How you can avoid security issues in app development?

Mobile applications are gaining more popularity as the time passes. Hence it is necessary that mobile app developers not only look at providing new and more features but also think about the security issues of the app development. Mobile application security is one of the basic concerns as the data inside the application can be at risk if appropriate security controls are not applied while designing an application. This is because of the increased use of applications these days. These days, hackers are focusing on mobile applications to get access over users personal data and details and perniciously use it. Thus developers should be more cautious while they build an application for ios and android platforms.

Best ways to avoid security issues in app development

App Security

1. Don’t rely on operating system’s security-

Each operating system has its various principles of security, with various values that they like to stick to. For instance, Apple likes to give their users just tested applications. They like to give this guaranteed screening of applications to their users, this being an important principle in their organization. However, you should do the testing yourself, because, they’re trying a decent attempt to secure their devices. There is still malware that gets more developed by each passing day.

If you’re thinking to develop your application on Android, you should know that they have more of a ‘free will’ kind of value. This implies that they allow most applications to get on the Google Play Store, and leave users to decide on their own which application is superior to the others. They do that through reviews and they allow different users know what they actually think about the application.

Anyway, the idea is that you should do your own testing, even though the operating systems generally offer you this alternative too. You should try out the GPS, the camera or any sensors the user requires when he/she is navigating an application. A case in which you’re releasing the application to Apple’s operating systems, you should turn off the NSLog, with the goal that hackers cannot easily access your application. A good thing for your customers is that it also makes the application work quicker.

2. Testing of product-

When a secured design is made, developers should ensure that their code doesn’t result in vulnerabilities. Periodic code scanning and threat modeling can help to recognize any vulnerabilities or design defects that creep into the application. As a part of testing, developers should also run their application and analyze network traffic. Most of the times, coding libraries and advertising frameworks can perform uncertain activities, which are identified through monitoring.

3. Data Encryption-

Encryption is the best approach to convert the data transmitting in to such a form, that it can’t be read by any other person without decryption. This is an efficient method to save the data from being used in a malicious manner. So regardless of whether the data is taken by the hackers, they can’t decode it and is of no use to them. Try to develop an application so that all the data included in the application is encrypted properly, this is one of the best practices.

4. Be careful while using libraries-

Usually the mobile application code needs the third party libraries for the code building. Try not to trust on any library for your application development as most of them are not secure. When you have to use different sorts of libraries always try to test the code. The flaws in the library can allow hackers to use malicious code and crash the system.

5. Authorized API-

Keep in mind to use authorized API in your application code. It gives benefit to hackers to use your data, for instance, authorization information caches can be used by the hackers to get authentication on the system. Experts suggest having a central authorization for the whole API to increase security in the mobile applications.

6. Develop tamper detection techniques for your app-

This technique is to get an alert when your code is being modified or changed. It is necessary to have log of code changes of your mobile application with the goal that the malicious programmer don’t infuse bad code in your application. Try to have triggers designed for your application to keep logs of activities.

7. Least privileges for code-

The standard of least privilege is vital for your application code security. It is desirable to offer access to the code to just those who are expected to get them rest all should not be given the privileges keeping it minimum. Try to keep the network as less as could be expected under the circumstances.

8. Session management-

Session handling is a significant feature in application building which requires additional precaution as the sessions on mobile are normally longer than the desktop session. Thus session management should be done to maintain the security in the case of stolen and lost devices and it ought to be finished with the assistance of tokens rather than identifiers. The application must have facility of remote wipe off and log off to secure data of lost devices.

9. Use of good cryptography tools and techniques-

Key management is a significant step with regards to encryption of your information so ensure that you don’t hard core your encryption keys. Use great protocols for encryption, for example, AES and SHA256 and never store your keys on local devices. Use the most recent and trusted encryption methods.

10. Test repeatedly-

An extremely simple solution for the application is to test frequently for the new changes as security aspects are changing and thus you should be updated with the security trends so as to secure your application. You should select penetration testing and emulators to get an idea regarding the vulnerabilities in your mobile application so that they can be further  reduced. Try to use the security patches in your mobile application with each new update and version released.

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Security is a significant issue when building up an application. You should consider all security testing there is and do the testing yourself. If you use code from others, ensure you researched on the seller’s past, because they may be a hacker attempting to get sensitive information.

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