Ecommerce Development Trends In 2020 That You Must Know

ecommerce development trends in 2020

Ecommerce has changed the way of shopping that we were following for many years. 2019 was a great year for the ecommerce industry. The overall income of ecommerce amounted to more than 3.53 trillion USD by the end of 2023. These numbers shows the growth of global ecommerce. Hence if you’re thinking of growing an ecommerce business, you must know the latest trends in the ecommerce industry. Here we will see the best ecommerce trends in 2020.

Ecommerce Trends In 2020-

1. Re-commerce-

Recommerce is also known as Reverse Commerce and has proved that trendsetter by taking the concept of sustainability to a higher level. According to the data collected, it will explode in the years to come.

A number of factors play into this growing trend, includes:

  • An increased focus on sustainability
  • The ability to attain sought-after products for less money
  • The need to keep ahead of trends in fashion and other industries

Re-commerce promoted a thrift culture in the apparel industry with an estimated market size of 51 billion dollars by 2023. As we are in the mid of 2020, it’s clear that the market for used goods is still alive and well. From special sites like Poshmark to general platforms like Facebook Marketplace, the need for re-commerce goods is spread far and wide.

2. Contextual and Programmatic Advertising-

Context and programmatic advertisements will see an ascent this year. Social media sites are already playing a big role in ecommerce advertisements. Programmatic advertising uses datasets to choose the target audience. These ads are shown to the audience based on the previous shopping. They are then retargeted after a timeframe to create higher ROI. Simply, it binds the perfect audience to the perfect ad at the perfect moment. As compared to the basic retargeting efforts, ecommerce store owners can effectively reach to the audience by the use of programmatic advertising. In videos, AI powered context advertisements effectively mix with the content and these are the most recent ecommerce trends. Facebook allows you to choose the audience category. You can target them with appropriate ads.

3. Voice Search-

The next improvement in ecommerce is voice search. Ecommerce stores should start optimizing content for voice search. By the google’s new guidelines, content for voice search  must include more textual content. This will help them to appear in rich snippets and knowledge graphs. Amazon, NorthFace, and other similar top brands have started making ecommerce applications for voice assistants. It helps users to order through their brilliant speakers.

4. Click A Pic And Shop-

Next ecommerce trend is image shopping. Users will point their camera  towards an item they see to buy it from an online store. Photo apps like CamFinder are here to help you for this new trend. This trend will lead in selling affiliate products through photo shopping. Pinterest has released its own photo camera that analyses and interprets images to provide accurate product specification. It has partnered with numerous ecommerce stores and browsers that provides them relevant data to classify and interpret images.

5. Chatbots-

We are using chatbots in software and websites from a couple of years now. And are also playing a vital role in the ecommerce industry. Due to the use of neural networks AI enabled chatbots will see a huge rise in ecommerce. It helps to boost user engagement by providing relevant options to them. If you haven’t invest in chatbot, then it is the right time to  invest in a chatbot builder that can help you to build a bespoke chatbot to drive engagement, sales, and better customer support.

6. Social Commerce-

It is a process of purchasing directly on social media platforms and has been consistently making progress in the course of recent years. This trend will continue as we move into 2020. Platforms like Instagram Shopping are working on the same trend. While the original version of Instagram Shopping includes bringing the customer from Instagram to a real eCommerce site, Checkout on Instagram permits the whole process to happen directly within the Instagram application. Before you start implementing this, you have to think about the ways you could be selling on social media-

  • Analyse about where your customers are most active
  • When they’re most likely to make a purchase
  • How you can use the platform’s features and functions to drive conversions

For this, you have to invest in tools and technology that can allow you to better engage with the audience. It is better to carry out transactions fully via social media, you still need to get these customers to your  ecommerce site also. So it is necessary to continue improving your on-site experience to get back your audience.

7. Drone Delivery-

You may have heard about the drone delivery which is in the testing phase. You can expect it to make entrance till the end of 2020 and some companies are expected to introduce drone delivery. Companies like Amazon, UPS, Dominos are at the advanced stages of their drone delivery testing.

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8. Cognitive Supply Chain Management-

Supply chain management is important in the ecommerce industry. There are three key factors to complement continuous improvements.

  • Automation– Undoubtedly, it is about automation. Process consolidation helps entrepreneurs to broadcast a crystal-clear unopposed shift of data stream.
  • Sharing Data – Details, for example, availability of inventory, shipping, and client data. It should be accessible at all phases of supply chain management.
  • Customer-Centric –Analyze the goals and customer behaviour. It relies on factors to improve the operational efficiency of business.

Wrap up-

Ecommerce Development Services have immensely transformed the retail business. The above mentioned trends are likely to change ecommerce business so incorporating these can be a good practice to grab the position in the market.

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