How to Choose the Right Backend as a Service (BaaS) Platform?

It is important to clarify the purpose of app before choosing the right backend as a service provider. BaaS is one of the most famous and also rapidly evolving delivery platforms for cloud services.

What is BaaS?


BaaS is a system that enables you to make and also deal with a centralized database which gives your users to share content through the cloud. These days, most applications require a web associated backend. Previously, there were different technologies like PHP and Ruby which were utilized however this has been supplanted by BaaS. This is because of the following reasons:

  • It is difficult to scale the earlier methods
  • Large amount of time spent to locate and utilize resources
  • Expert set of skills was required for delivery

Features of a BaaS platform-

  • Backend storage
  • Increased scalability
  • Management of commercial risk
  • Freemium model
  • iOS library for smooth integration
  • Value for money with use based pricing system
  • Efficient performance
  • Push notifications
  • User management
  • File storage
  • Geolocation
  • Ability to store custom objects

Let us explore how to choose the right backend as a service platform-

Need for a BaaS provider-

There can be surprising demand and is hard to set a desire for the demand. Hence, it ends up hard to scale an application appropriately. It tends to be troublesome and challenging to scale applications for iOS and Android. Regardless of whether the developer can code for iOS and Android, it is hard to build up a scalable backend for the application. A skill set is required for this reason. Formation of both the front end and the back end of the application ought to be considered independently.

Top BaaS Providers-

1. Kumulos-

It is one of the most popular backend BaaS providers. Kumulos provides web based storage of database of the app. It has turned out to be one of the main BaaS providers since the closure of Parse. It is utilized to develop, deploy and also improve an application. The greatest one of a kind selling purpose of Kumulos is that it works both for non indie mobile developers and big agencies alike. If you want to move away from parse, you can use some options like: Move to an mBaaS and Pus provider, Migrate to Parse open source, Build and run the backend system yourself. Kumulos also offers a 50% discount for Parse rebuilds.

One of the striking highlights of Kumulos is that it underpins iOS, OSX, PHP just as Android.W hen the app project is under development, it is free to use for that duration. When the app is launched, the cost is $50 per month and it includes some extra features which are customized as per individual app requirement. The interface for making web services empowers applications to communicate with the Kumulos service to perform essential CRUD activities on your database. This aides in migrating the database from the current platform to thee Kumulos platform. This is an essential feature of Kumulos platform.

2. Kinvey-

Kinvey is additionally an exceptionally popular platform that is utilized for overseeing business risk. It helps to move things rapidly and efficiently. The platform permits the application to have 200 active clients for every month, which are not charged anything. At the point when the number of dynamic clients every month exceeds 200, it demonstrates that the application is forwarding towards progress and picking up prominence. It likewise implies that you will be in the classification and should pay for the service once this level is reached. The focal point of Kinvey is on big business mobile applications. The team at Kinvey is responsive, devoted and centered. It launches your application rapidly, effectively, and easily. Kinvey has numerous highlights which make it a success. One such feature is that it is equipped with a tool that enables you to cost up application development based on prerequisites and utilization estimates.

3. AnyPresence-

AnyPresence is a service provider that has gained popularity. It is a platform that is built to meet the evolving needs of mobile- empowering a developer ecosystem with completely convenient run-time source code and zero platform lock- in. This platform is focused on big business and also helps the large organizations to launch their applications effectively by providing them with a scalable backend. It has following features- Backend services, tools for app development, API gateway, browser support, online anypresence dashboard,  focused enterprise platform.

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