Dart Vs JavaScript- A Comparison That You Must Know

Dart vs Javascript A comparison that you must know

Javascript gained popularity when it came in the world of cross platform mobile app development and server-side development. Node.js framework can be used for both frontend and backend development, so it became more popular among web developers. With the use of React native by facebook, mobile app developers also started to shift towards Javascript. So javascript is holding the position of most popular programming language. Google created the Flutter framework for cross-platform mobile application development. Flutter framework uses Dart programming language. Most of you might have a question of what’s the difference between dart and javascript. How do they differ? To know the answer to all this, let us see the comparison of Dart vs javascript.

What Is Dart?

Dart is a programming language used by Flutter framework. It was initially used at Google to build server, web and mobile applications. Dart compiles the source code like javascript. It gained more attention in 2017 when google announced Flutter beta for cross platform mobile app development. These days developers are eager to adopt Flutter, but they need to learn Dart to get started.

Advantages Of Dart-

  • Dart is open-source
  • It is supported by Google and runs seamlessly on Google Cloud platform
  • Faster than Javascript
  • It is type-safe and compiled with both AOT and JIT compilers
  • Dart is scalable across projects
  • Extensively used for flutter mobile UI framework

What Is Javascript?

Javascript is a language for rendering web pages along with HTML and CSS technologies. Later on, javascript extended its arm to server-side and mobile app development. Javascript is a mature, stable programming language and supports both OOPS and functional programming style. Because of the dynamic nature, it doesn’t need compilation of code at client side. Javascript jas its own package managers such as NPM. Javascript became the most preferred and popular programming language since facebook launched the React and React native frameworks for web and mobile app development.

Advantages Of JavaScript-

  • Javascript is fast, flexible and light-weight
  • It can be used for web apps and mobile apps.
  • Javascript can be used for both frontend and backend
  • Has huge community and great frameworks available online 

Dart Vs JavaScript- A Comparison

1. Popularity-

Dart is a new language. It has got a huge attention among mobile developers as an alternative to React native. Popular companies like Google, Alibaba are using Flutter.

Right now, javascript is everywhere and many companies are using javascript frameworks for developing mobile and web applications. It can be used for server-side applications and backends so most of the developers are learning javascript as a language. 

2. Learning Curve-

Learning Dart can be overwhelming for beginners as there are limited courses available online for Dart programming language. Google has documentation of Dart on its official website that helps programmers to learn Dart concepts easily. 

Knowledge of basic programming concepts helps you to learn the Javascript. As it is an old programming language, there are lots of online courses and tutorials through which developers can learn Javascript. 

3. Frontend Vs Backend-

Now, Dart is actively used with Flutter for developing the frontend of cross-platform mobile applications. It can be used for web development, but there is no mention of Dart being used for backend development.

Previously javascript was used for frontend web development with CSS and HTML. But with the rise of Node.js framework, now Javascript is used for server-side and backend development also.

4. Commercial Use-

Dart was developed and used by Google. Apart from Google there are some big companies like Alibaba that also adopted Flutter and Dart for developing cross-platform mobile apps. 

Javascript is used by big companies for developing both web and cross-platform mobile applications. Lots of popular companies like Reddit, instagram, eBay, Slack, Airbnb are using Javascript.

5. Productivity-

Dart has great documentation but developers can get confused with Dart language features. It’s syntax is clean and looks like Java, so developers having java background can easily understand code syntax. But the community of Dart developers is small so developers may struggle to find solutions.

Every year a new javascript framework comes to the market. There are lots of JS packages available for developers to share and contribute to the code. Using the existing package, it is easy for beginners to learn and adopt the Javascript programming language. As we all know javascript is a fast, lightweight and dynamic programming language, it improves the developer productivity. Javascript has lots of libraries and frameworks and new javascript frameworks are released after regular interval. So developers need to learn new frameworks which affects their productivity.

6. Speed-

Dart can be compiled JIT and AOT both that help to build apps in several ways as using JIT compilation can speed up development and AOT compilation can be used during release process for better optimization. This has been used in Flutter app development.

As Javascript is an interpreted language, it might feel lighter and faster. It is faster than other compiled languages like Java. However, Dart proved to be a lot faster when benchmarked against JavaScript. 

7. Editor/IDE Support-

Dart code can be developed with lightweight editors such as VIM or Sublime. Android studio and IntelliJ IDEA come with Dart plugin and these are popular IDEs for Dart application development for flutter app development.

There are lots of IDEs and editors for Javascript development. Javascript doesn’t always need a full-fledged IDE as developers can use lightweight editors like Atom, Emacs, Sublime Text and VIM. But there are some IDEs like Visual Studio Code and WebStorm that can work great for Javascript application development. 

Wrap Up-

Javascript is used in React native whereas Dart is used in Flutter, so both are great choices for developing cross-platform mobile apps. The above comparison will help you to know the capabilities of each language and  choose the best framework for cross-platform app development. You can hire flutter developers and react developers of Solace Team for an effective app development. Consult with Solace experts and get a free quote for cross-platform app development. We will be happy to help you. 

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