Flutter Is Ideal For The MVP Development- Is That True?

Flutter is ideal for the mvp development-is that true

When launching a new application, the product development time is one of the most important factors, which clients focus on. At times, this is placed even ahead of the project budget. Obviously, companies can enjoy a competitive advantage, as they can tap their market before competitors do. Hence MVP (Minimum Viable Product) comes to the focus. Flutter platform and minimum viable product are the two important entities that came to the conversation of strategies like time saving mobile app development are discussed. We have already seen the advantages of building MVP at- Why one should develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first?

Here we’re going to explore both of the- now time-tested- approaches together. We will explore – what makes their combination perfect for startups looking to test things out before an application launch. Also we will thoroughly analyze reasons of why startups should explore the quality of Flutter and MVP to start their mobile journey. Before we go through the combination of both, let us see what makes Flutter and MVP important for apps.

Need Of An MVP-

An MVP can be defined as a simple version of your software that can solve your issues. The software development time should be as short as could be expected under the circumstances. Companies waiting long to develop these products are susceptible to high competition. In the process, they may lose the key edge in the industry. In any case, with a working version of the software, new companies can approach their investors. They can also be an early participant in the industry. 

The thought behind an MVP is simple – develop a version of your application which shows your application’s unique features and share it with the pool of prospective users to check what they feel about the offering. The progression that follows is chipping away at the application to make it as indicated by the clients’ input. The step that follows is working on the app to make it according to the users’ feedback. There are various benefits that come packaged with the characteristics of MVP .

Why Should Businesses Adopt An MVP?

1. Reaching Out To The Investors-

Attracting investors in your application idea is not easy. Building an MVP helps them to analyze the app with a functional model compared with a diagrammatic representation. When you show them a MVP upheld by the user engagement  graphs, there are more chances of them getting hooked to your app idea compared to when you give them an idea.

2. Validate An App Idea-

This is one of the most important advantages for an entrepreneur to analyze about their app idea to ensure that it will succeed in the market or not. But, is this belief in the idea enough to make it a success in market?

An ideal way to know this is by launching an MVP in the market. The advantage of MVP is it not only to help you with getting your idea out in the market but also helps to collect feedback, doing sufficient market research, and improving the application features for the future need. Through this, an MVP helps in validating the idea and can help save a lot of money that will be invested in a less-liked application.

3. Time And Efforts Saving-

One of the main reasons for why businesses should adopt an MVP besides advantages of low development cost is the less amount of time and efforts. A MVP allows you to decide whether the efforts are getting their expected results or not. Hence, it allows startups to use their latent potential, wisely.

4. Cost Effective Development-

When you include maximum functionality to an applications, more resources will go behind its development and similarly it increases the cost of app development. What it translates into is that as opposed to the cost of full-fledged app development, the cost of MVP will be less than half.

Why Flutter Is Important For App Development ?

Flutter App Development

Flutter is a software development kit introduced by Google in 2018. It uses Dart programming language to developing the apps. Flutter helps app development industry by providing the features that were missing in all the previous cross-platform frameworks. There are numerous advantages that come connected with developers’ choice to go with Flutter as a perfect cross platform app development framework. Let us see some of them:

Less Coding – 

Flutter SDK uses Dart – an object-oriented programming language which is well known for its less line of codes as compared to other languages in the market.

Widgets – 

Flutter comes with various widgets which look native to android and ios individually and also come with the scope of customization. 

Hot Reload Feature – 

With Hot reload feature, the changes that are made to the application code are made instantly visible to developers on their screen. And hence, this  makes the entire process extremely easy and low time consuming. The feature also allows them to change whatever doesn’t fit inside the application instantly.

You can also know- How to Estimate the Cost of Flutter App Development?

Why Choose Flutter For MVP Development? 

1. Cost-Effective App Development-

Cost restrictions have been one of the primary hindrances for businesses hoping to enter the mobility space. Flutter comes as a solution for it by supporting the development of apps that get live on both Android and iOS with a single code base. Hence, this facilitates the process of working on both the platforms exclusively, at a low developmental cost.

2. Expedited App Development Process-

Developers can develop app with less time when they decide to build MVP with Flutter. The SDK comes with a hot reload functionality that makes it possible for them to view the changes made in application code appear on the screen simultaneously. This makes the application development process more rapid and simple. With the use of Flutter, it also becomes possible to create a close collaboration between the developers, designers and quality experts, particularly when a rapid change is required to improve the quality of the app. The hot reload feature also allows developers to include new features and fix bugs within less time. 

3. Attract Investors-

It is important for both businesses and startups to draw in investors to their app idea. Flutter SDK accompanies a scope of advanced UI features and interactive designs, which attracts investors and clients the same. It believes each component to be a gadget. Through the SDK, developers can support both Cupertino and Material Design, which together structure a collection of visual, behavioural, and motion oriented widgets. The application developers get access to a few broad scope of themes. They can separately design themes for Android and iOS devices, which helps to build a perfect UI on the devices. This set of improved features complement development of highly user friendly and easy to use applications.

4. Development With Reduced Resources Requirements-

We know that Minimum Viable Product strategy works with minimal number of resources. This mixed with the fact that Flutter also comes with Firebase integration and this makes it irrelevant to do server side programming. This superfluity proves to be useful when developers need to build applications in less time and need to fasten the time to market. The integration of Flutter with Firebase leads to the inclusion of a few features, for example, analytics, authentication, hosting, real-time database, cloud functions, crash reporting, cloud storage, and so on.

To summarize, here are the things that make Flutter for MVP application development a game changer for startups:

1. The process that a flutter developer follows can be started by the developers with the minimum learning curve.

2. Flutter SDK offers very less coding, for almost all of the codes get shared between iOS and Android applications. Hence it lowers the numeric value of Flutter application development cost estimate to a great extent.

3. Since Flutter is the brainchild of Google, it furnishes high reliability and accompanies the support of a large community network.

4. The Flutter application developers don’t require any ground-breaking hardware and can arrange the setup almost seamlessly.

Final Words-

These are some of the reasons that make Flutter ideal for the MVP development process. There can be few other points too. If you are still confused to choose flutter for MVP development? You can consult with Solace experts for an effective solution. We have dedicated experts to help you through development and consultation. You can hire flutter developers of Solace team for effective app development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for efficient Flutter development. We will be happy to help you.

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