Linux or Windows: What should you consider while choosing the best platform?

It is always difficult to choose the best platform between Linux and Windows. Both the systems are versatile and capable of doing many goal-oriented and regular tasks. To choose the best between these two, here we will have a discussion- Linux vs Windows. No doubt, Windows is the most used operating system. But can it is sufficient to be “most used”. No. Just go through some points which are necessary to consider while choosing the best operating system.

Linux vs Windows

Linux or Windows: Which one is the best platform?

1. Linux vs Windows: Basic Foundation-

Linux follows a distinctive quality; its un-unified development process. Linux kernel is the base of operating system. It is developed and maintained by Linux Foundation with the help of high range of community’s contribution. Linux distros are what we typically observe as Linux OS. Many organizations and volunteers have made these Linux distros with accumulating work area situations, software, hardware drivers with the core Kernel. Each Linux distribution has its development cycle, which is not related to the kernel development. There are many organizations and community who have created the desktop environment and window managers. Linux kernel and distros is popular and widely used because of the support and contribution of the vast community. 

There is just one organization – Microsoft, who is doing all the development and maintenance for the complete OS; kernel, desktop environment, and much of the pre-installed software.

2. System Stability-

Windows system is not a lightweight or speedy instead tends to get sluggish over time. If you are not adequately maintained your system, you may feel it outdated. Linux system is faster and does not demand lots of resources. It can run on old hardware and also on high-end machines. Numerous distros come with bare bone elements for ensuring the best performances for the definitive clients. If you install a Linux distro and run it for quite a while with no update, you won’t face a single problem but you find the framework as new as it might have been.

3. Linux vs Windows: Targeted User Group-

Basically, Windows OS is the best OS for beginners. But Linux can be suitable for both beginners and experts. You have seen windows from childhood in your home computers, so is user-friendly. However, you have not seen Linnux, so is quite difficult to understand.

4. Linux vs Windows: Security And Privacy-

Security and personal privacy are the important factors for the Linux OS. That is the reason it has huge fame among IT experts. Linux system doesn’t provide root access or administrative privilege to the users by default. Hence the threats can’t hit the core of the Linux system except for some files and folders. But in Windows system, malware and viruses get access to the system files easily and can damage in large scale. Linux kernel is open source so it is more secure and well maintained because of the contribution of large community who scans the flaws regularly.

Besides, most extreme viruses or threats are being created for Windows system remembering. So you need a good antivirus for Windows OS exactly toward the start. Linux is likewise not resistant from the threats, but if you use the best practices, you will be safer than a Windows system. In a container of Windows OS, your every steps and footprint are traced and recorded. Microsoft keeps all the individual data, and we don’t know with whom, it shares the data. It is quite difficult to make any backdoor in Linux kernel.

5. Linux vs Windows: Customization-

Linux is more customizable than Windows OS. In Windows system, everything comes pre-configured and as closed source. There are not many things that you can change as per your requirements. There is a command shell “cmd,” still it’s not useful to make any root level changes. Nowadays things are quite changing with “PowerShell” tools. Yet, that is insufficient to draw developer’s attention. Apart from this, you can change every bit of Linux system as per your necessities. The Linux kernel itself and all the software used in Linux comes as open source, and users can do any modification under specific rules. Linux CLI condition is too powerful to to perform root level task. Moreover, you can change the overall look and feel of your Linux distros via distro specific tweak tools.

6. Programming Platform For Developers-

Most of the programmers use Linux instead of Windows OS. Here, you will find lots of programming language or IDEs. All those developers tools work efficiently and smoothly on Linux platform.

7. Software Availability And Compatibility-

In case of software availability and compatibility, Linux wins the crown.  Linux covers all the personal software, media software, business suites, design materials, server tools, productivity applications, programming and app development software. You can check a detailed editorial list on Best Linux Software.

8. Software Management System-

A software management system is vital element for OS. Stability and flexibility of system depend on software management. In such manner, Windows OS stays a long way behind than the Linux framework. In Windows OS, you need to go to the software specific site for getting the installer file for downloading and installing that software. This file may be tempered or includes many adware, malware, adverts, etc.; you may not know it. This is more time-consuming and not safe. Whereas, Linux distros provide a centralized software center for installing any applications. This software is thoroughly checked by the community, and there is hardly any possibility to include any adware, malware, adverts, etc. Moreover, there are lots of ways to install the software in the Linux system. If one process doesn’t work or you are not comfortable with command line tools; anytime you can use another one.

9. Linux Server or Windows Server-

Linux server beats the Windows-based server about server security, stability, freedom of choices, hardware compatibility and cost-effectiveness. Windows is a popular option for desktop usages, and Linux is the best option for server mode system. Linux server system offers many customization options with a huge range of effective monitoring and analyzing tools. Linux server is less vulnerable than Windows server regarding malware and online threats.

10. Community Support-

Linux is a result of dedicated and passionate community fans. Hence it has a considerable volume of information and documentation that covers everything about Linux. Moreover, there are distro specific tutorials, tips, tweaks and forums from developers and enthusiasts to help you out if any problem faced.

In regards to Windows OS, Microsoft is the only vendor to provide documentation for the users which sometimes you may feel lost to find the exact information. Like Linux, Windows system also has a huge fanbase who provides tweaks, tutorials, and tips to solve or customize the system a bit.

Final Words-

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