Google Charts – Quick and easy charts for Web


While working with web application some time it’s a requirement to show statistics of data in the site using charts. Which chart should show is depend on what data is available. Like if you have data of marks of students then you can use pie chart etc.


Google Charts is one of the common option to show charts. These charts are easy to integrate and manipulate. Different type of charts has been provided by Google like Pie chart, Bar Graph, Line Graph etc. About more than 18 charts has been provided at Google Charts Gallery


Most used charts:

Below are some common examples of charts those are mostly used to show statistics of data.

A) Histograms

Histogram is the chart that groups numeric data and shows the columns for that. Below is the example how the histogram looks.


B) Column Chart

Column Chart is much like Histogram but basic difference is that, with Column charts, each column represents a group defined by a categorical variable; and with histograms, each column represents a group defined by a quantitative variable.

Below is the example how Column Chart looks.


C) Bar Chart

Bar Chart is the Horizontal version of Column chart. It looks like-


D) Pie Chart

Pie Chart displays data, information, and statistics in an easy-to-read ‘sector’ format on the circle with varying slice sizes that telling you how much of one data element exists. Bigger slice means, the more of that particular data was available. Google chart provided different view of pie chart like 3D or Rotate View etc.

Below is an example how 3D pie chart looks


E) Line Chart

Line Chart is the type of chart that shows the data in series of data points connected through line segment on the graph. It also knows as Line Graph.

Below is the example how it looks



For more chart types and details visit to Google Chart Gallery. Good Luck!


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