How To Improve Code Quality In DevOps?

How To Improve Code Quality In DevOps

Nearly, 73% of developers who implement DevOps are beginners while only 25% of them are supposed to practice it for at least five years? Lots of software experts are adapting DevOps to speed up the product development cycle. Combination of IT operations and software development shapes the basic concept of DevOps. DevOps uncovers the vital parts of agile software development with numerous ways of shortening the duration of project delivery. All important operations covered under the DevOps strategy are meant to influence developers to create quality-driven software solutions and products in the shortest time frame with great efficiency. Lots of developers are curious to know about how to improve code quality in DevOps. So here we came with top 5 practices to improve code quality in DevOps. But before this, let’s see the role of DevOps in refining Code quality.

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Role Of DevOps In Refining Code Quality-

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Lots of IT and software development elements are consistently moving towards cloud-based activities i.e DevOps with an objective to transform the testing and development strategies in terms of agility and outcomes. The practices underlined under DevOps are determined to speed up the procedures of code migration according to the importance of solution architecture, testing and generating continual production. Here  comes the need to know the role of DevOps in software development. Let’s have a look-

  • Need of DevOps appears when traditional methods fail to continue the processes and this makes it possible to run them without interruptions. DevOps stands ahead to cope with issues recurring because of functional validation and increased focus on user adaptability. 
  • DevOps can create a parallel testing environment and this is a major advantage of using it. Besides allowing users to create the required environment to run business with a distributed agile team. Also DevOps ensures to improve accuracy and efficiency of the testing process. But, it is considered that repeated functional testing and inclusion of required changes in code can affect the code quality.
  • DevOps matches the functionalities of IT counterparts and it offers best ways to conduct delivery procedures. It justifies you the reasons to know how to improve code quality in DevOps.
  • Applying DevOps can reduce defects that causes security violations, broken code blocks and disorganized codes.

5 Best Practices To Improve Code Quality In DevOps-

1. What & When To Test-

Testing is important to determine whether the code are not damaged or broken to impact the complete functionality of the end product. If you’ve not applied software testing trends and ideal testing methods, the development cycle can cause code changes or errors in the future. Those who appreciate DevOps trends may consider manual testing but it is not dependable. Automation testing is better option because is speed up the testing cycle without increasing budget limits. You can combine it with CI/CD pipeline and create high quality codes. Taurus is best open source tool to automate the performance testing process.

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2. Include CI/CD Pipeline-

Each development strategy accentuates using a CI/CD pipeline to automate the development process. First step to integrate CI/CD pipeline is to formalize the whole phase of software development with a clear understanding of branches you have got to use. It is the only way to implement the right pipeline. You must consider some cases-

  • If you’re working on various branches with just one feature for a single branch then CI/CD pipeline will not allow you to combine pull requests if the build made for the branch fails. But, the pipeline gives no notice to collect requests if you’ve got just one branch or are using pair programming instead of review. 
  • After implementing them, if you want to work on every feature then you must combine features to release the brand. Best practice is to improve code quality in DevOps prioritizes the use of CI/CD pipeline in case all integrated automated tests are performed on the branch name with feature. Developers who don’t want do complete integration process for every feature can apply CI/CD to combine various feature to a selective brand. Later they can merge the staging setup to a delivery point in case a complete integration of automated tests should be done on a similar staging branch.
  • This CI/CD pipeline element focuses on code quality. It makes use of checkstyle or other tools to allow you to statically analyze codes. You just need to integrate SonarQube to get details of code.

3. Make A Build Rapidly-

A small change in code can reduce the resulting cycle with ease to fix and update. DevOps developers can immediately create a build by activating it immediately after the codes are being transferred to the repository. 

To reduce the project development and delivery process, you can divide teh builds into various parts and run them parallely. Tests can be broken into chunks and driven parallelly. Developers can run various machines if their CI/CD tool to monitor and improve code quality is compatible with horizontal scaling. When you observe that your build queue is waiting for an available CI/CD machine, you can integrate more machines to run the program. In this case, vertical scaling can work. It allows you to use SSD on CI/CD machines on memory-powered partitions if your mobile app demands meticulous work with HDD.

4. Get Container Solution To Build-

While developing an application/software, a specialist meant to further develop code quality in DevOps might have to add extra tools or programs on CI/CD machines. If you’re doing so, ensure that you have installed the version of every software component because it will not work appropriately if the version is outdated.

If you’re working on the same mobile app development project since long time, in that case you may come up with different versions of the app. Also, if you’re a multitasking developer then you should use different UX tools or software to create apps on CI/CD infrastructure. This can clash software components. Best way to deal with such issues is to isolate builds of various apps even though you’re running them on the same machine.

Automated software tools are the effective solutions so you can consider Docker for apps. With this tool, developers can install all extra apps in its container and run them simultaneously within its containerized environment. This eases CI/CD infrastructure support without need to install extra software.

5. Use Tools For Code Monitoring-

Here are some of the actions required to perform few actions to create CI/CD infrastructure-

  • So as to boost performance of CI/CD you need to run some extra programs, machines, or tools to analyze and improve code quality like SonarQube, app deployment machines, monitoring software such as Grafana.
  • Install desired software
  • Configured software setup to run smoothly

Wrap Up-

Code quality is important for the success of your development and performance of software. If you are using DevOps for your next project, it is better to implement the above best practices to improve code quality. You can consult with Solace experts for effective software development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for best software solution development with DevOps. Will be happy to help you.

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