Angular vs Ember vs React: A Comparison

The web development has been changing rapidly. Almost every month a new JavaScript framework is coming to the IT market and existing frameworks are being updated very often. So it is necessary for businesses and developers to to be updated with new technologies. The frameworks used to create a JavaScript- based website or application are Angular, Ember and React. As we know that JavaScript is one of the best programming languages used to create multi – functional web applications, responsive interfaces and real-time websites, so the use of Angular, Ember, React increases. If you are going to create a JavaScript based website then the selection of framework is an important thing. Your relevant choice will result in ease of development process,organized code, on time delivery of solution and success of the project. Here we are going to compare the three most popular Front-end frameworks Angular vs Ember vs React.

What is Angular?

Angular is the oldest framework among these three. It is ranked as one of the top front- end development tools and uses a programming language-TypeScript, which helps to create both client side and server side applications. Angular js is mostly used to build dynamic mobile software because it uses two-way data binding, which increases the responsiveness of applications with a lot of animated elements. It is ideal for creation of scalable applications and supports simple integration with third party libraries. Know more about Angular 2.0 at our blog- AngularJS 2.0: New Framework, New Expectations.

What is Ember?

Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript web framework, based on the Model–view–view-model pattern. It allows developers to create scalable single-page web applications. It is Designed with developer ergonomics in mind.Its friendly APIs help developers efficiently to complete job. Ember’s abstractions allow developers to focus on what makes your app unique. Here developers write less code with integrated templates that update automatically when the underlying data changes. Productivity is the main aspect of building the Ember.

What is React?

Facebook in 2013 introduces React JS. It is used as a development base for creation of single page and mobile applications. React JS is easy to learn with basic HTML skills. It allows developers to create large web applications which can change data, without reloading the page. React has native libraries which provides the react architecture to native applications such as IOS, Android and UPD.

Angular vs Ember vs React on the basis of various fundamentals-

1. Performance-

  • There has been an issue with performance of Angular. This framework comes with two- way data binding that affects the performance about the development of complex applications. Therefore, Dynamic apps couldn’t be play well. Complex SPAs could be inconvenient and lagging because of their size.
  • The observe and change detection in Ember are faster than angular but first render is slow.
  • React is light weight among all these three. The ideas of keeping it a view library, virtual DOM, one way binding makes it fastest in real time market. There have been a great deal of situations where developers use React  in a page having too many elements over the other two.

2. Code Default Architecture-

  • Angular is a better way to get started but keep in mind that it doesn’t give you the best architecturally distributed project setup. The framework of Angular works hard with its CLI to provide a predefined project architecture.
  • React doesn’t have any architecture but its community uses flux. Flux is better architecture than MVC. React likes to keep itself non-opinionated and flexible, thus setting up things in React is somewhat painful.
  • Projects created by Ember are of rich quality. Combination with ember data makes life more easy. It is one of the best distributors of logic. Thus it is on the highest priority of developers because of default architecture.

3. Learning Skills-

  • Angular is a framework thus you should know where and how exactly to put your code. So obviously it requires  more learning as compared to the other two. It has its own syntax for looping, template handling, etc. So learning about Angular will be quite large. API documentation in Angular is extremely high and users should be familiarized with it before he starts working. Its complexity is due to its design, so it is difficult for beginners to do development with Angular.
  • Ember is a framework so it requires steeper learning curve. It follows convention over configuration concept, thus you could require a long time to know the conventions.
  • React is JavaScript. Its library is simple with some API’s and data flow concept. If the user have a command on JavaScript, he could easily adapt React in less time.

4. Flexibility-

  • Angular is best in terms of flexibility. It provides a precise support for many frameworks without any limitation on project structure. Developers can easily develop user- friendly, interactive and platform independent web applications using Angular.
  • Most advanced framework among these three is Ember. It offers you many conventions and it can make you more productive. Ember requires some learning and allows flexibility.
  • React provides developers a great deal of adaptability yet it is extremely important to utilize it effectively. It is component based JS framework that allows modularity. React can paired with libraries or framework. React is as flexible as they go when it comes to code reuse, you can shape it as per your requirements.

5. Documentation-

  • Short,simple and good documentation makes Angular the best framework. Official docs are sufficient to continue your development with Angular.
  • Documentation of ember was so poor. But over the time they have changed it. Now the official docs were well organized having theoretical contents with code snippets.
  • React is very flexible that user can use it as he want. So proper documentation can be hard to find. The official docs of react library is small, thus it is not relevant for beginners.

6. Support-

  • Angular is a Google Product so it has strong developers team. As this is oldest framework, t has a large community to support you. But due to the failure of its version 2, its popularity decreases.
  • Ember is not a product of any organization. It doesn’t have big community due to the big learning curve and slow rendering. Lot of dedicated people’s community is available. This helps to create ember observer with many more plugins.
  • Facebook introduces React. As Facebook is one of the crowded applications and it requires a great performance, so there will not be any compromise regarding its performance of React. React has the largest community as compared to others.

7. Mobile Development-

  • Ionic framework is used to develop mobile apps using Angular.
  • Cordova is used to convert ember applications to mobile apps.
  • React is the most beneficial way to develop mobile applications.


There is no clear winner. Some frameworks are better for some situations than others. Deciding the best one with Angular vs Ember vs React is not sufficient. It is important to decide from the perspective of requirement of application, development time, skills of developer team.

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