AI And Data Science Is Useful To Combat Coronavirus- Is That True?

AI And Data Science Is Useful To Combat CoronavirusIs That Tru

One of the most threatening viruses Covid-19 is spread across the world and it affects at least 160 countries within a three-month span. It has emerged as one of the biggest challenges to face the 21st-century world. But thanks to the AI technology that is helping to save people through various ways. AI technology can help to educate, warn, and empower people to become more knowledgeable about the intensity of corona spread and significantly reduce the impact.

Apart from AI, you have a lot of technologies like cloud, mobile, analytics, robotics, Machine learning, and also high-speed internet to effectively deal with all kinds of pandemic situations. But AI plays a vital role in mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Developments in AI apps such as speech recognition, natural language processing, data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, chatbots, and facial recognition are not only used for diagnosis but also for contact tracing and vaccine development. Let us see how it helps.

Use Of AI And Data Science To Combat Coronavirus-

Use of AI and Data Science to combat Coronavirus

1. AI To Track And Forecast Outbreaks-

If we can track the virus, it will be easier to fight against it. With the analysis of news reports, social media platforms and government documents, AI can learn and detect an outbreak. The canadian startup BlueDot tracks the infectious disease risks by using AI, actually it’s AI noticed and warned about the threat several days before the WHO issued their public warnings.

2. Diagnosis Through AI-

Immediate diagnosis is always a winning measure towards the fight of any disease. And hence immediate diagnosis that response measures such as quarantine can be implemented to further limit the spread of infection. Because of the huge number of cases, there is a barrier to rapid diagnosis. AI has improved this diagnostic time through technology such as that developed by LinkingMed, a Beijing-based oncology data platform and medical data analysis company. Pneumonia is a starting complication of COVID-19 infection that can now easily be diagnosed by the analysis of a CT scan within 60 seconds with 92% accuracy and a recall rate of 97% on test data sets. This is possible due to the AI model that analyzed CT images and quantified in terms of number, volume and proportion.

3. Fever Detection AI and Facial Recognition –

Thermal cameras have been used to detect the fever of a human body. But the drawback of this technology is the need for human operators. Now cameras possessing AI-based multisensory technology have been used at airports, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. This technology automatically detects a person’s fever and tracks their movements, recognizes their faces and detects whether the person has worn a face mask or not.

4. Discovering Drugs-

In the earlier part of pandemic virus transmission, there needs a healing drug for preventive measures. In this pandemic situation, many healthcare services are trying to find a preventive drug and hinder the spread of infection. Many AI tools and shared data sets offer a lot of ways to understand the coronavirus structure. And it also accelerate the process of discovering a vaccine. Using AI technology for finding a drug for the pandemic will help the pharmaceutical industries.

5. Using IoT enables Drones & Robots-

The public deployment of drones and robots has been increased due to the strict social distancing to limit the virus’ spread. Some drones are used to people who have not worn the face mask, whereas others are used to convey information to a mass audience and also to disinfect public spaces. 

MicroMultiCopter has helped to reduce the virus spreading risk involved with city-wide transport of medical samples and quarantine materials through their drones. Robots are used for patient care such as food and medication delivery. This helps to reduce the health risk of healthcare workers. Room cleaning and sterilization of isolation wards has also been done by using robots.

6. Advanced Fabrics For Protection-

Companies such as Israeli hope to help healthcare systems with face masks made from anti-pathogen, anti-bacterial fabric that relies on metal-oxide nanoparticles. 

7. Controlling Transmission Of Misinformation-

Transmission of misinformation leads to the panic and anxiety situation among people especially regarding treatments, vaccines, and government policies. It results in stocking of items, price fluctuations, and conspiracy among the surviving population. AI for business can be used used in such situations.  AI tools like Google and Facebook are helping to fight against misinformation through real-time streaming WHO precautions and Government orders. 

8. Information Sharing With Chatbots-

Chatbots are an important implementation. It is used to answer the questions related to covid19 on some sites or apps requested by the people. 

9. AI To Support Business Transitions-

Ai technologies will ensure social distancing with access to the latest technologies and tools for conducting virtual meetings and conferences without causing delays in work deliverables. It will define the pathways of employees accessing the IT Systems and then allow businesses to run enterprise applications.

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