AWS vs Firebase – Is It Even A Fair Fight?

When you choose to go through serverless route, you will have two options- AWS or Firebase. Which one will you choose ? Here we will compare AWS vs Firebase. First of all,

What is Serverless architecture?

A traditional server has a single server which performs multiple responsibilities in the database. This single server performs different functions such as authentication, writing files, keeping track of users etc. When a request is strike to the server, it executes some processes and gives back a response.

Serverless architecture is a microservice architecture. Whenever an event occurs, a code will get executed. The server runs when something happen. The code will come to the active state to execute when server receives a request. It is not persistent. It uses resources only when there is a need. The main advantage of this is, every function has its responsibility,  none of it will overlap and thus it makes things cleaner and less complex.

AWS vs Firebase-

Amazon Web Service-

Amazon Web Services is a global cloud computing platform provided by Amazon.

Amazon Web Services is a global cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. It provides combination of Infrastructure as a service(IaaS), platform as a service(PaaS) and packaged software as a service(SaaS)offering. AWS has many services all together and it is like a solution getting from a single step. It is easy to set up. And it provides good customer service. As it is a subsidiary of Amazon it always maintains its quality. It has a pay per use service which is helpful to minimize the burden on a customer. Sometimes it is complicated for new startups to understand and manage. AWS provides services from multiple data centers all over the world. You can hire dedicated AWS developers from Solace for an effective cloud based platform.


It is a cloud server.

Firebase is owned by Google. It is a cloud server and its services are good at starting stage. It is not well developed like AWS.

Good and Bad Points of AWS-

AWS has many different services so it is capable to provide all-in-one solution. AWS Lambda is strong in performance. Cloud solutions are beginner friendly and it makes easy to set up. It provides reliable service and customer support. It has a pay-per-use service, means the costing depends on the traffic you are getting.

AWS requires a slight learning curve so sometimes it could be a difficult choice to recommend. Their framework is additionally equipped towards larger teams. If you have made some mistake, AWS could finish up costing you more cash than you initially foreseen.

Good and Bad Points of Firebase-

Firebase is new as compared to Amazon Web Services, but is more advanced in its technology. It has unique services about image, voice APIs and text. It has a feature for traffic management service. Firebase includes services that makes its scaling easier. It offers low IT costs. If you have a small team to set up, firebase will be the best choice than AWS setup. It doesn’t require skillful learning, thus easy to use for those having less knowledge.

However, Firebase is complicated to query for large datasets. It’s database don’t provide relational data and this may trouble for some new companies. Let us see AWS vs Firebase.

AWS vs Firebase, Which one to choose?

AWS is owned by Amazon whereas Firebase is owned by Google, so both are the products of top companies, so the support and updates provision service is best in both. And they maintain their reputation. Both are best cloud servers and provides good user experience to the users. In short we can conclude that, AWS is suitable for large teams whereas Firebase is suitable for small teams and startups. You can hire dedicated Firebase developers from Solace for an effective cloud based platform.

When to choose AWS?

  • When you know perfectly well that you are going to scale horizontally.
  • You need large storage. Organizations that need to deal with a large amount of images or videos or things like this.
  • You know that you need to start and stop services as demand increases and decreases.

When to choose Firebase?

  • You need less storage.
  • New startups.
  • Dealing with less data.

Final Words-

If you’re interested in migrating to the cloud, then we’re more than happy to help you get started. Solace is there to help you for the cloud platform. We believe in the benefits of using Firebase and AWS. You can also hire Firebase developers and AWS developers from Solace. We will provide the means to bring your company the success it deserves. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for web development with cloud-based platforms.

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