Which PHP framework is right for your application?

PHP is the most popular programming languages as compared to other programming languages. New version of PHP made this better and more stable over ever previously. There are many PHP frameworks available. Hence choosing the right one among them is a crucial act. Consider these guidelines and questions to choose right PHP framework for effective application.

Why you should use PHP framework rather than using raw PHP?

  • Scaling the system is easy with the use of a framework.
  • MVC model helps to rapid development.
  • Frameworks are better in a security context.
  • Because of the DRY(Don’t repeat yourself) principle in a framework you can code minimum with maximum impact.

PHP has many frameworks. But choosing the best one among them is not only confusing but also a crucial part. A development team should choose a framework according to their experience, requirements, application goal, testing, documentation, and also with the consideration of the quality of development team.

Consider a few questions to plan a framework for your application.

1. Does the framework meet up your application goal?

The goal of the application is an important part for deciding the right framework. First of all, decide the goal, whether you have to develop a social platform, a business website or an e commerce portal? For eg., If you want to develop an e commerce website, you should choose a framework that gives necessary benefits like payment gateway, fast database connectivity, and lightweight, shipping. Likewise, a blog site needs a framework with various themes and plugins. A framework that fulfills the goal of your application will be the best one for your project.

2. Quality of development team and community support-

It is necessary to think about not only the strength but also the weakness of developers for choosing a framework. Because these are the persons who are actually building and maintaining the application. Some of the frameworks are user friendly, so beginners can easily adapt it. But some are dedicated to coding standards. Laravel, CodeIgniter, and CakePHP are the frameworks suitable for beginners, while Symfony and Yii are strict to a coding standard.

Frameworks that don’t have active development support are financially not convenient for maintenance and upgrades. Therefore it will be beneficial to do research about community support. It may include a number of downloads, number of changes recently done and when was the recent version released. Laravel, Symfony, and CakePHP are the frameworks with good community support.

3. Documentation-

A well-documented framework communicates all the workflow and hidden anomaly therefore it is always recommended. It becomes easy to the developers not only to understand the source-code but also to develop applications. Documentation is important to understand the framework, libraries, and plugins. Symfony and CakePHP are the frameworks good in the documentation.

Now study the frameworks to decide which one is better for application.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks-

1. Laravel-

This is one of the most popular PHP frameworks used by many business.

Laravel is a free, open-source framework. This is one of the most popular PHP frameworks used by many business. It has a wide list of plugins and its UI is easy to use. It has a feature multi-language. This framework comes with virtually no learning curve. Laravel is good to used for medium-scale portal, e commerce, and also for mobile web applications. It is suitable for beginners and supports CLI. It also has good community support with excellent security and documentation. Laravel delivers accessible and expressive powerful tools required to develop complex and rich apps. Testing in Laravel is much easy and simple. Know the reasons of Why Laravel is the popular PHP framework at- 10 Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for 2019.

2. Symfony-

This is a PHP framework that allows developers to configure from the directory structure to foreign libraries to customize anything.

Symfony is a solid decision for large projects. This is a PHP framework that allows developers to configure from the directory structure to foreign libraries to customize anything. It speed up the development and also maintenance of web applications by replacing repetitive coding tasks. It has a large number of plugins available. This framework has integrated unit testing automation for the changes between versions for reliability.  It uses reusable components. Its components are used for most successful online projects, including content-management system drupal and also for Twig tempting engine. Symfony is strict about coding standards so it is not suitable for beginners. Symfony is excellent in updates and fixes. It has a huge number of communities for support. The documentation of Symfony is too good. It provides a good level of security. Trivago, Spotify, total are the companies using Symfony.

3. CakePHP-

CakePHP is an open-source framework.

It is an open-source framework and used to accelerate development of web applications, shopping cart, portals, headless websites, microservices. Also, CakePHP has built-in validation facility that mainly accelerates the development. CakePHP provides easy configuration and code generation features to instantly develop prototypes. It has inbuilt tools to protect against SQL injection and validation to keep your application secure.

Testing and debugging of application is easy in CakePHP. In cakePHP there is no default language. It supports multiple languages. It supports embedded security. CakePHP is best for security purpose. It is good to use for beginners. This framework doesn’t need a sharp learning curve. It has less number of packages available as compared to others. CakePHP has large community like Laravel and Symfony. It also has excellent level documentation. Companies and websites using CakePHP are- www.10fastfingers.com, www.flipkey.com, www.mapme.com

4. Yii-

Yii is a high performance PHP framework best for developing web applications.

Yii is a high-performance PHP framework best for developing web applications. It reduces development time. To work efficiently with AJAX, Yii is developed. It is a powerful framework that has powerful caching support. Yii follows the MVC pattern, so you can get a clear perception of logic and presentation. This helps you to use clean and reusable code. It provides significant error handling, support to write, and run unit tests and functional tests. Data from other frameworks can be integrated with the Yii application as it is compatible with third-party codes. It supports AJAX, and HTML 5. Medium-scale portals, e commerce applications, and lightweight applications use Yii. It supports Yii CLI. It is not suitable for beginners because of its strict coding standards. Documentation of Yii is good to support. Yii is good for fast performance and also for easy deployment. Companies and websites using Yii are-

5. CodeIgniter-

To provide a simple toolkit for fully-featured web applications, CodeIgniter is developed. It uses the MVC controller approach. CodeIgniter provides a large library for general tasks and also simple interface with logical structures to use these libraries. Not only Medium scale portals but also simple dynamic web applications and lightweight applications uses this framework. It doesn’t require much learning curve, so it is easy to use for beginners. It is good at security and similarly for documentation concern. CodeIgniter is suitable for shared hosting. Know more about CodeIgniter at- CodeIgniter Techniques and Tricks.

Final Words-

So, from the above information, you can decide which framework is best suitable to your project. Everything just depends upon the requirement of the application.

You can choose Symfony for large scale portals whereas Laravel, Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgniter for medium scale portals. You can use Laravel and Yii for an e commerce site. While, to develop mobile web applications, you can use CakePHP. Laravel and also CakePHP are suitable for beginners while Symfony, Yii and CodeIgniter are not easy for beginners to use.

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