A Roadmap To Successful App Development For Startups

The difference between Startups and Established Brands towards app development is essential to list down. When work with both, you’ll get to know that scenarios are different for work or culture too. Also the difference is in their business model and their expectations for deliveries. Established brands have sufficient funds and lower go-to market time. With these, they can effectively focus on the application quality. Whereas Startups seek faster time to market and best quality at low development cost. This difference in thought brings in a difference in deliverables also.

Here the product that we will discuss is mobile applications. We will see the different challenges that startups face while developing a mobile app and a guide of how to go about with the mobile app development process as a startup.

Mobile App Development Challenges for Startup-

1. Budget-

Generally, startups have a limited budget. And with that limited budget, they need to divide the funds between research, development, launch of application on the stores and also its promotion. This lack of budget is the main reason for the brands not putting resources into a mobile app development company for startups.

3. Market research team-

In most of the cases, startups are made of a team of 3 to 10 individuals, the chances that they would have a team specializing in finding the mobile app solution for a startup is very less and probably near to NO. This lack of a research team makes it more difficult for them to find out about their customers.

2. Time to market-

Startups are mostly not in a race to come on top of the competition in the market. And, in that regard, they wind up looking at white label solutions since it’s simpler than building their own customized app, regardless of whether it implies getting a low quality product.

4. App promotion ideas

The most serious issue that comes with regards to mobile app development for startup is limitation in terms of app marketing or promotion once it is launched on the stores. Since we have looked into the different challenges that the SMBs face with regards to putting resources into mobile application development for startups, let us now give you a guide that we follow in our role as a web and mobile application development company for startups.

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A Guide of App Development for Startups-

Roadmap of App Development for Startups

1. Know customer’s issues-

Thorough understanding of the issues that customer’s are facing is the most important step that both startups and established brands should follow. If your company don’t have the team that will deal with market research part for you, put resources into a startup application development company that understands the core of a market. If you don’t know the hidden issues of customers, how can you design a product which gives appropriate solution to its customers. Identifying the customer’s pain points and then developing a solution that solves the issue is the thing that takes you miles ahead of other competitors. As an entrepreneur your should discover what your audience is struggling with and promising them that you care about their issues and ready to help them with development. It is the application discovery stage that decides the survival ability of your app.

In this challenging market of mobile apps, as a new businesses, what makes you a key differentiator is the way that you realize the need of your customer. And then plan an app according to those actual needs. Generally, it helps you define a clear goal and mission for your mobile app.

2. Wireframing of Application-

When you realize that your application well accepted by its users and is gaining interest, next step is to wireframe your mobile application.

A wireframe is a structural blueprint of your application that diagrammatically shows the objects on the screen and its possible functions.

In common language, it’s more similar to a plan that architectures draw before developing a house or building or you can consider it your application’s skeleton. Let us see the benefits of wireframing your mobile app.

1. You will get a clear idea of app design and its working.

2. This provides you a visual analysis of how different elements(For eg., buttons and menu) will appear on each screen of your application and how the user will navigate through it.

3. A problem causing bugs can be removed in this stage.

4. It also gives an opportunity to update and add more features in the app if you feel like, to ensure the best usability.

3. App desigining-

Design is important for developing a great app. With that respect, it is an ideal opportunity to put all the research done till now to use and make an interpretation of your tested wireframes into final designs. Considering all the comments and feedback of the users you will get to know how to look and feel your application. Planning is an important aspect of app’s success. Your app design must focus on the user experience. A good application design without user-friendliness is of no use. Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it. Hence put resources into a team of app designers and developers for user-friendly, and trendy app design.

4. MVP for app development-


Building an MVP for app development has many advantages for startup ecosystem. All successful apps that we see in the market today have gone through hundreds of improvements and have evolved over a period of time through the consistent customer feedback. The minimum viable product is the important part of your application that focuses only on the core features and solves the center issues of your customers. In short, it is the simplest, easiest and also affordable version of your mobile app idea. MVP is a concept wherein a rough prototype with “must-have features” help us with getting the genuine feedback from potential customers to understand the issues.

5. Monetisation-

As a startup, it is essential that you have a proper monetization strategy in place. So, ensure that when you are in discussion with a app developers team of startups, clear your goal to make money off of your mobile app, straight away. So as to accomplish this, you should know which application monetization strategy is most appropriate for your mobile application. According to your application idea, there are some strategies that you can browse – in application advertisement, freemium apps model, and so forth.

6. Deploy and Promote your Mobile App-

As we all know, design and development is important for app development, accordingly your marketing plan should be focused, realistic and specific to your target audience. You should not extend your promoting budget at this phase on uncharted territories. Properly focus on the promotion that will give you a definite result. With all this, here are some effective ways to promote your app-

  • Public relations    
  • Social media marketing
  • Email, SMS marketing
  • App Store Optimization

Wrap up-

Now that you have looked into the detail of the application development stages that also act as the guide for your business, it’s the time to act on them. We at Solace are here to help you for developing the best app for your business. You can hire ios developers of Solace team for an effective app development. Connect with solace and get a free quote for app development with latest technologies that will take you one step ahead of your rivals.

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