All You Need To Know About Chatbots Creation

Day by day market competition for businesses are rising with the development of new technologies. Hence businesses always need to develop and adopt newer trends to stand out in a market. Chatbot is another way to help in solving customer queries, improving communication and troubleshooting to enhance customer experience.

A simple way to define a chatbot is- Software that can have an intelligent conversation with humans. One of the most used examples of chatbot is live chat platforms where users ask questions, which are met with proper reactions by a chatbot. This is a fast method for resolving queries and also giving auspicious client service. To know about how to create engaging chatbots for a business just go through our blog- How to create engaging chatbots for Your Business?

What is a Chatbot? 


Chatbot is a software developed to tackle with artificial intelligence. They are dedicated to the conversations by text or voice commands with humans in natural language. Bots influence on messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, telegram, Slack etc. and serving purposes like ordering food, booking of a cab, transactions among other things.

Importance of Chatbots- 

Chatbots establishes interaction between customers and services in order to increase customer satisfaction.  Implementing a chatbot in your business can improve client engagement and also can spare expenses in procuring employees for traditional tasks. No need to worry about complex conversation. When a conversation gets complex, chatbots deliver call to the human customer agent.

Reasons to use Chatbots-

1. Enhance Customer Service and Support

2. Automate Simple Transactions

3. Improve User Engagement

4. Streamline Social Media Activity

5. Improve User Retention

How do the chatbots function?

Machine learning and NLP are the main technologies behind chatbots. At the point when an inquiry is introduced to a chatbot, a complex algorithm process the received input, comprehend what the client is asking, and dependent on that, decides the appropriate response reasonable to the inquiry. Chatbots need to depend on the ability of the algorithms to identify the complexity of both content and verbally expressed words. Handling complex conversations is a big challenge Some chatbots perform very well to the point it becomes difficult to differentiate whether the user is a machine or a human. It may be difficult for machines to understand if there is use of various figures of speech.

Types of chatbots-

There are 2 types of chatbots-

1. Rules based chatbots-

These types of chatbots follow a set of rules to respond to questions asked by user. All simple applications contain rule-based chatbots. These chatbots respond to queries based on the rules they are trained on. This type of chatbots can not hold complex conversation. It can only complete a task for which it is programmed unless more upgrades made by the developer.

2. Machine learning based chatbots-

These types of chatbots are based on machine learning and are able to carry out complex conversation. This is possible because they understand the meaning behind the question. It analyzes from the previous  conversation and permits itself to handle more complicated question in future.

Use cases of chatbots- 

1. Healthcare support-

The main aim of a chatbot in healthcare industry is to provide the doctor with the ability to communicate necessary information with patient or inform them about the next steps in a treatment plan. 

For eg., Woebot is a chatbot created to track daily conversations and daily activities of a patient. This helps them to evaluate the patient’s mental health and give required responses.

2. CRM-

Use of chatbots in CRM is very helpful because it can deal with all the ordinary tasks,  enabling the clients to deal with other significant tasks. It can help the sales team with automating the data entry process. And hence they can focus on customer interactions.

For eg., Fireflies- a bot gets data from audio conversation and observes relevant data to be bolstered to the CRM.

3. Online Shopping-

Chatbots are more useful in online shopping. It can find relevant products that you are looking to buy. eBay has introduced a ShopBot, which can help clients in their shopping and give them a better experience. The main goal of ShopBot is to help customers to find out the best deals that are available. Customers can use text, voice or images to inform the bot about what they need to buy.

Tools to develop chatbots-

1. Microsoft Azure Bot Service-

Azure bot service provides the developer SDK and portal,alongside a bot connector service that will enable the developer to connect with any web based platform. The SDK helps with debugging your bot and provides a large selection of sample bots. This Cloud-based service is accessible from almost anywhere and also provides multiple language support.

2. Semantic Machines-

This company focuses on developing next-generation AI-based chatbots. Semantic machines offer a language independent platform. This helps developers to build bots that can understand conversation. It supports various use cases, hence ideal for businesses that have specific needs.


It is a chatbot development platform that allows developers to build bots according to the tasks they have to perform. You can use Bot builder to implement conversation logic that will permit bots to respond to predefined question in a logical manner.

Wrap up-

Are you thinking to develop chatbot for your business? Then Solace is the right place to start. You can hire dedicated developers for chatbot creation of your business site or app. Experts at solace are there to help you with their best knowledge for chatbot creation. Get a free quote for chatbot creation that will help you for business growth. 

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