Is it worth building an extremely customized web app using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla instead of PHP framework, Django or RoR?

When you are developing a website, it is necessary to choose the best tool that you are going to use. You can build a website from content management system or framework or using languages such as PHP, or display languages like HTML and CSS. Content management systems reduces the need of that expertise, whereas frameworks provide features to create a custom application. 

Customised web apps are connected to the customer’s interest. It allows customers to add, compare or choose the best suited solution. It helps businesses to grow the business. Customized web apps works as the same way customer want to. A custom application can be built using a content management system such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or using a framework such as PHP, Python, Django, ROR. Now you will get confused that which one is the perfect for customizable web app development? Whether a CMS or Framework? It will be crucial to choose the best one.

First of all, consider the following questions to choose the CMS or a Framework-

  1. Requirements and goals of a project and also how flexible should be this project in the future?
  2. Time stipulated to complete the project
  3. How much money will spend on the project?
  4. Hosting environment

Let us see the benefits of using content management system WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


  • WordPress is free and open-sourced.
  • Flexible and adaptable changing needs- Previously, wordpress was designed to support blogging and likewise online publishing. Now WordPress is used to run complex sites for large-scale companies, manage small business, and create personal blogs, full-service e-commerce stores, showcase a portfolio or host a local network.
  • User Friendly- WordPress site can be install and manage easily by beginners. You can easily manage admin’s dashboard that has all features to customize a site.
  • Themes- WordPress has many choices for themes for perfect appearance, functions and requirements. It also has basic and premium themes. 
  • Mobile responsive- It is a great advantage of wordpress so that site can look good on any device. 
  • Strong Community- WordPress is free and open source, it’s supported by WordPress-loving communities around the world. WordPress is used by over 30 percent of CMS-based websites worldwide.
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2. Drupal-

  • Flexibility-One of the strongest points of Drupal is its ability to create and manage a wide variety of content types, including but not limited to videos, polls, blogs, podcasts, and statistics. Because of this Drupal enables flexible design platform.
  • Scalability- Major strength of Drupal is that it is highly scalable. One can increase the number of web pages without changing a thing.
  • Customizability-Drupal is highly customizable. It allows you to modify, adjust and implement an endless additional custom features into your website like CRM, security, social media and SEO.
  • Security- Drupal is highly secure and offers regular patches and safeguarding from exploits, making it great for enterprise clients.
  • Community- Drupal is an open source CMS. The open source community offers extensive public documentation, well-developed discussion boards, chat and mailing lists, alongside an air of approachable online culture.
  • You can Hire Drupal developer from Solace for effective website development.

3. Joomla-

  • Open Source- Joomla offers Open-sourced infrastructure.
  • Flexibility- Joomla offers over 8000 extensions, so you can make functional and interactive website design. It also has extensions to add social media widget into a website. Extensions are divided into 33 different categories, including communication, editing, marketing, social, languages, site management and living.
  • Blog publishing- It is easy to use for blog publishing. The only thing you need to know about uploading a blog is- simply copy paste the content and click on the “publish” button.
  • E-commerce development- Joomla is an e-commerce friendly CMS. It offers many components created specifically for e-com. You can easily manage your products and their content without having to switch over tabs.
  • User Community- Joomla possess a wide user community.
  • You can Hire Joomal developer from Solace for effective website development.

Know the difference between WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla before using it.

Let us see the benefits of using Frameworks-

1. PHP-

  • Cross-platform- PHP is a cross-platform framework and can be run on various platforms. PHP code run softly and smoothly  on all operating systems. Server-side scripting language or PHP hosting service providers can be easily found.
  • Speed- Speed is an important side of the web development. A quick loading website can maintain engagement to the traffic. All users like quick loading web sites as compared to slow loading sites.
  • Ease of use- Any beginner can easily learn to use PHP within less time. The syntax of the programming is similar to the C programming language. So a programmer familiar to the C programming language can easily create PHP website scripts.
  • Stable- PHP came to existence about 20 years ago. Over this period, numerous engineers have taken a shot at the application to improve the use of the application. Lots of bugs are found and also fixed rapidly by a group of designers over the years.
  • You can Hire PHP developer from Solace for effective website development.

2. Django-

  • Scalable- To satisfy the heaviest traffic need, the advantages of Django system can be seen. Accordingly, the busiest locales utilize this medium to rapidly satisfy the traffic needs.
  • Secure- Django is secure because it covers the loopholes by default which were once left open for the backend developer to complete. Despite the fact that while utilizing Django you may not feel it but rather those master backend designers can tell the quality and security of the work done by Django.
  • Versatile- Django is very versatile. It allows extending Django with all the technologies we work with and also with the upcoming ones. Hence, Django is the future of web development and everyone who was previously using PHP will majorly use Django.
  • Rapid Development- Here, rapid development means that we don’t need expert backend knowledge to make a fully functional website. Here we should not create separate server files to design the database and connect the same while also making another file for transferring data to and from the server. Django handles this work and also lot of other tasks. We won’t need extra files for each task. These tasks are like half the project time and money, and they are surely important for almost any website out there.
  • You can Hire Django developer from Solace for effective website development.

3. RoR-

  • MVC architecture- It is based on MVC architecture that enables the data to be separated from presentation.
  • Database Access Library- RoR includes a database access library – Active Record. This simplifies data handling in databases. Active Record automatically maps tables to classes and rows to objects.
  • Libraries for common tasks- It includes a host of libraries that simplify the coding common programming tasks such as form validations, sessions management.
  • Customized URL: Custom or Search Engine Friendly URLs can be developed using the Ruby on Rails framework.
  • Debugging – In RoR, detailed error logs are provided. These logs makes it easier to debug applications
  • You can Hire RoR developer from Solace for effective website development.

Why choose Frameworks over CMS?

Using CMS, you must know one theme, and customize it so that it will  be more flexible and programmers oriented. Above frameworks are designed to support the development of dynamic web application websites and web resources. In general, CMS provides more functionality to do things fast.

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