Mobile App As Brand Marketing Channel- Why? and How?

Mobile app as brand marketing channel why and how

Mobiles that we use today are not just limited to calls, messages and social media. Beyond this, the Mobile platform have emerged as an effective marketing solution. A mobile application not just automates business but gives better customer service too. With applications, brands don’t need more efforts to establish themselves-they can cultivate a deep connection with netizens of all demographics and age groups, promote brand awareness and collect the correct market visibility.

The analysis shows that more than 50% of customers who frequently use a branded application are more likely to purchase from the company. It is easy to focus on a mass crowd base with other marketing channels but focusing on each individual based on their unique preferences is the need of time, and it has become more possible through mobile applications. A branded application is a powerful way to deal with brand promotions in an effective manner. By using a mobile app as a brand marketing channel, you can get more benefits. It keeps users engaged and you can enjoy higher conversion rates. Also there are some tips to consider before launching mobile app for successful mobile apps. Know these tips at-

Common mistakes to avoid before and after a mobile app launch.

Why should Brands go online?

According to a report, 90% of user’s smartphone time is spent on applications. People access their phones wherever they go. This means you can reach your target audience almost anytime, anywhere through a mobile app. This doesn’t necessarily apply to other marketing channels, some of which are limited by the restricted availability of the devices that they depend on. Brands have realized the potential of what a mobile application can do and that goes beyond simply selling a product or service. This analysis has opened up new marketing ways. It provides businesses the opportunity to engage with their audience in new and also creative manners and turn them into loyal customers.

Studies show that desktop internet use is dropping and mobile internet use is rising significantly. Despite the fact that mobile websites get more visitors, visitors tend to spend more time with applications. The mobile application industry is growing. It is evaluated that by 2021, there will be about 7 billion mobile users around the world. With the arrival of disruptive technologies, for example, AI, AR/VR, companies are finding better approaches to advertise their products. AI allows mobile apps to store user data so as to recognize and preempt their preferences, needs, and choices.

Mobile applications are an amazing marketing channel for brands. It helps companies with connecting to the crowd, convey brand messages, keep users engaged and also create customer loyalty in a competitive marketplace. Today brands are using mobile applications to improve offline experiences for their customers and lift deals. As indicated by a recent analysis, 75 percent of customers engage more with loyalty programs that provide rewards in a mobile-friendly way. Hence, it’s time to consider the many advantages a branded application has to offer.

Benefits of Mobile app as a brand marketing channel- 

1. Enhancing Brand awareness and visibility-

Businesses are frequently looking out for an effective platform through which they can market their brand. Applications improve brand awareness and also visibility. It can deliberately increase the customer base. When an application gets installed on a mobile device, users will come across the brand logo periodically, subsequently improving visibility and awareness. The more regularly a user interacts with a brand’s application, the sooner they tend to buy their products and use their services. You must ensure that your app should be interactive and provides all the features that your target audience needs. The more people are introduced to an app, the more they interact with it and hence the more chances that they will actually buy. 

2. Customer connection-

With mobile applications, you can connect with your customers in the following manner:

  • Personalized Content- When personalizing the content, you immediately connect with your customers with your application and keep them returning for more. Customers want to experience content that is significant to them and their interests.
  • Push-notifications- It reminds mobile users that they download your application and encourages them to use it. To create push-notifications just follow these standards:

 – Content is King

 -Make it compelling

 -Drive cross-channel interactions

 -Know your customers

 -Don’t overdo it

  • In-App Messaging- These types of messages are sent to a user when he is using an app. It is really a good way to engage with your users because it reaches your target audience. Messages can introduce new features and drive conversion. 

The difference between buying media and making an application is that applications allow marketers to have direct relationships with the brand’s target audience. Users consistently have their phones with them, so you can reach your customers whenever you need. In this way, a mobile application is a brand’s own marketing platform.

3. Collecting data about customers-

A key to a good marketing strategy is analyzing customer behavior. If your app solves issues of the user, they will surely share their data with you. You can use the mobile application as a brand marketing channel to monitor users, their personal shopping behaviors, engagement levels, browsing habits, locations, mobile application usage, peak hours and so on. This way you can get significant user insights, analyze through the data, understand the needs of the customer and improve your product rapidly. You can collect user data in the following ways-

  • Onboarding: You can have a basic survey during registration which includes appropriate data about age, preferences, habits and so on.
  • Offering Bonuses:  It is a perfect way to deal with swap discounts, bonuses or special offers as a reward for completing a small survey.
  • In-app Behaviour:  Marketers can generally monitor the marketing process in a closed-loop by monitoring and analyzing the user’s in-application behavior. For brands, it has become more simple to gather user data based on purchases and reviews of the product.

In this way, you can evaluate the data and change your brand development methodology depending on user feedback.

4. Increasing Customer Loyalty-

Gratifying regular customers is an amazing marketing strategy. Getting client loyalty has become a challenge for various brands. A mobile application is a correct tool to increase your customer loyalty. When you reward regular customers, it encourages them to buy more and they are more likely to share your brand with their companions. This technique can be easily executed using push notifications or via in-app messages. Loyalty rewards help to establish strong connections and turn users to loyal customers.

5. Scaling up your target Audience- 

The Internet isn’t simply breaking boundaries however making things that were not possible 10 years ago happen in real-time. Mobile applications improve the user base, in their country of origin as well as all over the world. Through geo-targeted push messages, localization and location-based brands can send specific messages to their target users. Location-based call to action via region or location mapping feel more customized to the user, grow the target audience and also can drive more sales.

6. Social Network Marketing through apps- 

Mobile connectivity has become more significant and the ability to synchronize it with social networks provides businesses a higher opportunity to separate the content and make it to become viral. Mobile applications allow users to effectively share the brand’s content with overall social networks.

Common Mistakes to avoid when making a mobile app for Brands- 

1. The app doesn’t provide any value to the user-

Each application works on a pain point and it is intended to solve a particular client issue. This remains constant for branded applications too. If your application is a way to place advertisements on your customers’ mobiles, you are doing it wrong. A branded application should solve user problems in some way. It is just when you make a helpful product that gives some value on an ongoing basis, that users will keep returning to the application. The perfect approach is to know your target audience, study their necessities and figure out what they expect from your application.

2. The app lacks special offers- 

The thought behind a branded application is to create awareness and enhance customer loyalty. If a branded application doesn’t offer discounts, extra offers and other application usage benefits, customers will undoubtedly leave the application.

3. The app is difficult to use-

The most simple way to recognize a good application is how advantageous and interesting it is for the customers. If the application is complex to use instead of the functionality it offers, it won’t engage a mass crowd.

4. The app lacks updates-

It is necessary to keep up the quick shifts in technology and execute the equivalent into your application. If you change your marketing strategy, web design or give better branding, you should ensure that you have enough resources to make similar updates on your application.

5. The app doesn’t provide a personalized touch-

Today a lot of content is available on the Internet and with consistently decreasing abilities to focus, it has become more important to provide a personalized touch with your application. Through a branded application you can target each individual according to their unique preferences and get closure to your customers. By sending personalized push notifications you can get back your users and convert them into loyal customers.

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How to establish a Mobile App Marketing Strategy?

Mobile app marketing strategy

If you are going to build an app as a marketing channel, the first is to inspect your mobile marketing strategy!

1. Mobile app strategy-

App strategy is one of the most important steps in creating a mobile app. There are three types to choose from:

  • Acquisition: The user gets useful mobile features in exchange for his personal information.
  • Engagement: Activities in the app that allow customers to engage with your brand.
  • Conversion: It also has an engagement aspect but focuses on driving users to the conversion.

2. App types-

Other than the strategy, you should figure out what kind of application is most appropriate for your business.

There are four types of mobile apps:

  • Productivity apps: The aim is to help users to stay organized.
  • Commerce apps: The aim is to sell the products.
  • Retained engagement apps: The aim is to gain and retain the attention of the user.
  • Mixed-use case apps: Can combine a few or all of the above.

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3. Pricing Models-

You have to determine which payment model and pricing are best for your business. Before selecting a model, analyze your cost and value, estimated demand, competition, and the cost of user acquisition. After collecting and analyzing all the data, you have four different pricing strategies to choose from:

  • Free- The app is free to download and to use. The revenue comes from ads within the app.
  • Freemium- The app is free to download. But if the users would like to install premium features, subscriptions or get the additional content they have to pay.
  • Paid- The paid pricing model requires users to pay once in order to download an app. The app comes with complete functionality and all of the features.
  • Paidmium- This model requires users to pay for downloading an app and then he has an option to purchase additional features, content, or services.

4. App Promotion-

App promotion can be done by multiple ways. Some of them are as follows-In-Store, website, Blog, Email, Review sites, Social media, public relations, app store presence etc. Use the appropriate models as per goal of an app development.


Mobile apps can become the ultimate branding channel. If you are not using mobile apps to market your business, this is the time to start it. You can overtake your competitors with the help of an app. 

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