How to convert website to an App?

An ever increasing number of people spend their time on mobile platforms, particularly with regards to shopping and entertainment. Many top leading companies and startups (for eg., Facebook, Airbnb, Starbucks etc.) initially launched only a website, but now established their mobile presence. Why?

Because the analysis tells that:

  • 89% of mobile media time is spent with mobile apps; websites account only for 11%.
  • 83% of B2B marketers claim that mobile apps are an important part of content marketing. 

If you happened to have a custom website, you spent money on building it you may not want to lose it quick. Ideally, you do have an approach to save what you have now and kind of converting a site into a mobile application. There are two ways to do so. Use automated app builder or hire a development team. Here we will cover both the ways with advantages and disadvantages of each.

2 Ways To Convert Website To An App-

Convert Website to an App

1. App building platforms-

There are many app building platforms available in the market today, free or paid. Be that as it may, the free one may drive their own promotions within your application. This is perhaps the most effortless approaches to change over site to mobile application. It isn’t so terrible to utilize such platforms to test your concept. When you feel great, you can put resources into the full-scale application development.

General Requirements for Websites-

It might be sensible to utilize such platforms for a website if it is already mobile-friendly. Hence conversion of all the initial images, styles and parameter will be used. Your clients are additionally going to have a similar experience with mobile apps as they do on main website. This is because the app will use the same resources. It is necessary to verify that your website libraries and directories adapt to all mobile devices and tablets. With this, you won’t have to deal with various databases.  It will be a similar database table that powers your website which self control your mobile application. Thus your application will be updated dynamically whenever you update your main website. Hence you won’t need to worry about designing for separate platform such as mobile or tablets. So as to present an application to either Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store you should have a developer account with both companies.

Pros and Cons of ‘Website into an app’ platforms-

There are many advantages of converting a website to mobile app through free platforms:

Speed of development –

It requires weeks against months for manual development. You can get the first model as quick as in quite a while. At that point it’s up to you to what extent it takes to customize the application.

Lower costs – 

As referenced previously, it might be free or up to $100 per application every month relying upon the features you pick. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you’re going to utilize the application for over 2 years it will be financially savvy to change over site to mobile application with the assistance of professional developers.

There are some disadvantages of doing so-

Low performance –

Converted apps usually show the same or low performance compared to the website they were converted from.  

Limited functionality –

The functionality of auto-converted apps are usually constrained to standard features that your website already have. Like social media integration, contact forms, maps, videos, push notifications. Such applications can’t give you direct access to full hardware capabilities of devices: camera, geolocation, calendar etc.

Dated design –

Regardless of how hard you push forward UI/ UX of such applications, it is as yet restricted to the resources platform provides. You can’t change every single part of the design your application will have. Likewise, there are buttons and menus that will stay as it is. As well as can be expected to accomplish as far as design customization is to make a minimal product, that will get with its clean look.

2. App development-

There are many more reasons for people to convert their websites into Android apps or iOS apps.

  • First, you need to include extra features on top of your website. 
  • You need a B2B item that will complement the current B2C website.
  • You have a highly- loaded website that individuals visit a few times each day, and you need to lock this traffic inside your very own application. 

Obviously, there are a lot of ‘marketing’’ intentions to transform a site into an application. For instance different promotional purposes. We will depict the procedure considering the initial three reasons recorded previously. Let us see, how to convert a website to an app by using development company.

1. Discovery-

Entirety up your objectives, and business target that you need to accomplish by making a mobile application. It is not necessary that all the goals can be achieved through a conversion of website into an app. For instance, applications have far lower search nearness, since it will be recorded in the App Store. Changed over application won’t drive extra traffic to your business, rather you’ll attract in a small amount of your existing client base into the application.

2. Prepare a scope of work-

Enlist all the functions that you want to see in your app according to the business goals. It might be import\ exports abilities for document exchange. Special messenger for correspondence with VIP customers. Synchronization with your internal coordination, so the customer would know how the delivery is going.

3. Software Architecture-

You can confront the need to create a unique during software specification stage. For instance, if your application should associate with services like your CMS, Payment Gateway, Google Analytics, at that point your application should work with various APIs. Or on the other hand you might need to make a RESTful API for your application so it could be effectively coordinated with different business benefits in the future.

4. App design-

According to the scope and the quantity of extra features, you may need to design extra wireframes and scenes. You ought to choose whether to keep the first look of the site inside your application or to make it distinctive so as to strike extra features it gives. For instance, in case you’re making a VIP application, you can change the color palette (black and gold), however protect the first structure.

5. Development-

When software specifications are ready, the group gets the opportunity to work. We may ask you to open up access to your database and give us source design materials, that were left after the development of website.

You can also refer the considerations while building a mobile app at- 7 Important considerations when building a mobile app.

Final Words-

It must be acknowledged that the conversion of a website into an app usually 25- 30% cheaper and faster than building a mobile app from existing one. You can go both ways, just pick the way you need as per your requirement.

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