Best Web Development Tech Stack For 2021- Front-end, Backend & Database

Best Web Development Tech Stack For 2021- Front-end, Backend & Database

When it comes to developing a successful digital software, selection of the right tech stack plays a vital role. But, why? Developing a web solution is not just about designing a great UI and convenient UX, but it is also about designing a stable, secure and maintainable product that will scale your business. Here’s the right technology may help. If you are thinking to build a web solution then having a general understanding of the web development stack is necessary as it helps you to effectively reach your goals. So here we’ve curated some tech stack and what tools you can use to build your web products.

What Is Web Development Tech Stack?

It is a backbone of a smooth-running website or web application.  It establishes the code and execution of web app development. So while building a web solution one must focus on the tech stacks. Simply, tech stack consolidates all the programming languages, libraries, structures, tools, software and so on important for developing a seamless website and web app. You might think that a technology stack is a combination of software tolls and programming languages that are used to bring your web or mobile applications to implementation. Shortly, web and mobile apps consist of a frontend and backend, that are client-facing apps and hidden part that’s on the server, respectively.

Every layer of app is built on the one below, which forms a stack. This makes web stack technologies dependent on each other. Let us see the technology stack for each layer.

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Best Web Development Stack In 2021-

Frontend Web Development Technology Stack-

1. Angular-

Introduced by Google in 2009, Angular is a best frontend web app development framework which depends on TypeScript and used by a huge community of designers. It is a single page app framework meaning that angular is used to build single page web apps or SPAs. Since the start of 2018, web app development with Angular has helped the community grow 50% compared to 2018. The advanced Angular expects you to know about Typescript language and some of the different features to the language that Javascript needs. Here are some of the pros and cons of Angular. 

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  • Robust ecosystem
  • Huge community
  • Easy two way data binding
  • Iterative development support
  • Simple to work with HTML templates
  • Dependency injection
  • Component based architecture


  • Need more memory
  • Hierarchical tree-like structure
  • Steep learning curve

2. VueJS-

It is going to be one of the top front-end technology stack for 2021. VueJS is a lot simple for those who know HTML, CSS and Javascript. It is simple to execute and light without any numerous conditions. Vue.js is such a hybrid among heavier and bigger systems like Angular. If you have an application, Vue is simple to coordinate right in without doing significant reworking or code refactoring. With VueJS you’ll get all the main features you need like data binding. Here are some of the pros and cons of VueJS.

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  • Reactive two-way data binding
  • Great for unit testing
  • Huge community support
  • Virtual DOM rendering and performance
  • Good code readability
  • Efficient component reusability
  • Concise documentation


  • Limited resources
  • Language barrier
  • Lack of support for large-scale projects
  • Risk of over flexibility
  • Reactive complexity

3. React-

It is a Javascript library which joins the speed of Javascript and uses another method of delivering website pages, making them unique and receptive to client input. The thing generally changed the Facebook approach to deal with development. After the library was delivered, it ended up being incredibly famous as a result of its progressive way to deal with  programming UIs setting the long-going Comparison Between Angular vs React vs Vue. These days, ReactJS is highly used open-source web based technology. It helps to make great web apps that need minimal exertion and coding. Main goal of ReactJS is to create user interfaces which improve the app speed. 


  • Simple to use
  • Reusable components
  • Open-source community
  • SEO friendly
  • Dynamic web app development is easy


  • JSX barrier
  • Poor documentation

Backend Technology Stack-

1. Laravel-

It is a best tech stack to build websites because of rich syntax and extraordinary environment of various toolsets that allows you to effectively and rapidly build the solutions using PHP. App scaling, zero downtime organization, 0Auth2 execution, membership billing is implicit natively with Laravel.


  • Fast development cycle
  • Supports prominent cache backends
  • Easy authentication
  • Automatic testing
  • Active Record Implementation
  • Artisan – Laravel’s dedicated tool
  • Configuration error and exception handling
  • Queue Management
  • IoC Container
  • Lots of packages and resources
  • Integrates with mail services


  • Composer is not enough strong
  • Issues with some upgrades
  • Lack of inbuilt support

2. Python-

Established in 1991, it is a high-level, well-interpreted and dynamic top web development language which focuses on code readability. Syntax of Python is easier than C++ or Java which helps developers to code in a few steps. Mainly it has a large and comprehensive standard library that has an automated program management system. Because of its adaptable features and less code, most of the software development companies prefers Python over other languages.

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  • Simple to read, learn and write
  • Extensive library support
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced control capabilities
  • Great web service tool
  • Object oriented designs and modules


  • Weak in mobile computing
  • Not memory efficient
  • Slow in speed
  • Database access layer is underdeveloped


ASP.NET Core is an open-source variant of ASP.NET. It is a popular web development framework for developing web apps on .NET stage. ASP.NET is a lot rapid to develop than the available frameworks. It can be efficiently developed on Linux, Docker, macOS and windows, also supports various lifecycle options to meet specific requirements.


  • Reduces development time
  • Cross-platform migration
  • Customizability and extensibility
  • Allows for separation of concern 
  • Security
  • Out-of-the-box feature list
  • Manageability


  • Lack of proper documentation
  • Porting ASP app is expensive


1. AWS-

Released in 2006, it is a Cloud IaaS stage which gives computing power, information stockpiling and other IT solutions utilities for organizations. Using AWS, amazon has made it feasible for organizations to dispose of the need to assemble and manage private, on-premise frameworks. Clients can compensate for what they require, make a more adaptable model without management overhead to use a similar architecture on site. Aws is more safe than organization using its own site or data. 


  • Simple to use
  • Reliable and highly secure
  • Flexible
  • Auto scaling
  • Provides agility and speed
  • Elastic load balancing

2. MongoDB-

It is a popular NoSQL databases which stores data in BSON. Working with MongoDB NoSQL database is simpler than working with any relational database. In MongoDB there is no tables. All data is stored in JSON format. In JSON, you characterize a one-of-a-kind key with its value. Those key-esteem sets are put away in an archive, that so put away in a collection. Collection in MongoDB can have few records and such archives can have key-esteem sets.


  • It is free to use
  • Uses internal memory for storage
  • easy to set-up and install
  • No need of complex joins
  • Doesn’t need object mapping

Wrap Up-

These are some of the well known and best tech stack to use in 2021. Selecting the appropriate technology stack is a challenging task and hugely affects the app development process. Are you thinking of developing the best website or web app? Then you must know these popular tech stack. You can consult with Solace experts for choosing the best tech stack for effective web solution development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for a successful web development for your business as per business needs. You can also hire angular developer, firebase developers, laravel developers of solace team on a flexible basis. We will be happy to help you.

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