of the staff.

3. Cost effective-

Sure, you’d like to have your whole team/staff centrally located at one office, where you can supervise their work, collaborate, and have face-to-face time with them whenever you need it. However, all of that comes at a price, as office space costs, office supplies, equipment, furniture and coffee too. Having a virtual staff virtually reduces all of those expenses to zero! Think about this: in 2015, Xerox, which has permitted remote work for 30 years, found that allowing work-from-home saves almost $10 million in costs a year. If saving money on office space rent and overhead isn’t enough, why not add this in salary savings, too. Another study found that 36% of employees would choose working from home over a salary increase. This cost saving can directly be utilized to the new innovations or growth of the organization.

4. Productivity of employees-

Do you think that, if you allow an employee to work from home, he’s sure to waste the entire day and miss his deadlines. And, even if he completes some work, it’s not going to be up to snuff because he most likely had Netflix on in the background all day, right? Wrong..! Analysis has indicated that employees who work from home are more productive than in-office employees. Staff allowed to work from home were 4.4% more productive than their in-office colleagues. As employees are willing to work from their favorable places, it results in increased productivity and satisfaction. Sometimes they are ready to work even after the work hours because they are comfortable at their places. This will surely increases the productivity and you can easily achieve the goal you want to.

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5. Won’t Have to Commute-

You’d be unable to find an employee who actually enjoys his daily routine into an office. It’s no fun starting your workday with a long travel, crushed into a train, smushed on a bus, or being jarred on a busy city walkway. Regardless of how long someone needs to drive, commuting contributes to a decreased productivity of employees. If that weren’t sufficient, employees who end up in an extreme commute (longer than 90 minutes each way) are more likely to quit their jobs. Allowing employees to telecommute helps to boost employee retention, which directly implies less time and money you need to spend recruiting and training replacements.

6. You can hire the talented one regardless of geographical location-

With remote working, you can hire someone regardless of where they live, which implies you can choose from the best employees in the world. And, when you find that perfect skilled employee, allowing remote work implies you don’t need to pay for relocation and travelling expenses. It will add the benefit of having talented employee and also saving the cost.

7. Can handle the unexpected-

Talking about employee absences, what happens to workplace productivity when some employee are suddenly absent on the same day? Sure, every other person picks up the slack, but then what? Are there waiting feelings of disdain? Is the whole office playing catch-up for a week? Allowing staff to telecommute implies they are working, even when they can’t make it into the workplace. Regardless of whether that is because of an unexpected weather change, long distance travelling due to sudden road closures, or even an individual crisis, allowing staff to work from home lets them balance work and personal life.

8. Employee Loyalty-

Employees would be more loyal if they had more flexible work options, including telecommute choices. When you allow your employees to customize their schedule with the goal that they can better balance their professional life and their personal life, a fascinating thing occurs: they become grateful. Thus, their gratitude shows itself in the form of loyalty towards the company. A faithful staff delivers more productive work and can even work for you regardless of work hours in case of urgency.

Wrap up-

Here you have gone through the benefits of remote work. There can be few others too. Considering these benefits, Solace has allowed remote working for their employees and hence can successfully working remotely. We have successfully delivered the projects within the project timeline by allowing work from home. If you are looking to develop software for your business, we are here to help you through our highly skilled managers and developers. You can hire PHP developers and flutter developers of Solace team for effective web and app development. Connect with Solace and Get a free quote for software development. We will be happy to help you.

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