9 Best IDE And Tools For Flutter App Development

9 Best IDE and Tools for flutter app development

Flutter is one of the widely used cross platform frameworks to develop cross-platform applications. It develops efficient cross platform apps that can seamlessly work on both iOS and Android platforms. Some of the features of Flutter framework like Hot Reload, Widget catalog helps developers to develop effective and efficient applications. Flutter lets you choose from multiple IDEs to develop an app. It makes coding easy and faster for developers. Flutter IDEs and tools are an unparalleled ally in terms of visual assistance, code completion and debug the code. Here we have listed the 9 best IDE and ools for Flutter app development. Let us dive to the details of each.

9 Best IDE And Tools For Flutter App Development-

1. Visual Studio Code-

It is one of the most popular IDE in market because of the support of trusted company Microsoft and hence its level of growth is higher than others. Web app developers prefer this IDE for Flutter Application Development for various reasons. Some of them  include Git control & terminal, debugging, plugins that simplify the development process. A simple Dart plugin makes development possible in 10 minutes or less.

Important points-

  • Free
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Realtime errors/warnings/TODOs
  • Documentation in hovers/tooltips
  • Pub Get Packages command
  • Pub Upgrade Packages command
  • Type Hierarchy

2. Panache-

Panache is a developer trusted and considered as the best Flutter Development tool. It helps you to create custom material themes for your Flutter applications. You can customize the colors, shapes and other theme properties and export it as .dart file to your Google drive folder. One of the best way to create attractive themes and materials for your software is- use this to customize and download the theme as you want. More than 40 million developers and testers using this theme and you can review the codes once you have completed the whole coding structure. 

3. Codemagic-

It is one of the most effective flutter app development tool. It helps you to boost your app development process when you are using the Flutter framework. Cinematic will help you in testing and releasing the apps with Codemagic. Also you can promote the app seamlessly. With codemagic.yaml, you can automate the build, test and release pipeline of Flutter and non-Flutter apps to get to the market in record time. Codemagic builds and tests application after every commit, notifies selected team members and releases to the end user.

4. Android Studio-

Android Studio is used by a large number of developers who use the Flutter platform to create applications. And it is one of the best IDE that helps you to create efficient applications. It provides the code completion features, syntax highlighting processes and widget editing assistance. Also it allows you to build and run apps on android emulator or device and prevent the need to download and install the android Studio. 

5. Adobe Plugins-

The Adobe plugin generates the Dart code for design elements and that codes can be directly placed to your app codebase. Adobe XD simplifies the developer to a designer workflow. Also, the XD and many such plugins will be introduced to the platform in the upcoming year. And hence you can still make good use of the platform to create compelling apps using the current plugins.

6. Appetize-

It helps you to release your applications in the android and Apple platforms rapidly. Appetize will help you to run native apps on mobile when the user is accessing the browser in HTML or JavaScript format. It eases the app maintenance for users as well as developers hence when you develop an application in the Flutter, you can use this option to make the release process more simple and efficient.

You can also know the mobile app maintenance cost at- Mobile App Maintenance Cost In 2020.

7. Supernova-

It helps you to generate UI code for the platform. Also, it further extends its support to design the widgets stylishly.  In a matter of seconds, the creation of layouts, export of assets, localizations, animations, navigation flows and more are crossed off your to-do list. You can also add different  token and styles to make your application appealing and attractive. Also when you’re using Supernova, you can open the flutter application next to it to work on that in real-time.

8. Dart-Pad-

DartPad is an open-source tool that lets you play with the Dart language in any modern browser. DartPad supports dart:* libraries that work with web apps; it doesn’t support dart:io or libraries from packages. If you want to use dart:io, use the Dart SDK instead. If you want to use a package, get the SDK for a platform that the package supports. 

Important points-

  • Open-source (free!)
  • Browser-based — no download required
  • Supports dart:* libraries that work with web apps
  • Doesn’t support dart:io or libraries from packages
  • Can embed DartPad inside of web pages
  • Can send Dart code easily to others via links
  • Not as feature-rich as other downloaded IDEs

9. Testmagic-

Testmagic is a free online application used by many flutter developers. It is useful to distribute the developed and tested application on the respected platforms easily and also helps to gain feedback.

Wrap up-

These are some of the best ide and tools for Flutter development. They can create native apps quickly for mobile, desktop or web users so choose the best one and develop an attractive flutter app. 

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