Best iOS app development trends in 2020

Just like smartphones various technologies have become a need in our lives. You can’t ignore that mobile application development has given increased revenue too. According to the report, you can expect $581 billion in revenue from mobile applications by 2020. 

Hence, mobile application development trends started developing. Both application developers and users are responsible for this revolution. Regardless, these trends have improved our lives in various manners. Surely, it can be said that all that happened in 2019, will remodel the mobile application development industry in the upcoming year. With the rise of mobile apps, businesses are getting new opportunities with a strong user base. Since mobile has the power to boost the visibility of a brand, each entrepreneur is attempting to reap its advantages. let us discover which mobile application development trends will rule the year 2020!

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Best iOS app development trends in 2020

Best iOS app development trends in 2020

1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-

Despite the industry, numerous organizations try to apply ML and AI technologies to their iOS applications. Obviously, Artificial Intelligence isn’t new but it brings a lot of positive changes. For instance, Facebook shows significant content, based on the users’ preferences. Artificial intelligence analyzes customers’ behavior and interactions (likes, comments, and so on) and offer similar content. According to the latest research by International Data Corporation, the AI technology will get the more than $47 billion in revenue by 2020. Let us see some use cases of Artificial Intelligence.

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Searching suggestions-

This technology improves the searching process. AI allows integrating the search recommendations along with spelling corrections. Spotify recommends new artists and albums that customers may like. Also, the service can analyze the users’ activity and create the playlist with their preferred genres, bands, etc.


Siri becomes smarter. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning make Siri’s answers accurate and also trustworthy. In 2020, Siri is expected to analyze what’s going on with the user (for example, location) and make suitable and exact suggestions based on the collected data.

Deep Learning-

Deep Learning is used to analyze the customers’ behavior and predict their demands. Subsequently, organizations can reduce expenses because of more exact predictions. Netflix makes use of AI to improve recommendations to application users. That is how the platform engage visitors.

Some future AI trends are the following:

  • AI-enabled face unlock
  • AIOps for automating IT functions
  • Smart camera with subject identification
  • Adaptive battery for more battery lifespan
  • High app reliability for cyber security
  • Language and voice translations

2. Augmented reality-

Augmented and Virtual Reality are the next iOS application trends in 2020. Over the most recent few years, we’ve experienced an enthusiasm with AR games like Pokemon Go and Dino Trek. There are already a lot of  applications like IKEA that are using this technology to provide a better user experience. In 2020, AR applications become standard to their abilities in marketing, healthcare, and other industries.

For instance, popular social media applications, such as Instagram and Snapchat have just been incorporating Augmented Reality. They offer users a lot of cool stickers and animated masks.

Apple offers various tools to create Augmented Reality experiences:

  • ARKit 3- This technology allows showing content in front of or behind people, following up to three faces at a time.
  • Reality Composer- It allows developing animations and interactions on iOS to improve application’s content.
  • RealityKit framework- This framework allows integration of virtual items into the real world.

3. Internet of Things-

The IoT technology brings a lot of changes to routine tasks. Surely IoT is one of the most important iOS development trends. IoT allows connecting various devices and transferring the data. Statista claims that the IoT market’s size will reach $1.6 trillion by 2025. Internet connectivity becomes another standard due to a great number of smart devices.

Industries like logistics, agriculture, and also healthcare can benefit by IoT integration to their iOS applications. For instance, iOS health applications can help healthcare providers with checking patients’ condition at home and give the information to the doctor. Internet of Things has brought one additional iOS application development trend — wearables. iOS applications powered by IoT will connect fitness trackers and smartwatches to smartphones. Their main task is to collect health data.

4. Wearables-

You know that wearables are already in the market. Some are trackers, fitness bands, smartwatches and even smart rings. These wearables have changed our way of interaction with smart devices. A survey of Business Insider states an increase of 35% in the wearable market in 2019. Another report by Statista tells that amazing revenue of $33 billion produced by wearable devices before the end of 2020. Because of the promising market of wearables, mobile applications must support this technology. But, numerous applications don’t integrate with wearable devices. A wearable needs a platform to operate. For instance, Android smartwatches sync with WearOS and Apple Watch needs WatchOS. Consequently, developers must fuse their applications with wearables.

Predicted future wearable trends in 2020 include:

  • Less reliance on smartphones
  • Increase in the use of fitness trackers

5. iBeacon-

This is an incredible technology from Apple is getting more popularity in marketing. So it’s another iOS application development trend for 2020. But, what is iBeacon itself? Beacon stands for wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology. Having established connection, a push notification with set message appears on the user’s iPhone.

Consider an example. The potential buyers are passing by the clothing store. And, they don’t focus on the banners or promotions. When customers pass by the shop, sensors interfaced with the smartphone send a notification. This iOS application development trend can change the retail industry and increase sales. 

6. Mobile Wallets-

The spike in online banking and eCommerce has added to the exceptional improvement in online payment options available for all users. With the arrival of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, users are gradually moving to mCommerce. Blockchain is entering into mobile payments to strengthen the applications with more secure money transaction processes.

For what reason would you integrate a payment gateway into an application? Already plastic money replaced cash and now the plastic money will be replaced too. Tech bigwigs like Samsung are dealing with an improved scan and pay strategy for making bill payments and money transactions more easy. With Apple Pay, Apple is also working to allow the peer-to-peer money payment system. Apar from these, there will be more developed mobile payment options in 2020. 

Some upcoming mobile wallet app development trends include:

  • Contactless payment
  • Safer and more secure mobile wallets

Also, in the mobile wallets, encrypted security ensures the safety of users’ money. The rush in the mobile wallet trend is a result of the hike in the online payment systems that need rapid and more secure channels for money transactions.

7. Cloud Integration-

Cloud integration helps with organizing and also storing a large amount of data. Cloud-based iOS app run with respect to the cloud and increase the effectiveness and productivity of applications. Such solution is advantageous for both — developers and users. It helps mobile applications to store large amount of data and also to manage complex tasks. With respect to iOS developers, they can use cloud platform for the development, making it faster and simpler.

Cloud technology has several more advantages-

  • Scalability
  • Cost reduction
  • Security

Such giants as Dropbox and AWS has offered an opportunity to run an application on the cloud.

Reasons to Incorporate iOS App Development Trends-

1. User loyalty-

All the mentioned iOS app trends make life of customers more comfortable. For instance, chatbot respond to the frequently asked questions faster, so users get better services.

2. Higher engagement time-

Due to requested features, users will engage to your app for more time.

3. Security-

Interacting with a website, users need to set and remember the login and password. There is still no assurance that their record won’t be hacked. With respect to mobile applications, there are options such as as TouchID or FaceID that protect the data better.

Final words-

There are a lot of iOS application development trends that can bring significant changes to the industry. iOS developers need to use more advanced technologies to create a more exciting and also secure user experience. In 2020, the developers need to focus on Core Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things technology. Also, it’s a good idea to consider wearable gadgets and the use iBeacon for your business.

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