Best web development trends and technologies for 2020

All of us continuously search for creative approaches to adapt in this continuously changing world. As latest trends develop, new open doors will open. Staying over the top of latest web application development technologies could help developers and organizations the alike. Each new year comes with modern innovations, new ideas, and new web development initiatives that is deserved; from current developments in artificial intelligence to machine learning, Blockchain and cryptocurrency impacting the worldwide economy. In terms of software technology, everything is unpredictable and variable.

From time to time, progress shock and change our world. The digital development keeps on defining trends and introduce us with new innovations. All of us are always excited for the most recent and popular languages​​/frameworks, just as the latest updates on website design and software applications.

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Web development trends and technologies for 2020-

1. Personalized UX Design-

User Experience (UX) design is a popular part of web development and online content as a whole. Websites without curated UX will have a hard time reaching new audiences in 2020 and beyond because of a shift in users’ desires. Simple basic elements, for example, route bar placement, native advertising presence and an absence of diverting popups can do wonders for your traffic and conversion rates. So as to customize your web development’s UX as per your product or service portfolio, you should lead demographic research beforehand. Make customer profiles so as to monitor who your audience is before making big improvements to your UX or UI. When you are sure of the type of user who commonly visits your website, customizing its UX will be an untimely idea.

2. AI Content Curation-

The merit of a site is estimated by the content it can give to its users. Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms will manage the curation process from editors so as to better match content with the end client. The production process won’t change regarding research, writing, and optimization, users will have an easier time finding relevant content than before. AI content curation will viably remove undesirable, uninteresting or unappealing content from an individual user’s browsing experience while they are available on your site. For instance, an SEO expert won’t really be keen on printed advertisement blog posts, viably triggering the AI to place SEO-related content to the cutting edge. It is necessary for web developers to allow users to opt out of AI curation should they need an additional hands-on way to filtering their own content similar to the case in today’s internet browsing.

3. Voice-Enabled Navigation-

Regarding high search engine result page (SERP) ranking, web developers should focus on high accessibility. As more people like your content, the more your chances will be at positioning high in search engines, for example, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In that regard, voice-enabled navigation takes priority since it offers an accessible, leisurely and user friendly option for individuals of various abilities. It has become common to make web content accessible to more people, regardless of whether through content localization or voice-enabled browsing technologies. A few people may be not able to use traditional mouse-and-keyboard setups because of various medical reasons. Others might need to browse your website while walking down the road and lack time to stop and type, swipe and click. Voice navigation can furnish your users with a plenty of personal satisfaction upgrades and should discover its way into your web development plan before 2020 moves around.

4. Full GDPR Compliance-

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect for previous years and has made a serious effect on web developers over the globe. As the European internet policy is currently a standard for all online services which work on the continent in any capacity, it has become more than initial addition. This implies you should enable GDPR regulations on your next web development projects, regardless of whether they are service based, centered on eCommerce or web application production.

Websites and services with GDPR present are already accepted better than those without these guidelines enabled – and for valid reasons. The oversight of GDPR implies that a business is either reluctant to comply with the guidelines or doesn’t follow web development trends – both of which are warnings according to web users. With internet data privacy in such short supply nowadays, allowing users to control the manner in which you handle their personal data is a requirement in 2020 and further on.

5. AR-Enabled Features-

Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have seen a spike in application development integration in the previous few years. Pokemon GO is just the most prevailing example of AR which overwhelmed the world and presented the potential of this innovation when it is implemented effectively. AR is gradually finding its way into web development and it will allow designers and developers greater flexibility and creativity subsequently. You can interface your business’ or client’s smartphone applications or messaging platforms to the main site in fascinating ways through AR. It’s additionally conceivable to place real-world and exploratory elements into your web development project through external platforms, for example, Google Maps. While not industry standard, AR will allow websites to stick out from the challenge with consistent, barrier-breaking features which will fill the gap between virtual and reality in 2020.

6. Thriving Push notifications-

Similarly, as in mobile applications, a web application with push messages can bring you to a large number of viewers. Also, you can exploit it in the online marketing business. Push notifications are demonstrating to be one of the most compelling services so as to attract the attention of customers and visitors. You should avoid using excessively. They allow you to inform clients about attractive discounts, their helpful activities and so on.

7. The Promising concept of RAIL-

The most recent design concept Response Animation Idle Load (RAIL) should be in demand in future. This concept is linked to a faster loading time (less than one second) and the exceptional performance of web applications. The main advantage of this concept is it gives an advantageous and charming user experience. RAIL separates the user experience into activities of tapping, dragging, scrolling, and so on., and sets performance objectives with a valuable structure for better execution.

Wrapping up-

From all this you have got an idea of recent technologies in web apps development. Many software companies are using these technologies to stand out in the industry. These trends and technologies will definitely make your web app more innovative to stay ahead in the competition. Are you looking to incorporate these trends in your web apps, connect with solace experts. Team is well experienced in new trends and technologies to give you the best web solution. Develop your modern web app with solace. We will be happy to help you.

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