Mistakes In App Development That Can Break Your App Success

Mistakes In App Development That Can Break Your App Success

The mobile app market is growing all over the world and many businesses are gaining profit through it. No one is perfect in this world, whether he will be an app developer or an app reseller. Developing and launching an app is not an easy task as it seems to you. App development with a lack of appropriate plan, tools, and team won’t end up with the app you wanted. Nobody intends to make a mistake while developing an app but 99% of mistakes have been made with the early stage of the development process. Before you start the development of a new project, you must know the following 11 mistakes that may break your mobile apps.

Most Common Mistakes That Can Break Your App Success-

1. Insufficient Planning And Research-

Each project needs a proper strategic business plan. Without appropriate plans, goals, and direction, even the great app ideas will not succeed. Hence before starting to work on a project, you must have a clear vision of the following points-

Targeted audience-

Researching the needs and challenges of your audience is important before you design and develop your app. It helps to get key insights that help you to build up your idea and direct you to a better path.

Challenge research-

Most of the business owners implemented an app idea but failed to grab the users. Before you start the development of an app, it is important to ensure that your solution will solve the problem of the targeted audience. 

Uniqueness of an app-

Before you start the app development, it is important to analyze the market competition and accordingly decide and prioritize the necessary actions to stand with the current growing market.

Objective of App-

A strong clear plan is the backbone of app ideas. It helps you to identify the areas you need to research, grab the opportunity.  Make sure that the goal and communication is clear to convey the app idea and concept with the team, so that they know exactly what and what you are trying to implement.

2. Selecting Wrong Platform-

After you have done with the proper market research, it is time to decide the proper platform for app development. Whether you are building an app for desktop, web or mobile, the selection of platforms depends on your target audience, and the type of problem you’re trying to solve. For eg., your users are fitness addicts, and looking for a health and wellness solution, then with a mobile fitness app, you will give your users the proper health inspiration. If your users are office managers and looking for a custom communication system that can be accessed with multiple platforms, then your custom app will help them to keep in touch a whole day.

In short, Whichever will be the case, knowing the platform that users will use is a key for you while searching for the best development platform. So just invest your precious time and money into the appropriate development platform.

3. Building An App For Many Platforms-

Depending on the purpose app development, you might be thinking to make it available to many users possible. This has many benefits for mobile app marketing but it may create some challenges for development. 

If you are building a native mobile app, developing an iOS and Android app will increase your budget. Both developments will be two separate development ventures. So, if you have never built an app before, then building an app for both the platforms at the same time will be tough for you. Instead of increasing your initial development costs and starting development that is complicated too handle, adhere to one platform if you’re thinking of building a native app. You can use an app builder to build iOS and Android simultaneously. This will reduce the development cost and time by avoiding the code writing.

4. Lack Of MVP Development-

Directly building an app is a next common mistake made by many app developers. MVP will allow you to test the app and analyse its performance. With the MVP development, the app includes only necessary features. The developed MVP should be tested and see how it is performing in the market. Analyse the performance and reviews and accordingly do some changes so that your final app will be the perfect product for your intended users. Know the important considerations while building an MVP- Top 7 considerations for developing an effective MVP (minimum viable product).

5. Poor Communication Within Team-

Most of the app failures occur due to poor communication during development. The best way to avoid such failures is by prioritizing communication from the initial stage of development. Updating your partners, colleagues, and development team with progress is a key to lead the successful app development. 

If you’re hiring a developer for app development, then it is necessary to clear all stages of the app that you’re expecting to develop. For the app marketing team, your communication skill will impact the mobile app whether it is positively or negatively.

According to the size and complexity of an app, you can schedule the daily, weekly, or bi-weekly meetings with each person involved in the development process. This will help to get the quick status update and accordingly inline the steps to get the job done.

6. Poor UI/UX Build-

UI is the first impression of an application. A poor UI/UX design is the most common reason to uninstall the app. Users have certain expectations in their minds when they open an app. And if your app will not meet these expectations, your app will get uninstalled within a second. 

Apps have navigation, function, and home menus. Sometimes developers make the mistake of trying to get the more creative UI and it affects the user experience. If user need three to four clicks to return to a home page, they will not enjoy your not and probably will not use it in the future. 

7. Insufficient Testing-

Your app may look great but if you’ve not tested each feature, how can you say that app is meeting user expectations. Before you start testing, be sure to work with experienced developers who have complete knowledge about what to test and what questions to ask. This will help to think like a user perspective and think about the actions they may take and the challenges they may face while accessing the app. Here are some questions to ask yourselves and your users-

  • How user-friendly is your app?
  • Does your app meet the user’s requirement?
  • What will happen if something crashes?
  • Will the error message appear if something goes wrong?

The more questions you ask, the more detailed testing is, and the less faults will come to the way.

8. Not Prepared For Updates-

If you think that app is launched and we will be relaxed now, then you’re completely wrong. In reality, development never stops. You need to do improvements on a regular basis. 30% of apps are updated at least once in a month, 80% apps are updated every six months. You need to plan the updates from the beginning. You may need to hire a developer for updates and it may increase your budget. Updates are important to improve the user experience, remove bugs. Hence you must save some part of your budget to the future app updates. You can choose an app builder that will provide full-service and maintenance even after building the app.

9. Insufficient Marketing Strategies-

It is most important to define the right marketing strategy so as to grab the crowd you are targeting. You need a clear marketing plan to showcase your app. Start to showcase your app to the sites that targeted users visit. Create effective SEO content that helps to create a buzz among your audience. You can go with the targeted social media campaign to showcase your app. For that, saving some part of the app budget is the best way. You can know some important tips to download your app at- What you should do to get more downloads to your app(app store optimization tips)?

Final Words-

Developing an app can be frustrating for most of you but considering the above points will help you to develop a successful app that you intend to. If you are looking to build a successful app, you can hire android developer of a solace team. We have an experienced team to help you through consultation and development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for app development. We will be happy to help you.

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