Dazzling Signs That Show Your Business Need A New Website

Dazzling Signs That Show Your Business Need A New Website

Websites are the heart business. It is the first impression of your business on the web and all about the branding and services it offers. Hence, your website must be responsive and serve the purpose that it was built for. Consider that, you’re an average smartphone user and you replace it every few years. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they can become obsolete? The same can be said about most websites. For the success of your business, it is necessary to keep your website updated and ensure that it still easily delivers the message it was built for the success of your business. Our websites should not be based on our preferences, but instead those of our target audiences and industry best practices. There are a lot of points that show your company needs a new website. It is not only about the look but also about the performance of your website.

Below, we list a few points that can help you navigate whether or not you’re in need of a new website.

Signs That Show You Need A New Website-

Signs That Show You Need A New Website

1. Slow Page Loading-

Everyone expects to get faster results when they search for it. And hence faster is better. It has been analyzed that, 47% of the visitors/consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds whereas 40% of people close a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Hence if your website takes more than 3 seconds, there is a huge loss in traffic coming to your website. There are some prominent reasons of a slow load times- 

  • Large, uncompressed images
  • Too many file requests (CSS / JS / images / etc)
  • Poor server response times
  • Code bloat
  • No browser caching
  • An outdated CMS 

Hence, you must analyze the above issues that may slow loading of pages. You can analyze the page load time by site speed report in google analytics. You can also know the effective ways to speed up your website at- How You Can Speed Up Your Website?

2. Website Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

There might be a chance of evolving your brand, product. and services, but can your website change along with it? If not, it may reflect to earning of potential customers and another bounce. Ensure that your website is well designed with the brand and your message that reflects the pain points of your customers, not as they were years ago. If your company claims to be on the leading edge but still your website is anything, it creates a major detach. If it is the case, it’s time to create a new one.

3. Your Website Looks Out Of Date-

We all forward towards the new trends, new innovations and prefer to use the trending things, not the outdated things. Then why not our websites. Having an outdated look of a website is generally the main reason for getting a new website. Functionalities, elements, and overall design that seems lacking the times are usually a signal to users that the website is not regularly updated and is outdated. Hence it will be better to keep design and layout up to date and follow the standards for design and browsing capabilities.

4. Your Website Lacks Consistency-

This issue may prompt because multiple web developers or marketers put their touches to the website that deviates from the branding and voicing consistency of the business. Inconsistency can occur in various areas for eg., 

  • Logos
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Fonts
  • Headers
  • Navigation elements
  • Calls to action

All these can all be inconsistent and send a confusing message to the user, creating a sense of being lost or your brand being lazy.

5. You Can’t Update Your Website Content-

Next important and a big reason to need a new website is- they couldn’t update the content on their website. A content management system is a way to reduce this issue by providing a way to give you full control over your content editing capabilities. A content management system gives you control over your website and the better experience for your users that they are looking for. You can easily update and edit the content of the website with CMS and also can add new pages with images and video. Umbraco is a better CMS having features like open-source, complete customizations, and security. It also gives your web developers full programming access so that you can create whatever you want. You can use some extensions to help you reach the full efficiency of your website.

6. Your Website Is Not Responsive-

As time passes, the world is moving towards digitalization and hence we all are experiencing the effect of using mobile devices.  Most of the users are accessing your website through a mobile device. More than 52% of web traffic is coming from mobile phones. This means it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly website that can properly work on different mobile devices and adjusts its content to align with different screen sizes.

If your website is not responsive, most of your website visitors will face trouble to explore through your site and may quit to surf your site and take an exit route. And this all will be due to the unpleasant experience with your website. Google ranks non-responsive websites with a lower ranking index and hence your site gets lowered positioned to the google search list. And hence you may get less number of visitors to the website.

From all these, it has been concluded that a responsive website plays an important role in the site visitors. Know the difference between- Responsive vs. Adaptive website design – know the difference!

7. Your Users Aren’t Converting-

Calls to action (CTA) and next steps are important for users to interact with you. CTAs helps users to get the quick information they are looking for and navigate the users to your website, also visually show them important information. If you’re not attracting visitors to take the actions that you need from them, they won’t. Calls to action come in many types:

  • Banners
  • Images
  • Buttons
  • Videos
  • Signups
  • Downloads

Use these things in a proper manner. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can help assess if these are simple element issues or if you need a new design overall. Conversions help you to analyze what users are interested in getting more information or becoming your customers. If users are not taking action, it means you need to change the website look or content and analyze if it’s a CRO issue or something other.

8. You aren’t using inbound marketing-

Just having a website doesn’t mean that it is optimized for inbound. If your site is basically informational but doesn’t help inform people to build trust and guide them to move towards purchase decision. A best inbound site is the one that has a content that attracts and engages the visitors with more lead conversion opportunities throughout that helps lead conversion process.

9. Your bounce rate only keeps going up-

The bounce rate means the number of visitors to your website who leave without visiting any other page of your website. Generally, you should roam the website visitors of your website. It helps you to achieve the goals of your website. Your visitors will get the information you wanted them to collect or take action on your website. 

An ever-increasing bounce rate could be a sign of an issue. Means people don’t find your website as helpful. It is time to build a new website that fulfills your customers’ goals.

Final words-

These are some of the important points to think about if you are facing any difficulties with your website. Are you facing the same difficulty? We are here to help you. You can hire dedicated php developers of Solace team for effective web development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for website development that will lead your business to the next level. We will be happy to help you.

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