Best Creative Ways To Promote Your App Free

User acquisition is a big challenge for app marketers. Genuinely, the mobile application market has reached a sky. According to a survey, in 2019, the mobile application market reached at an expected USD 365 billion in size. It will grow to right around a trillion dollars in the following 5 years. This is a colossal market, comparable in dollar terms to the health food industry. The strategies of monetization differ from freemium to in-application purchases and promoting. The rising growth of smartphone users from 1.6 billion in 2014 to 2.5 billion out of 2019 is the forecast reason for this development.

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Here you will get to know some tried and proven methods that will help you in promoting your app effectively. Let us see these ways. 

Creative Ways To Promote Your App Free-

Free App Promotion

1. Get in Touch-

Promoting your application starts well before you put it to market. Before you start telling your development team to start app development, contact your clients and talk with them. All things considered, you need to ensure that anything that you are building, will be perfect for them. You can start to connect with your those clients you have ever offered to and even the individuals who have just joined your newsletter. Send them an email and approach them for 5 or 10 minutes of their time. Your clients are busy persons so attempt to give your clients something as an end-result of helping you. Offer them a special discount, or some type of technological content.

After you have their consideration, ask them a couple of inquiries to get a thought of what they may be looking for in an application. You need to comprehend the expectations your customers have with your application. In going through this procedure you will start to uncover gaps you may have never observed and you will have effectively build a bridge between yourself and your customers. By incorporating your customers in the application creation process not only are you easily promoting your application, however you are ensuring that the application you make fits the individuals you are catering to. Your customer is the foundation of your business, so keep them connected through each procedure of the application’s development.

Retain your clients by telling them about your application’s idea and ask them what they might truly want to find in it. How can you make the application more savvy and helpful for them? Keep in mind, your customer has their own audience and if you’re ready to persuade them, you’ll be hitting all the right notes to reinforce your success and staying power. You can hire dedicated app developers for an effective mobile app development.

2. Use your mobile website-

In the event that you have an existing site that is completely functional and mobile-friendly, at that point your site can be probably the best advantage for promoting your application. At a certain point or another, the majority of your customers or anybody inspired in your organization will discover their way to your website. When they do, it is significant that they all realize you have an application. Including your application in your site could mean segmenting off a part of your site only for the application. While this technique can get more downloads we suggest adopting a substitute strategy.

Rather than placing it solely on your site, have a pop- up page display at whenever somebody visits your site. This way, the application is the primary thing your viewers see. The pop up page is just a gentle update that you have an application and your customers are given either the alternative to download the application or proceed to your mobile site.

3. Feature The App in Your Emails-

Your new application should be engraved into each part of your marketing, which includes most of your emails. As a business, you will send out endless emails, and excluding your application in each of those is a missed opportunity. Any email that is delivered, regardless of whether it be from your technical support, your newsletter or even the payment confirmation email ought to incorporate a footer with one line about promoting your application. Incorporate details, for example, what can be accomplished through the application and a connection redirecting towards the download page. Emails still have their charm given they’re utilized under the correct conditions. As per the analysis, “91% individuals browse their email every day”. Capitalize by incorporating your application joins into newsletters, customer service emails and furthermore make it a propensity to utilize it in email signatures.

4. Create a Demo Video-

Videos are an easy way for you to promote everything your best and well-built application has to offer. For your demo video, make a basic 30 second commercials with the standards: Why, How, and What. Allot a team to work at uniting this video. The collective minds of more than one individual will assist you with finishing projects quicker and with less mistakes. Remember that your demo video isn’t intended to stay the manner in which it is currently. Your videos, alongside the entirety of your content, ought to be refreshed week by week or month to month. When you are wrapping up your demo video, make sure to use your social media to advance your application. Your demo video can be incorporated into your blog post, Instagram, and Youtube channels. 

5. Consider alternative app stores-

Do not depend on only, Google Play and App Store. There are multiple app stores available in the market where you can upload your app. As per One Platform Foundation, if an application is submitted on other relatively less well-known stores, it will increase the expected downloads 200% more compared to Google Play. There are some good app stores that you can consider: GetJar, SlideMe, Opera Mobile Store, AppsLib, Amazon Appstore, AppBrain.

6. App Store Optimization-

Application store optimization (ASO) is, at it’s core, search engine optimization (SEO) for the Google Play and App Store. Much the same as Search engine optimization, application store optimization focuses on keyword significance, search relevance and the keyword density in your depiction. With practically 50% of iPhone users in the US discovering applications through search, your application depiction is one of the most significant things you can concentrate on in your application marketing efforts. It’s likewise extremely simple to begin with competitor research through platforms like App Annie where you can look through something like “Language translator” and see what applications appear and their positioning.

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7. Include App Download Links On Your Website-

Having an application landing page is a great thing, yet chances are you have traffic going to your business’ site already. Use those current customers and visitors to get more of them to download your application. Make a small banner for your website that pops up somewhere non-intrusive. We discover HelloBar is an extraordinary method to do this:  It’s straightforward, remains at the highest point of every one of your pages and you can simply get the most basic data crosswise over with a connect to your application greeting page or legitimately to the App Store.

8. Social Media Profiles-

In case you’re now in the social- media game and have a Twitter profile, Facebook page or LinkedIn page, utilize that space to promote your application. You can use a simple banner with your app name and the link where to find it will surely promote your app to the next level.

9. Write An Announcement Blog-

Declaring your application launch as a company update is an incredible method to keep your clients updates about a major company change. You can use your social community to drive traffic and refer to the blog post in your email signature to ensure that your have a mobile application.

10. Link To Your App In Your Email Signature-

It can take a few weeks for all of your current customers to realize that you’ve finally launched a mobile application. In any case, those equivalent clients that don’t know, likely get emails from you week by week or possibly every day. Include your application download links or a link to your application landing page to your email signature as an extremely simple approach to drive downloads after some time just by sending the emails you ordinarily send.

If you have a couple of individuals in your business, ensure they do likewise. For instance, in the event that you had 4 people in your business each sending a normal of 20 emails every day, that is 80 individuals that you’re ready to inform every day about your mobile application. That is 560 every week or more than 2,400 per month! The least complex things can be the most effective in the long run.

Wrap Up-

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