Mobile App Maintenance Cost In 2020

mobile app miantenance cost in 2020

Why do you have to keep paying after your app is published? This question can arise to your mind and hence we have decided to discuss the cost of maintaining the application, when they’re live in application stores. 

Publication is not the end of the story for your app. Also a hundred or thousands are not the end of the story. You are after daily active users of your app means the people who install your app and keep coming back. Your Daily Active Users will expect regular updates, or they’ll just uninstall your application. We are focusing on the mobile application maintenance that begins after you are finished with the development phase. Application maintenance needs extra costs, which is 15-20% of the cost of the improvement. The application maintenance cost includes features that may be updated later on.

Some app developers are still investing their time on the features and functionalities that users never use. This cost need to be reduced. Here we will see, how you can lower the mobile app maintenance cost. Before that, let us see how to calculate mobile app maintenance cost?

Mobile App Maintenance Cost-

Mobile app maintenance cost in 2020

Every application has an ongoing maintenance cost once it’s published – regardless of who developed it. Monthly plans make it simpler for you to decide how much your application will cost over time. Once your application is published, you still need to create new content, track how your application is performing, and let your users know what’s new. If your application depends on a server to store information like user records, or payment history, you’ll also need to pay to deal with this information. 

Each application requires ongoing maintenance and content updates to keep users engaged, and coming back for more. According to the complexity of your application, you can also include extra costs for servers, emergency maintenance, push notifications, payment processing, and so on. 

How much does it cost to maintain an application? The most precise answer to this question is, cost relies more on how it was built. You can save on forthright development costs by going with a less expensive developer, but if your application isn’t intended to scale, you’ll run into a lot greater expenses down the road as your application attracts more users. 

How Mobile App Maintenance Cost Calculated?

There are several factors that count when we talk about the cost of maintaining an app.

  • When an application is published, it has an ongoing cost that the developer needs to include rather than developing the application.
  • Hence, the extra cost goes into developing new content, tracking how your application is performing, and informing the users about the new updates.
  • Offering these services to the users would ask for an extra cost.
  • In case your services depend on a server that stores related data like user records, or payment history, the publisher needs to pay extra for this information.

How much does it cost to develop an App?

  • The appropriate answer to this question relies upon the build (application development) the service is using.
  • You can also get the developers at a less cost, which is another concern.
  • The thumb rule says the forthright cost of maintaining the application is 20% of the total cost of development.
  • That implies if your application’s all cost is $100,000, you are required to spend about $20,000 every year to maintain that app.
  • Also, when you are spending on application marketing, it will also be included in the total cost of development.

How to reduce the cost of mobile app development?

The cost of application development relies on numerous factors, still, developers can cut down the application development cost.

1. Invest in the Right Development Platform-

There are two types of platforms available for developing an application. You can either choose from:

  • Native app development
  • Hybrid app development

Local development helps with getting an application that is stable enough for the users and has better access to the resources of the smartphone, which implies it will perform very fast and will feel lighter on your smartphone. When compared with web applications, such services can be increasingly dependable in terms of features and functionality. Also, there is a drawback that you should maintain minimum two applications for two different platforms including Android and iOS, which means it will expand the budget you have. The solution can be putting resources into a hybrid application. It combines the best of the native platforms and incorporates some best offerings that HTML5 offers.

2. Include the Features That Users Will Use

Users never use 45% of an application’s features. Hence, it is better to put resources into features that users would really use. This will help to reduce the cost and the efforts that your developers would need to take while developing and designing the application. But how can you guarantee which features are the best? You can get feedback from users and include it in your development.

Furthermore, the application developer also needs to examine and study the user issues to come up with something that could be brought on the board. Serving users with what they are demanding is one of the most significant concerns for a publisher to win user hearts.

The Conclusion-

The application development and maintenance cost of an application are irresistable. You can’t avoid it yet there are measures that can assist you with limiting the cost of the development. We have analyzed on “how much does app maintenance cost” and came up with some metrics to consider while developing an application. You should build your app with some of the best elements like-

  • Select a platform to answer users’ demand
  • Include the required functionality only
  • Invest in app maintenance by hiring the right resources for the same
  • Consider the feedback and include the same

Considering these points you can reduce the app maintenance cost. If you are thinking to develop an app with the lowest maintenance cost or maintain a developed app, consult with solace experts. You can hire android developers of the Solace team to help you through development. Connect with solace and get a free quote for effective and efficient mobile app development. We will be happy to help you. 

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