How Mobile Apps Drives Digital Transformation Of Your Business?

How Mobile Apps Drives Digital Transformation Of Your Business

Since 2 months, due to covid-19 pandemic, we have experienced a lot of transformation in our day to day life. Businesses are facing a lot of issues to operate in than those that were operational a few decades prior. Also the market was not competitive as it is now and hence business owners need to go with digital transformation. Business’s digital transformation could be in any way. It can be with the use of mobile apps and its capabilities. Before we start the discussion about the role of mobile apps in digital transformation, let us see What digital transformation means?

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a process of using digital technologies to transform existing or creating new business processes, customer experience and culture to meet changing market and  market needs. This changing nature of business in the digital age is digital transformation. It starts and ends with how you and your business interacts with customers. As you moved from paper to spreadsheets to smart applications is a kind of digital transformation that you are going through. Mobile applications came up with a solution to effectively engage your customers.

Tips To Consider While Implementing Digital Transformation-

1. Define Your Goals And Objectives-

The methods that are beneficial to your competitors doesn’t mean that they are beneficial for you too. So before proceeding further, it is necessary to define the goals and will solve the particular problem. Defining goals will help you to transform digitally by considering the requirements.

Without specified goals you’ll end up with the technologies that are complicated to not only implement but also to access for organization. So get the answers of- Why you are going with digital transformation? And What kind of problems do you want to solve?

2. Define Digital Marketing Strategy-

It is not sufficient to set rough goals and objectives to implement a great digital transformation to your business. You need to analyse thoroughly and accordingly set the targets in detail, so that you can know what needs to be done. You should specify the way through which employees can easily access information, engage and collaborate with each other. Knowing all these details will help you to decide the framework for digital transformation.

3. Assess And Select Technologies-

Once you’re done with digital transformation strategy, it is time to select technologies that you want to use. Also keep in mind that, however every company will need a mobile app, the functionalities you integrate into the application vary according to the type of business and customer requirements.  

Building a successful strategy for digital transformation of business will be a challenge because it impacts on your company structure and strategic positioning. 

ROI For Business-

Small Scale Businesses-

The ROI of digital transformation for startups could be higher because they focus more on improving customer experience and less on operations and management. Building lifetime customers for every new business is important for every new business and can be achieved with the improved UI/UX of mobile apps. Digital transformation can bring these requirements with much lesser than the lifetime value. So high ROI can be expected for small businesses or startups.

Medium Scale Business-

For medium scale businesses, digital transformation strategy can be complicated, because you want the best to satisfy employees and customers requirements. Mobile apps are the most vital solution for medium scale businesses. The ROI for digitalization of medium scale businesses can be high but more important is the value added to the business. Both customer and employees get advantage of digital transformation for better results and can help you to keep updated with the modern activities. Considering all these factors, you should plan accordingly but we suggest focus more on customer’s needs 

Large Scale Businesses-

Implementing digital transformation strategy needs more efforts and in some cases are not effective when you consider it within a short time span. But it is the time until your number of users and employees reaches to thousands. Each advantage of using mobile apps in your digital transformation strategy is the same but the cost may vary according to the strategy and requirements.

For better implementation you need a dedicated app development company to help you  through development and consultation.

Mobile Apps For Digital Transformation-

Mobile Apps For Digital Transformation

There are many components that can make an excellent digital transformation strategy but Mobile app is one of the most important one. The rise of mobile devices and the internet changed the face of many industries. There are 5 important ways in which mobile applications help advance digital transformation for businesses

  • Better customer experience
  • Reach improvement
  • Easier engagement
  • Workforce management
  • Enterprise mobility

Let us see each one in detail-

1. Better Customer Experience-

A business with a mobile app can effectively drive sales and increase profits by delivering an enhanced user experience. Mobile app development trends are changing and focusing to improve user’s experience with easing the business processes.

2. Reach Improvement-

It is not necessary to go through a website for what you want. These days, you can get anything with just a single click, and is possible due to the large number of mobile apps available at the app store. Nearly 141 billion more apps were downloaded in 2020. This kind of reach for businesses is possible with just a use of mobile apps. With the use of mobile apps, one  can target relevant audience groups and gain much higher ROI in a shorter time span.  

3. Easier Engagement-

Mobile applications are fruitful to increase engagement especially. You can target the audience as per your product type by focusing on the age group and interest for better engagement. You can also embed appealing functionalities within the app interface such as instructions and tutorials.

One of the best examples of engagement is Poshmark app that provides users an opportunity to buy and sell clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Because of limitations of app store, developers cannot create push notifications for coupons, deals and promotions. Poshmark has discovered a cunning solution- encouraging quotes and inspirational sayings. Each notification reminds the user about the brand. Using GPS technology, apps can target the audience in specific geographic areas. 

Beacon technology is another one that works with mobile apps and GPS for higher reach and engagement. With these opportunities, you can know the use of mobile app to engage new and existing customers.

4. Workforce Management-

Mobile apps came with a lot of ease to manage the workforce. It can help the management team to track the performance and attendance of employees. It not only saves time but also brings accuracy to the management irrespective of organization’s size. 

5. Enterprise Mobility-

We have seen, how customers benefit from mobile apps, but what about organizations? What kind of advantages mobility brings to companies? Here are statistics –

  • Organizations that invest in enterprise mobile apps experience 35% of business ROI. 
  • Till 2022, the enterprise mobility market will reach $2.2 billion
  • 67% of CIOs and IT professionals states that enterprise mobility has a great impact on their business.

Enterprise apps allow employees to complete tasks and monitor business processes remotely from mobile devices. Such apps introduces remote working options and flexible schedules. Also users can access and share content at any time, any where and hence employees can get real time updates. Apps can track the status of tasks completed by team. Also with custom mobile apps, enterprises can access a dashboard that controls systems, users and approvals. 

Final Words-

Here you have seen the importance of mobile apps in digital transformation and varying ROI for different scale businesses. The cost of app implementation for various businesses may vary according to the type of business. If you are looking for a best app development company that help you for digital transformation of business, then you are at the right place. Experts at Solace are well  proficient to help you through development. You can hire android or ios developers of solace team to develop a winning app for your business. Connect with solace and get a free quote for app development. We will be happy to help you.

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