Emerging iot trends that will rule 2020

The year 2020 will be important for the world of technology, and businesses around the world have already prepared for it. In numerous perspectives, 2020 will be the breakthrough year for the Internet of Things as the use of connected devices in both offices and homes will increase. As per Statistica, there will be more than 3 billion IoT devices in the year 2020. In such a scenario, it is clear that a leading IoT service providing company will play a massive role in helping the organization to stay afloat in the ever-changing new age business scenario.

Internet of Things products will be one of the important sources of revenue for the businesses as they will provide $300 billion to the organizations. Hence, it becomes necessary for the organizations to understand the IoT trends that are going to rule in the upcoming year and select the ideal IoT application development company to get effective results.​

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Best IoT Trends for 2020-

1. Edge Computing-

Edge computing a cost-effective and quick choice for cloud computing, and also it is all set to take center stage from cloud computing. Cloud computing and IoT are interesting for quite a while. Edge computing is continually rising and this change will bring a change in the Internet of Things services. With time, the IoT service providers have understood the process of  computing and analyzing data to a particular limit.

In simple words, the information is stored at a local device instead of storing it at the cloud. Edge computing will help the organization with managing a lot of data and also reduce the dependency on cloud. It will allow the tools to perform accurately and faster. If the data is collected locally, the Internet of Things devices tend to acquire less bandwidth and also work even with less connectivity. Also, Edge computing is a secure technique as data security would be the most important thing going into the year 2020.

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2. Conversion to smart cities –

As is, Smart cities have been the urban choice today. Because of IoT, Smart Cities will keep on growing its reach in the year 2020. Very soon shall we witness the smart cities thinking about the future and putting resources into hi-tech technologies that will use data access between entities.

Data collection instruments like surveillance cameras, video kiosks and so on will be connected to the internet. Smart homes will be the preferred choice wherein all gadgets will be automated viz. integration of smart thermostats and security systems into newer homes. This will help to a better lifestyle, increased security and development, disciplined traffic control. Furthermore, best of all is, it won’t be limited to smart home alone, it will move on to smart offices as well. Businesses can get more smart, faster, effective and profitable – all because of IoT getting embedded.

3. IoT in manufacturing-

IoT uses sensors, which can help managers to detect machine issues at an early stage. Problems are recognized before technicians are sent to work on issues. Sensors are convenient for people handling preventive maintenance. IoT has been discovering applications in smart factories. The use of wearables gives workers a clear image of factory conditions and safety. 

IoT and wearables connect factory floors to the management. Wearables can connect to mobile devices. This improves time management and safety and allows for feedback. Innovations in preventive maintenance are coming every day. They won’t stop in the near future- all thanks to IoT. This development is clear among the modern industrial IoT trends.

4. Healthcare spread heads IoT adoption-

The healthcare industry has been tinkering with IoT technology for years now. Intellectuals see the sector leading in IoT adoption and innovations. Healthcare uses wearable sensors and devices, tracking and indoor navigation tech. Like factories, healthcare services are enormous and state of the art equipment.

IoT’s ability to improve light and temperature control will improve these locations. Lighting plays a key role in patient recovery. IoT can upgrade lighting systems by linking them to health monitors and deploying sensors. IoT will make smart buildings out of healthcare facilities, drive revenue, and help healthcare providers save money on costs.

5. Blockchain-


Blockchain, as a modern technology move, will turn out being the best alternative for securing IoT devices and for better data management. It will be the efficient backend for any IoT applications being installed. With the help of this technology, IoT will have the option to seamlessly integrate with a variety of industry segments like healthcare, finance, government and so forth.

6. Security-

The IoT tech market will see a new focus on security as complex safety challenges crop up. These complexities originate from the diverse and distributed nature of the technology. The network of connected devices remains vulnerable to attacks. So, what number of devices are connected with the Internet 2019? The number of Internet-connected devices has ruptured the 26 billion mark. Device and IoT network hacking will become ordinary. It is up to network operators to stop intruders from doing their business. Widely accepted security concerns will help IoT providers to improve sellability. This will be by highlighting the security measures they have in place. Those marketing end-to-end IoT solutions are well on the way to appreciate this selling point. This early, informing users regarding such security concerns are vital. Vendors and providers should make public aware about what is being done about these issues. 

7. Big data, Analytics and machine learning-

These days, distributed IoT analytics and data are exploring applications in IoT networks. This method allows system trigger alerts or action sans transferring volumes of data to network cores. This results in improved performance as networks operate at low latency. The integration of data streams with machine learning and AI engines is another trend. Potential applications include smart homes and elevator maintenance and so on. 

Integrated analytics are embedded into solutions as providers try to speed up data analysis. Such analytics are directly fed into machine learning applications. This design supports IoT devices, processes and infrastructure adaptation and optimization. IoT data will be sold as a commodity, which will be focused mostly at appliance manufacturers. Selling IoT data will be used to prove the viability of the product. Modern machine learning statistics reflect these developments.

8. AI with IoT will trend an a high-

AI with IoT

Going through a variety of devices, artificial intelligence along with machine learning is now offering impetus to IoT devices. The trend will continue on becoming higher and the coming year makes certain to observe a great deal of positive development in this field. Different AI techniques can be used to analyse the huge data that is being gathered through these IoT devices. Combining AI, Big Data and IoT will clear a way for end users, in a big way. The coming year will help users to understand that it is no use for connecting devices with IoT technology, if there you can’t enhance the user experience with the data collected. Well known cloud service providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google are looking forward to participating as per their AI competencies. Before diving into IoT, organizations should characterize their AI roles and responsibilities.

9. Customer Service Will See A New High-

IoT is important to improve the life of people, be it personally or by professionally. Now, IoT technologies are coming to market, there are many more examples when IoT can offer a better service to customers. IoT has been key to offering better performance of useful systems like CRM, SFA and so on. Not only client experience, but also IoT is offering a lot of support in the maintenance of applications, where customer complaints can be held up, analysed, monitored and brought to completion.

Wrap up-

The Internet of Things will be the main thrust behind the development of businesses toward the start of the new decade and beyond. With multi usability and precision, incorporating IoT in their market is the way forward for the organizations. It won’t just help them to expand their business but will also provide the truly necessary edge to stay ahead of the competition. 

Here you have seen some IoT trends that will rule 2020. There can be few others too. If you are looking to incorporate these trends in your next development, consult with Solace team. Experts at solace are well proficient in IoT development with new trends. Connect with solace for effective software development with latest trends and technologies. We will be happy to help you.

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